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After over a year in the making, Ultraviolet Productions are proud to present their fifth movie - Requiem. This is a community frag highlights movie by Seychelles-Max-, initially started in October 2008 after a long break from moviemaking since mAx Chapter 3. -Max- had this to say:

"Since I've already released a clan movie with one4one Decimated and a single player movie with mAx Chapter 3, I felt that it would be a good idea to finish off my ET moviemaking career with a community movie open to everyone. The response was overwhelming and I ended up looking through about 2Gb of demos resulting in frag scenes from players all over the world. I just want to quickly thank all of those who sent demos for the movie and I'm sorry if they didn't make it into the final cut, but I wanted to keep the movie as short as possible. Originally it was going to be six minutes but I decided to add an introductory song for the first minute so I could fit in some more frags.

Although I took lots of breaks from the project during production, it is without a doubt the movie I've worked the hardest on out of my three major releases. For example, every single ET sound you hear was added manually, as well as every single popup. Although a very long and tedious process, I'm glad I decided to do it this way. Also, I hope to cater for everyone by including several audio tracks. The first audio track contains the music with lots of sounds to recreate the feeling of being ingame. The second contains the music with only a select few game sounds. The third contains only the music and the fourth contains the music plus a sort of directors commentary from myself. For anyone who's interested I used the upcoming Ultraviolet Media Manager software from Germany hannes to cut all the demos from the movie and include them in the download folder for your pleasure.

Finally, to help out with any prospective ET moviemakers, I included all of the Camtrace Camera files and my ET Movie Config in the folder. I hope you enjoy!

Movie Information

Type: Community Frag Highlights
Length: 7:00
50FPS: 576 Mb
25FPS: 341 Mb
Codecs: x264/FAAC
Resolution: 1280x720
Release Date: January 19 2010

*The .rar file has a torrent file located within it. Once you have downloaded, I would be grateful to those of you who could seed for a while in order to alleviate stress on the servers, which seem to crash every time I release a movie*

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