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This article aims to describe from a sociological point of view the phenomenon of cheating. It does not attempt to relea...
This will probably by my last attempt to actually save what's left of quake.

I first wrote this as a single huge "Wal...
gaiia | CPMA World Champion 2013 (149 comments)
Posted by DEZ_ @ 03:01 CDT, 28 August 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.9 (155 votes)
This is a CPMA fragmovie about Finland gaiia created by Russia Lunokhod-2 (special thanks for help in creating to Russia DEZ).

Level Up TV - We’re Talking It Ep 6 (65 comments)
Posted by Disrepute @ 13:37 CDT, 27 August 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 14:00 CDT, 28 August 2014 to 15:00 CDT, 28 August 2014
Schedule: Passed

Level Up TV is back and hot on the heels of the latest Quake Live update is ready to talk! We have finally reached episode 6 of ‘We’re Talking It’ our topical chat show, and this time it features United Kingdom Disrepute, United Kingdom vor and United Kingdom nvc.

Discussion topics

The Quake Live update, the major changes, the community and our reactions, how it will impact the future of the game... and all the related topics around. We also have some community questions to answer! Tune in on TV1

VOD: Episode, Q&A
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Quake Live Update - August 27, 2014 (667 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 11:44 CDT, 27 August 2014 - iMsg
The long awaited update that stirred up a lot of heated arguments is finally here, this is one of the first steps towards the transition that will prepare ql Quake Live for the official steam Steam release. The developers included a heartfelt message along with the changelog, instead of the stale config variable and map fixes, this time the impactful changes won't leave anyone unaffected. The mellow message from the developers shines light on a new perspective that you either love or hate. Is this a new beginning or the everlasting end? You decide.
"Quake is a masterful game of skill, often compared to Chess by its veteran players. However, with that depth has come a challenge to welcome and capture new players long enough for them to discover the joy to be found in what many consider the finest Deathmatch game ever made."

Links: Source
QW Claustrophobopolis grand finals (17 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 10:24 CDT, 27 August 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 13:00 CDT, 3 September 2014 to 14:00 CDT, 3 September 2014
Begins In:

Just when you thought old shooters are gone for good, Quake Quakeworld comes up with an exciting one map cup. The tournament has already come to an end, the all-Swedish finals between Sweden LocKtar vs Sweden Xterm will be played on September 3rd at 13:00 CDT. A detailed description of the cup progression and participants is listed below.

Stream: SuddenDeathTV
Links: Source, Get Quake, Brackets and results
Winz interview by Esportactu (88 comments)
Posted by Infuscomus @ 07:55 CDT, 25 August 2014 - iMsg
Hello. Esportactu is glad to present you its last interview with France Michaël "Winz" Bignet, famous for his carreer in UT2k4, Q4 and QL. The interview was mainly motivated by his recent good performance in the 125 FPS August league, where he was able to beat Russia Pavel "pavel" Fomkin in two maps, which no one really expected.

In this interview, we asked Winz about his QuakeCon experience and his return on the duel field, but also about the next Unreal Tournament game, his loan to Russia Sergey "evil" Orekhov in 2013, and the future changes to QuakeLive gameplay. As a bonus, you'll find Winz config and setup at the beginning of the interview.

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: Your presence on the duel scene makes me think of your unfriendly relation with strenx, since you could have to play him one day or another. Is the perspective of beating him a source of motivation or does it make no difference ?

France Winz: It would probably have mattered a few years ago. As I said, I have a more casual approach to the game now and this ego war does not move me anymore. Honestly, if we had played at QuakeCon, in the shape I was in, he would probably have beaten me, and I have no problem with that.

More on
We also have an interview with Norway Kenneth "plazma" Aulie, which will be uploaded soon. Play more Quake !

Previous Interviews: France Guismo12 (2014), United Kingdom ddk, Russia Latrommi, Australia FraZe, France Sev3n, Netherlands Baksteen, Belgium dem0n, France Guismo12 (2012)
Site summary for week ending 22 Aug (No comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 24 August 2014 - iMsg - North American Duel Series (32 comments)
Posted by flair @ 15:37 CDT, 24 August 2014 - iMsg
Don't you think it is about time that North America had a proper online series? It is my pleasure to bring to you the first of many Quake Live events. This event is part of a project I am starting to preserve (and hopefully grow) my favorite genre, the Arena-First-Person-Shooter. (a working title) is the foundation for the project, and will be host to Monthly Quake Live Events. General information on the first Cup is below. For more details, comments, or questions come visit the website.

Don't duel? Join #natdm.ql to TDM and be awesome 1337

Sign Up: Website Stream: DuelCup Stream IRC: #duelcup
10 Years of UT2K4: Division 1 Playoffs (35 comments)
Posted by ShX @ 05:54 CDT, 23 August 2014 - iMsg
Scheduled: 09:00 CDT, 24 August 2014 to 15:00 CDT, 24 August 2014
Schedule: Passed

Time passes by, "10 years of UT2004" $3000 DM 1vs1 event is finishing with division 1 finals beginning at 09:00 CDT, 24 August 2014.

