After four regular Qualifiers and a last chance cup, the ESL EMS7 qlQL TDM Groupstage is finally ready to kick off! Two teams per group will advance into the Playoffs and fight for the 750€ Prizemoney

Matchweek 1
Finland xentorium 2-0 Le Jambon Beurre France (Details)
Europe 4Kings 2-0 Night Killers Italy (Details)
Europe Frontline TeamDM 2-0 deathreign Germany (Details)
Europe fnaticMSI 2-0 faces of meth Europe (Details)
Europe METSU 2-0 District 9 Spain (Details)
Europe team alpha 2-1 Incredible Panic Russia (Details)
[Delayed] Europe Reason Gaming QL -vs- The Digital Intelligence Europe (Details)
[Delayed] Europe bloodface -vs- Druidz Sweden (Details)

Links: EMS QL, mIRC #esl.quakelive