[22:39] <Drexciyian> i watched mean girls lastnight
[22:40] <Drexciyian> that bird u like was in it
[22:40] <svr> I 'like' normal girls, I 'adore' paris hilton
[22:40] <svr> yeah
[22:40] <Drexciyian> think its old
[22:40] <Drexciyian> she was never chubby

[22:41] <svr> paris hilton is a beautifull, intelligent young woman
[22:41] <svr> she wrote a book, or 2
[22:42] <LuGia> and?
[22:42] <svr> and she made a cd
[22:42] <svr> some sorta biography
[22:42] <LuGia> ah yea that dog book
[22:42] <svr> tinkerbell book
[22:42] <svr> I have it

all benelux people are weirdo pedos i swear