QL's got me back gaming after about 4 years away from the scene. Trouble is, my PC's like 4 years old now so I've just ordered me a new graphics card and some more ram (mainly because my graphics card was broken and holding on for dear life).
My monitors very old and I'd love something newer and flashier but having been away from the whole scene for years, I have no idea where to start looking. I'm currently on a 17" sony trinitron - don't laugh ;)
I'd like an upgrade guy's so was hoping that some of you in the know could point me in the right direction? Bang for buck is "very" important as I want to spend as little as possible without buying something not very good :)
Bascily something thats a nice upgrade from the 17" I have would be great. Either a 19" or 21" with good performance figures for the cash. Back when I was last clued up, TFT's were a no no - are they worth buying now days - the cheaper ones that is. I know the more expensive ones can live upto the analog monitors.
I'm in your hands guys, thanks.