All they have to do is make a cloth mat that works with sensors like the Avago 9500. Apparently this sensor is too sensitive for current generation of cloth mats.

IMHO, cloth mats are superior to hard mats. They're quieter, more comfortable, easier on mouse feet, and provide the right amount of traction (i.e. your mouse isn't slipping and sliding all over the place).

What is it about the sensitivity of the 9500 that makes it not work as well on cloth mats? Is it the FPS? Too many FPS means it captures the stray fibers on cloth mats thereby confusing the sensor? It can't be the dpi because I can get it to malfunction by swiping it real quick across my QCK at 400 dpi.

BTW, it doesn't have to be Steelseries that does this. I will buy from any company that can produce a cloth mat that can do this. Just make sure it's black, minimal design, and at least QCK size. ;)