Cesium-137 Plume dissipation through the northern hemisphere, half life thousands of years


Cant believe people in japan and the rest of the world are letting this happen. And this is just a start, there are hundreds of nuclear plants in the world stockpiling fuel that needs to be kept coolled for hundreds of years otherwise it melts and is released to the ecosystem. I mean everything is so complex for people, we are extremely controlled, in some countries Xrayed, papers for everything which costs money and each day more paper and more burocracy, etcetc but they do really stupid things planing bad ideas like fission nuclear plants with extremely ugly spent fuel issues vs all the other options available??? And in these case storing between hundreds and thousands of used radioactive rods in the ROOFS of places prone to EXPLOSIONS near a coast of a very active TECTONIC PLATE with possibilities of TSUNAMIS???? CCCCCCCCCCCCCMON. MOX fuel the worst one that is made with the rest of nuclear weapons. And this isnt only a problem of the Japanese there are regulatory agencies for everything nuclear, WHAT THE FLYING FSCK??? This is chernobyl on steroids dudes, and it has been knows since the explosion on Reactor #3 of the Fukushima DaiiChi Plant.

Is people really this sheep, the worst disaster ever of our civilization is talking place and goverments are just doing damage control... So many people suffering...


i.e. the international community did a lot for Haiti, very quickly. Meanwhile they are letting the shit hit the fan on purpose here bros, enjoy the ride. Radioactive Plutonium, Cesium, Iodine for the sheep. Those in the know have self suficient bunkers ready. Everything is accelerating waiting the near close encounter we will have with Elenin. They care less every day because were so close to a planned WW3 and a the probable cyclic ELE that theyre caring less every day and being more obvious, recently now people is slowly very slowly waking up and smelling the coffee. Godspeed Fellow Humanity!