Remember the fuss when SK.Insomnia from Bulgaria played for his fellow countrymen DIDI8 and Four20 in the ESWC qualifier? Well looks like this time other SK members FaTC and ToD have played for sTar) in not one but three clanwars in the WC3L . As a result the whole sTar) team as well as FaTC and ToD have been banned for the rest of the season.

It appears that [aT]Shore has also played for sTar) in one clanwar and other aT players LwL, MnZ, Blatty and InToX have played for each others. These players have also been banned for the rest of the season. All the teams and players involved in these cheatings are French.

It's sad to see these kinds of things happening in leagues and hopefully this is the last time as people have now seen what happens if they try to cheat.