Sweden Johan "Toxic" Quick is the new leader of GGL's World Rankings for duelers. His victories in the summer's tournaments allowed him to become the fourth leader in the history of the rankings.

Surprisingly, half of the players in the top 10 of the "Quake 4" ranking were not selected to go to the World Cyber Games All Star tournament by the community. Ranked fourth, France winz got one of the lowest scores in the poll; and the seventh-ranked Netherlands Ivo "forever" Lindhout, eight Sweden Magnus "fox" Olsson and 10th United Kingdom 2GD will stay home. Sweden Karl "fooKi" Johansson who is ranked ninth retired from competitive gaming.

The community's choices outside of the top 10 are Belarus Cypher (in 11th place), United States of America Fatal1ty (16th) and Poland av3k (17th). Autumn will show whether the fans were right with their picks.

In terms of the money won in "Quake 4," hardly anything has changed since July's ranking. Sweden Toxic solidified his lead having won $25,000 at QuakeCon and the Kode5 finals which put him well ahead of Russia Cooller. It has to be remembered that Sweden Toxic also picked up $17,000 to split with Sweden Ztrider for winning the QuakeCon 2v2 tournament.

The only two players to have moved up were Sweden Ztrider (third place at QuakeCon and $5,000) and Belarus Cypher (fifth at QuakeCon and $2,000). The other players in the top 10, bar Russia Cooller ($7,000 for second place at QuakeCon and a missed chance to pick up $4,000 for second place in Kode5 for not turning up) have not added money to their accounts at all.

Source: GGL