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Rating: 7.8 (19 votes)
What happens if you have a competition involving 3 specially created race maps, 24 hours of practice on each map and a community full of skilled movers?

This movie is produced by gr8-SNP and features runs from on'K0Li0, sjk-dave, blx' and sjk-murlock. This very entertaining movie is a highlight of the best runs in warsow's racemode over each of the maps and details the triumph of K0Li0 as warsow's first race champion.


HQ-x264 version - 140MB
MQ-XviD version - 170MB

XviD version is of lower quality than the x264 version and with a larger filesize. If your CPU is above 2GHz you shouldn't have any probs with the x264 version.

Sorry about that, SNP sucks in XviD encoding but we love him anyway <3

Episode 2 of raceathon is coming in the not too distant future...