Stickrunners season 4 is about to start and we were very surprised of how many teams that actually signed up. We now have 16 teams and 2 divisions and we wont accept any more teams (I doubt there is any :]). The coverage of this season will be a bit weak since a lot of admins are playing both in div 1 and div 2, and since they're played at different times it's gonna be very hard to manage the GTV. So if there's anyone out there that would like to help us out with GTV this would be much appreciated. Like I said there's gonna be 2 divisions and some teams might not belong in division 1 but we had no choice to put some of the weaker teams in division 1, here's the results:

*Update* Schedule & lineups are now online and you can find them here.

Dont forget that we start this Sunday, 4th October. Once again I'd like to thank all the teams that signed up and made this happen and if you'd like to admin, give us a slap in our irc channel! GL & HF!

Website: - GTV: Netherlands - IRC: mIRC #Stickrunners