Quake.cz Czech Quake launched a new section for Quake audience, the Czech Quake Movie Production. The lead of Czech Quake Movie Production was entrusted to Czech Republic Silu. Silu is very well known in movie making community because of his high quality Quake dedicated movies.

His latest project was called COLOSSEUM, The Quake Nations Cup movie and was very well received.

There are currently two decent projects on schedule in Czech Quake Movie Section. The first project is called Trnavka, The Movie and it will contain frags and shots from action itself. Over the years, Trnavka became acknowledged as the best "by players for players" Quake LAN in Czech Republic.

The second project is more interesting though, since Silu managed to get in touch with no one smaller than China Jibo. Silu will prepare his official frag movie. Jibo actively participates in movie making and he himself delivered the demos that will be in the movie.

Stay tuned and we hope, that you will enjoy all movies from Czech Quake Productions.