The captain application stage is over since January the 1st, and now stage 2 of the ClanBase NationsCup XII is running: the players vote.

Looking at Quake 3, the most followed NationsCup will probably be the good old ClanBase NationsCup Q3 OSP CTF.

With ClanBase's new NationsCup system, the process of nations to get their teamcaptains has been split up into 3 stages: captain applications stage, players vote stage and final stage (captain announcement, team building).

We are in stage 2 now, meaning that anyone logged in to ClanBase can vote for the favourite captain of his nation. For some nations that's an easy thing because only 1 captain applied, but for other nations a lot of captains applied - so head over to the ClanBase NationsCup Q3 OSP CTF cupsite to vote for your favourite teamcaptain.

Go ahead to the ClanBase NationsCup Q3 OSP CTF to vote for your preferred teamcaptain. Voting is possible until January the 8th.