Right before the eswc ESWC Masters of Athens, the German eSport site fragster.de fragster.de interviewed the Swedish Quake star Magnus "fox" Olsson. Find out what he has to say about the upcoming event, his friendship with Johan "Toxic" Quick and why he plays with inverted sound.
Germany Fragster: What is your opinion on the comeback of toxic? Only a few might know him as good as you know him. Do you think he will be able to continue his past successes? And what did he do the whole time?

Sweden fox: Well, he's a good friend and I'm happy to be travelling with him again. Damn shame that we always get put in the same groups etc. or face each other early in the brackets :) We are pretty sick of it. Toxic has been quite active in QuakeLive for a while so I won't underestimate him. Looking forward to watching him play versus Rapha.

Read the complete interview over at fragster.de.