My computer is no power house but it did what I wanted it to do perfectly this time last year. It ran Quakelive flawlessly 120fps+ constant. I moved house last november and didn't use my PC for a few days during the move (maybe a week). When I set it up at my new house it wouldn't boot. I used to be clued up on computers but I can't be assed with them anymore so I asked my brother to have a look at it. He said there was a ram problem straight away. I have 2 X 512Mb corsair 400hz. He got my PC to boot with just one stick of ram in it then tried the two sticks in different slots until he got it to boot.
Since then I've had performance issues where Quake live would chug a little from time to time. It seems to run fine and then chokes up and the FPS would drop noticeably. I couldn't be bothered to mess around so I put up with it.
Today my brother gave me a spare stick of 512mb 400hz ram to upgrade my weak ass PC :) I stuck the ram in a spare slot along with the other half gig sticks and it wouldn't boot. I took out the new ram and tried another slot and again it wouldnt boot. I took out the new ram altogether and it still wouldn't boot. I took out one of my old sticks just leaving half a gig in and it booted. Strange thing is, the clogging up of FPS seems to have improved, it still does it but not as bad as with matching pair of ram in.
Can anyone through me a bone? Idealy I'd like to get it running with the 3 half gig sticks and hopefully get it so it runs smoothly like it used to before I moved house.
Its a DFI lanparty NF4 AMD SLI board with a 2.4Ghz Athlon and an ATI 4670 1gig.
Many thanks to any help offered.