Alright, before you complain about this photo, theres a story behind it. Normally I wouldn't have uploaded this photo but the story needs to be told, and this photo is the reason to tell it.

Anyways, by now... everyone probably knows about PURRI's "Kapten" armband. Its the armband he's owned for 2 years. In PURRI's group of swedish friends, having this armband means you get to make all the decisions about where to go, etc. But to get this armband, you have to challenge the person who has it to do something outrageous. If you challenge him to do something and do it, and he doesn't complete the challenge, you get the armband, but if he does it... he gets to keep it.

Rafik made it his duty on the last night of CPL to try and get the Kapten armband from PURRI. Rafik's first challenge was to walk up to some random girl, get on one knee with a flower and say to her "come back to my hotel room and get freaky, while we feast on a bucket of chicken".

Both PURRI and Lost Cause completed this challenge.

The 2nd challenge Lost Cause made was a doozie. He challenged PURRI to...

...go skinny dipping in the river at the Gaylord.

Without hesitation both of them stripped off their clothes, hopped over a protective barrier, and frollicked freely through the river inside the hotel.

No Kaptens armband for Rafik!

PS: If you look hard enough, you can see Rafik's naked body!