Well, this is just a note i wanted to share about my opinion on the actual community on cpm pickup channels.
Where are all the old schoolers gone?? I miss fac, nip, shaun, ng, fb 2b&co even mass or the pole cunts... WTF
Honestly im kinda bored about the new community which is mostly based on games and results and just dont give a shit about fun and irc talks which are tbh the most interesting part in internet games.
Plus, ive been thinking about the new comers skills and how come they succeed hitting more50% rg and +150points @ctf when they only play cpm for 3 months? I think (and maybe im not the only one) there are ALOT who cheat with autoshoot & wallhack. Im not saying that because im raged or smth, i dont care anymore since the community is fucked up but i just dont want the death of fun in cpmpickup :(

That was my french point thought :-)