ESR fails when adressing console pro-gaming.

yes! there is such a thing, but it is just a niche in a big ocean of mediocrity (much like the DM scene) and for similar reasons as well:

1. the games require skill and are discouraging average gamers to pursue a high level of competitivity
2. the games are old (or at least the genre) and kids pick up what's popular anyway
3. the scene is more vibrant on a single continent (this time around being North America instead of Europe) and it has problems to gain a broader audience worldwide

i won't stretch it anymore: i'm referring to the fighting games crowd.

why aren't any news about Evo tours and finals?
all i see is Halo, FEAR and other bunch of crap not even worth memorizing (edit: Guitar Hero ffs)

take for example the recent big event: Evo West 2007 which took place @ ComicCon. all the booths were paralyzed because people stopped to watch the games on the big screens. ComicCon organizers were a bit pissed of because of this..

coverage & VODs @

edit: oh btw.. David Sirlin is the producer of Capcom Classics Collection 2 for PS2/Xbox and he plays pretty good. Sync should go pro as well :D

..or at least should make tutorials like this:
Beginner Tutorial for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo @ YouTube and
Advanced Tutorial for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo @ YouTube