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Post DHW 2011 we gotta ask ourselves, is there a future for QL TDM LAN events? Let me start with a recap of how I saw the development of things TDM related this year as an intro for the discussion.
edit: i definitely rambled too much and went a big offtopic, if you followed the scene you might aswell skip it and go to the second part of this column.

This turned out longer than I expected, lets finally get to the point of my column: where do we go from here? Is TDM at LAN dead again?

I think we have to admit that the DHW TDM tournament was a failure. The community is not dead, but DreamHack has not managed to bring them to play, to participate in the tournament. Why is that?

Lets look at what motivates players to go to tournaments. I can see three big factors: competing for prices, the entertainment of playing, meeting the other players/having a good time.

Now I would say that it is a fact, that we currently dont have enough money to make the competition for prices work as a primary goal. But still this is what the DreamHack Tournament was designed for in the end, it was modeled as an "esports" event. Now being part of the DreamHack tournaments has a lot of benefits, no doubt, but there are a lot of downsides aswell. The late announcement is a result of being organized as a part of the whole Dreamhack Summer event that depends on sponsor money and a lot of planning of none Quake related things. Then we have the limitation of 16 PCs bound to the scheduled matches. It is a system that has "worked" for duel competitions in the past, but maybe we have to admit that it does not work for TDM tournamens. This is no reason to give up on Lan events though. If we dont have the money available for making it the primary focus, we should simply keep an open mind and focus on the other aspects.
As I stated in the beginning, the entertainment of playing and meeting the other players/having a good time is a strong motivation. Wouldnt it then make sense to hold an event designed with that in mind?
The Quakeworld community recently gathered for the QHLAN 15. I did not know much about it but I talked to Zalon on irc.

I think something like this (maybe even organized together) is a viable option for the QL TDM (and overall) community. Maybe we can for once get a fruitful discussion going on esr, I would be very interested to hear everyones thoughts about what kind of TDM events we should be focusing on in the future.