...you have more entertaining "No-shit,-there-I-was-in-a-game" stories than you do anecdotes about your family.

...you talk about your characters as if they are real people.

...you alternate between referring to your characters in the first and the third person.

... and none of your friends gets confused.

...you've ever spent a significant fraction of your life modifying game rules that you didn't like... and, as soon as the system worked to your satisfaction, discarded it.

...you're still reading this list.

...you hang out with people you actively dislike because they give good role- play.

...you've ever gotten into a screaming match over something that happened in a game... (You are so dead! I am not dead!) ...you've ever neglected to buy the new edition of your favourite game because you already have three.

...you have more than one photocopied bootleg of a gaming text.

...you have a PhD in manipulating point systems to the best effect, even though you failed high school geometry.

..you can consume your body weight in junk food in one gaming session.

...you have been known to drive to far away places where you paid enormous amounts of money for the privelege of sleeping on floors, eating crap, buying little pewter statues of Gandalf, and meeting dozens of psychopathic members of the alternate (or similar) sex who will follow you around for months, merely for the pleasure of playing with gamers you don't know.

...and then signed up en masse with all of you friends to play in games with game masters who you've known since high school.

...you own your own weight in gaming books.

...you've ever tried to explain gaming to a school counselor, parent, or other PW/OC (Person With/Out Clue).

...you've suceeded.

...you're STILL reading this list.

...you've ever discovered, after gaming with your significant other, that you like their character better than you do them.

...you have friends or acquaintances who regularly refer to you as "Og." (Or something similar.)

...you've ceased responding to your birth name.

...you sometimes forget what century this is.

...your first response to any frustrating situation is, "I bash it with my axe."

...you know a lot of gaming jokes that used to be funny once.

...your friend(s) who does not game feels very left out of all of your conversations.

...you've been gaming for more than half of your life.

...you still laugh when someone says "Hey, Dave, I think the barbarian in the corner wants another beer."

...the phrase "Collect Call of Cthulhu" brings back fond memories.

...you knew a female gamer once.

...you were a female gamer once.

...you tend to play characters as different from you in race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and what have you as possible, just to confuse your friends.

...you've thought of four or five additions to this list.