The ClanBase EuroCup XXIV Invite Show will be held this evening LIVE and exclusively on ClanBase Radio. Tune in at 13:00 CST to find out who are the giants of the gaming scene this season!

Traditionally, the show will be hosted by ClanBase Radio's very own DJs Netherlands Neur0 and United Kingdom Apoc. Apart from the announcements, the show will also feature interviews with people from the gaming scene including the ClanBase Chief of Cups.

Although the announcements won't be broadcast in IRC, you'll still be able to keep up-to-date in exclusive EuroCup IRC channel - #EuroCup on QuakeNet. Differently from the previous seasons, it is now possible to talk on the channel and discuss your views with your fellow listeners!

Also be sure to visit the special EuroCup page within the ClanBase Radio website for the latest updates!

Links: ClanBase, Podcast - mIRC #EuroCup