Hello, i am new here and i have quite specific question and wonder if anybody can explain and maybe help.Sorry for my english.

Due to many experiments with accelfix, cpl fix and other fixes last 7 years on internet i found that in safe mode mouse behaves more responsive, faster and accurate then in normal launch of windows with or without anirs fix.I was many times blamed for my comments about it, because i am not a programmer and dont understandt how operation system works so i am just reacting from my gaming point of view based on feelings and results from gaming.I read plenty articles about mouse accel and i know everything about it but it has nothing to do with my question so please dont explain it to me.All i ask is where is the difference between safe mode and regular launch of windows related to mouse behaviour.Would be amazing for me have same behavior and responsivnes.

Other thing i want to say is that accelfix from Anir is more responsive then any other fixes on the internet, i can prove it only by my gaming experience and results from gaming.

Thanks for ideas and comments.