This might sound weird and I believe its a kinda stupid thing to care about but whatever,

I really like watching "russian style" players demos with the quick short mousemovements and I want to play like that myself too, I know a lot of you probably doesnt care about how your mousemovement looks but i still do ;). And since Im pretty new to quake its ofcourse good to change early before I get too used to how i play now.

In the movie "q3fuel2" most of the players are using quick short movements just like that, and Im wondering if most of those players also sits like cooller with the keyboard on the knees etc...

cooller, czm, fox, socrates, toxic, jibo, enemy, keeper, st_germain, chance, cherya, fazz

Those are the players on that vid, I know cooller and jibo sits like that but how about enemy, keeper and cherya? If they do, Im confused why I cant see any players who are sitting "normal" using the same quick short kind of mousemovement :/, any ups and/or downs with this style? How many of you are playing like this?

Well, thanks in advance.. :)