Today, the WCG released the first games to be used in the 2010 season. As many may have hoped Carom3D Carom 3D is amongst the selected games. The full list is as follows:
wc3 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
cs Counter-Strike
tmn TrackMania Nations Forever
Carom3D Carom 3D
wiki Lost Saga

Xbox 360
Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 5
wiki Tekken 6
Forza Forza Motorsport 3
To read the full news check their announcement.

Update from WCG: "We have received many comments regarding this list missing your favorite games including StarCraft StarCraft and fifa FIFA. This announcement represents the first group of game titles slated for the WCG 2010 competitions, and does not cover all of the games which will be featured this year. WCG is in the process of considering all of the game titles that the gamers and the fans recommend. Please stay tuned to for additional game titles announcement."