So I've been having these cramps for over a few years now and it's pretty annoying. I was wondering if anyone else experiences cramps around the center of their palm of their hand they use their mouse with?

I have tried different mice to see if it would solve it, but none actually did the trick. I think it might be the way I grip the mouse, but I've never done differently. I only get these cramps while playing a game like Quake Live where I have to move a lot.

I have several things I noticed while playing that might help in causing it:

- Using weapons like lightning gun that involves a lot of tracking makes my hand clamp really tight to the mouse to track.

- I start gripping my mouse in a different position and end up holding it differently during gameplay. It basically slips to the front of my hand (fingers) and leaves a big gap between the center of my palm and the mouse.

It's quite annoying, because I get either distracted by the little pains I get from the cramps during a game and I can't play more than 1 hour before it starts hurting and I need a break and stretch everything.

Does anyone with the same experience have tips? I find it pretty hard changing grip style to play with and wonder if it's doable if you are used to palm gripping for 10 years.

I also was thinking of training my hands and fingers with daily exercises using for example the Power Ball.

I think my skill is actually suffering from this as well, because of the little pains and it's not fun anymore to play a lot :(

Any suggestions? :X (except quit gaming ;[ )

Also nice to know:

- I use a pretty low sensitivity, but it looks fast because I use my entire arm to move and wrist to aim.

- I currently use a wheel mouse optical 1.1a.