Scheduled: 01:30 CDT, 5 April 2010 to 05:30 CDT, 5 April 2010
Schedule: Passed

For those of you early morning people and quake lovers 4sg 4Seasons gaming will be putting on display our upcoming Australia Australia and New Zealand New Zealand one day Duel Competition finals. Prior to this stream start, Group stages are welcome for anybody to spec, stay tuned a little earlier on the day and passwords will be up on our website.

Update: The tournament is now over and here are the rankings:
cup_gold 1st. Australia Peter "Ventz" Kidson
cup_silver 2nd. Australia Timothy "zlr" Shey
3-4th. New Zealand Nick "nomey" Burfield / New Zealand Jake "chv" Hope
Links: Past Results, Previous VOD's, Guides, Promo Vid
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