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At the Games Convention Valve demonstrated a video with ingame scenes of all characters of Team Fortress 2 (TF2). This video is capture from a GC visitor.

The video shows all classes (except for the medic and pyro) in action in a mini-story fashion. One class counters the next until the end "air-dance" of a group of soldiers.

Some notes to the movie:

  • Heavy Weapon Guy can nicely walk while shooting with the minigun
  • The scout is jumping not once (hope this is only because of the movie)
  • The character faces can grin very cool
  • The sentry gun self-buildup rocks!
  • The engineer can walk around while SG is in build process
  • There was no flag at all, only an orange "top secret" case (to steal I guess)
  • corpes and weapons seems to have real physic attached
  • The minigun spread-circle is huge
  • No backpacks from dead people?
  • The spy forgot to lighten his cigarette :-)
UPDATE It seems that EP2 is delayed until February 2007, which is a bad news. Read more here