Hey guys,

My name is Michael, also known as mickzerofive. I am from the Australia Australian Gaming scene, or, more specifically, I am involved with the PC first person shooter, Quake Live. My organisation, 4 Seasons Gaming, has been running strong for roughly 2 years now. We have been involved with sending a champion to America and a champion to Germany, to play for and represent Australia and New Zealand, in international-level competitions. I am writing to inform you that it's that time of the year again, and we wish to send another player overseas to represent us in the American QuakeCon 2011.

Fortunately, a couple of players in our community have been picked up by eSports teams, Australia dandaking with ArchaicMSI and Australia zlr to Vox Eminor. The opportunity has risen for us to send a third player, Australia Ventz. We, as a community, feel that Ventz is a very high skilled and deserving player, who has contributed to some spectacular Australian/NZ final series, and we believe that he has what it takes to represent our Continent.

I understand that many people probably have zero interest, but I don't target my words towards these people. If anybody has any interest in furthering the Australian/NZ online competitive gaming scene, what could be better then showing the American and European companies that Australia is a worthy investment, with a multitude of highly skilled players? Don't feel that you need to donate anything more then $5 or $10 to the cause, because I believe we can reach our goal as a community. I will be able to work with what ever I get given... thank you for your time, and/or your donation!

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Donations can be sent via paypal