Title : Rocket Arena
Filename : rarena10.zip
Version : 1.00
Date : 09-04-97
Author : David 'crt' Wright
Email : wrightd@stanford.edu
Webpage : http://www.planetquake.com

Rocket Arena is an interesting new twist to traditional deathmatch.
It is a strictly one-on-one game with "winner stays, loser goes" type rotation.
It is designed both to improve deathmatch skills and be a kick butt patch to boot.

Installation Instructions


First of all, Rocket Arena is currently a QuakeWorld ONLY Patch. So do not
ask how to get it to run under regular quake.
Secondly, this ZIP does NOT contain the files necessary to run a Rocket Arena
server. These files will be released at a later date
(check www.planetquake.com/servers/arena for updates related to this)

To install: simply extract the pak0.pak file into an "arena" subdirectory under
e.g. c:\quake\arena

The file quake\arena\pak0.pak should now exist. If it does not, you will not
be able to play with all the maps/sounds.

To connect to a server, use QSpy and find a server that is running Rocket Arena.
Click, and play. Your game directory will be set to "arena" automatically.

If you get an error about a sound or map not being found, you installed the
pak incorrectly.

How to Play

Once connected to a Rocket Arena server, the gameplay is totally automated.
You are put at the end of a line, and wait for your turn to fight in the arena.
Your position in line is the ammo count on your status bar.
Alternatively, you can use the "position" impulse (69) to find out how many people
are ahead of you.

You can take the time in line to watch other matches, and learn valuble tactics.
Your "health" and "armor" status bars now show the health of the two competitors
(look for their names above the status bar to figure out which is which).
Currently, two impulses control the placement of the statusbar names:
Impulse 71 : the default, use for 320x200 fullscreen
Impulse 72 : use for 320x240 windowed, or 640x480 windowed

For higher resolutions, use impulse 72. DO NOT switch to a lower resolution
without first going back to impulse 71. Doing so will crash QWCL.
If none of the above made sense, ignore it.

Should you need to take a short break (grab some food, relieve your self, get an icq
message) simply type "impulse 70"
You will be given up to a 2 minute break. Type "impulse 70" again when you are ready to
return. If you do not return within two minutes, you will be disconnected. You will
be warned as the time drains down. You can NOT use impulse 70 if you are already
in the Arena.

When it is your turn to fight, you will be put in the Arena and given 200 armor,
100 health, and a full weapon complement. A 10 second timer will start. When it
says FIGHT! kill or be killed.


That is the only rule (other than that, it works mostly like normal Quake)

If you win.. you will stay to fight again.. if you lose.. the back of the line for you.

Impulse Quick Reference

IMPULSE 69 - shows your "position" in line
IMPULSE 70 - step out of line for up to two minutes
IMPULSE 71 - set status bar text for 320x200
IMPULSE 72 - set status bar text for 320x240 or higher

The Maps

File Name Author

arenax ArenaX Brian 'Plucky' Ploeckelman <plucky@planetquake.com>
terrain2 Terrain Chris 'Drastic_Man' Sykes <dmp@dc.jones.com>
rgarden Rock Garden ObserveR <borg@planetquake.com>
xarena3 X-Arena Eric 'Xanthen' Braun <eb9@evansville.edu>
arenazap Zaphods Arena 'Zaphod' <quake@wvinter.net>
arenarg2 Rocket Jump This Ralph Gustavsen a.k.a. tesh[BoB] <clg@coastlinegraphics.com>
arenarg3 Edge of Insanity Ralph Gustavsen a.k.a. tesh[BoB] <clg@coastlinegraphics.com>
mayanmod Mayan Showdown Joshua Beardsley a.k.a. NiOXiN <nioxin@mindspring.com>
Other contributors
Greg 'TerMy' Wiles : For putting this whole thing together and making it work!
He kept the servers up and running too.

Joshua 'NiOXiN' Beardsley : For the awesome idea (and map) that started this whole thing

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

DISCLAIMER: If this patch ever formats your hard drive, TerMy takes full legal
responsibility. Uh.. just kidding.. this patch is 100% safe, tested, and FDA approved,
so you should have no trouble with it. But if you do.. its not our fault.


This modification is available from the following places:

WWW : http://www.planetquake.com/servers/arena