The groups of the IEM5 European Championship have just been announced today! For Quakelive, 30 players were split in to 6 groups of 5. All matches will be played as bo3, and each victory will be rewarded with a bonus of $50. After this group stage, the 12 best players will be qualified for the European Championship Finals and get another bonus of $150.

The default date for the Quakelive matches is Wednesday 15:00 CDT and ESL TV should cover the best match of each week on this time.

Update: Since Cny will remain banned from Quakelive, it was decided to remove him from the tournament. His slot will be handed to the winner of a match between the 2 players who finished at 4th rank during the last chance qualifiers: Norway plaZmaa vs zsx United Kingdom (Details). The match should be played Saturday 23rd around 14:00 CDT.

Update 2: United Kingdom Daniel "zsx" Sanders will replace Cny in Group F!

Link: Announcement, IEM5 EC QL, mIRC #masters.ql