I wrote a paper once in English class. In this paper, I discussed the fact alcohol, which is far worse than marijuana, is legal and marijuana is illegal. But the way I wrote it, I would say stuff like, "Alcohol makes you belligerent and want to fight people. Marijuana makes you peaceful and non-violent.", and then at the end of the paper, I simply switched the words alcohol and marijuana, so it would read, "Marijuana makes you belligerent and want to fight. Alcohol makes you peaceful and non-violent.".

This particular paper was one where we passed them around, each person would read each one, and write one comment. When my paper got back to me, I was somewhat shocked by the mixed responses. Some people understood perfectly what I did, in terms of switching the words, and others were completely and utterly clueless. The latter group agreed with me, about how evil 'marijuana' is, even though I was describing alcohol. It just goes to show, the people who oppose marijuana do so based on absolutely no evidence or knowledge about marijuana.