The AGP has just announced the North America and Europe Duel Representatives. The Europe region of the AGP had a private vote among the members. The North America region had 5 Pro member volunteers to run for the position. With each branch needing 5 members, they were elected automatically, without need of a vote. This position will be held for all of 2010. For more details of what an AGP player representative is and does, read about it on the AGP Legislation and Representation page. has also released some big changes and additions to the official site. This includes new updated Rankings (layout, functionality, and regions), AGPTOUR.TV, new Association information and sections, drop downs, and much more.

The AGP has just begun. Thanks to all of you and your support. In the next month we will be launching new regions, new AGP Sanctioned competitions, and new game mode branches of the AGP. Stay tuned!

PS: As a New year's gift, I've added Socrates POV for the AGP Classics Match of the Week posted earlier on ESR. Check it out!

Source: AGP Tour mIRC #agptour, Facebook, Twitter