The streams will be available 3 hours later (12:00 CDT) with Zaccubus and conx5. We'll be on the main page of Twitch @ 13:00 CDT, so we are hoping that you will join us in the tournaments celebration with a wider audience! I am also sure there will be UTV servers running. I highly encourage you to join our IRC channel mIRC #cK.ut (on QuakeNet), where you can easily see which matches are being played.

The first round of the Winner Bracket for Division 1 is as follows:
France skAven vs Germany astz
Belgium miNo vs Netherlands Frantic
United Kingdom BeaR vs Austria Falcon
Belgium xOunz vs France zelvzz
France GoHLinK vs United Kingdom asc
Italy stab1lo vs Germany primus
Switzerland ziLL vs Israel viciouz
France ACo vs Germany kiLLzA

Streams: Zaccubus & conx5
Links: Playoffs announcement, Coverage, Division 1 full bracket // mIRC #cK.ut
ESH ONW #19 QLTDM 2v2 (12 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 16:26 CDT, 22 August 2014 - iMsg
This summer seems slow with the ql Quake Live team action, so it's the right time for some solid TDM 2v2 quick cup. Cup will be held 31 August 2014 at 08:00 CDT, with check-ins starting from 07:00 CDT.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! (If you already have player and clan account on Esports Heaven, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.)

Streams: Europe QLTDM Russia Elder_ru Sweden funnyb
Europe luminus
Links: Rules, Sign up (requires ESH account)
Playoffs: division 2 matches (10 comments)
Posted by ShX @ 10:20 CDT, 20 August 2014 - iMsg
Welcome into playoffs of "10 years of UT2004" $3,000 DM 1vs1 tournament!

We are starting tonight at 11:00 CDT with division 2 playoffs. For the updates or changes or even for streams, stay around #cK.ut @ QuakeNet. The first round of WinnerBracket for 2nd division is as followed:
France Jester vs United Kingdom dylan
Hungary aud vs Hungary aljAs
Germany dWr vs Netherlands M1kom@n
Denmark lo2dk vs Russia Cold-M
Hungary Sulaco vs Switzerland Kane274
Italy devilmc vs Croatia BaSS3_KiCK
Russia alcgainer vs Ireland kRoNic
Germany jani vs Russia Roy
Let the battle begin! Hopefully to see you around also for the other divisions playoffs!

Streams: Sibior
Links: Playoffs announcement, Coverage, Division 2 full bracket
IRC channel: #cK.ut @ QuakeNet
i49 - TF2 Fragumentary (47 comments)
Posted by mdv @ 07:42 CDT, 19 August 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.7 (31 votes)
The i49 TF2 Fragumentary takes you on a journey through Team Fortress 2's biggest LAN Tournament ever, Insomnia49.
If you enjoyed this Fragumentary please consider supporting CUBE and BoneS by getting the silky smooth HQ version (60fps and not compressed by youtube) plus 16 uncut interviews all for $5!

In August 2013, 36 teams travelled from around the world to compete for the chance to be crowned as world champions. The community raised over $20,000 to send the best teams from their respective regions to battle it out over the 3 day event. The teams competing included; America's High Rollers Gaming, Australia's Team Immunity as well as Europe's Epsilon eSports, Team Cooler Master (formerly Broder) and Team Infused.

This Fragumentary is packed full of high paced jaw-dropping frags, insightful interviews with pro players and more live event and finals footage than you can shake your shovel at.
Playoffs: division NA matches (6 comments)
Posted by ShX @ 20:04 CDT, 18 August 2014 - iMsg
Welcome into playoffs of "10 years of UT2004" $3,000 DM 1vs1 tournament!

The tournament structure changes into double-elimination bracket. Two days playoffs are divided into two parts. 1st part (day) includes 3 Winner Brackets rounds and 3 Lower Brackets rounds, final part includes Winner Bracket finals, another 3 rounds of Lower Bracket and Grand Finals.

We are starting tonight at 19:30 CDT with division NA playoffs. For the updates or changes or even for streams, stay around #cK.ut @ QuakeNet.

Let the battle begin! Hopefully to see you around also for the other divisions playoffs!

Streams: conx5
Links: Playoffs announcement, Coverage, Division NA full bracket
IRC channel: #cK.ut @ QuakeNet
Site summary for week ending 15 Aug (5 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 17 August 2014 - iMsg
The Quake Song (111 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 17:37 CDT, 16 August 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 9.4 (118 votes)
I've been asked what I think about the leaks on QL2.0, and I thought the best way to answer was to make a song:

Nightmare 2: Sudden Death (163 comments)
Posted by dKsL @ 11:03 CDT, 15 August 2014 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.7 (157 votes)
They appear in thunder, and lie in wait for their challengers.

Russia LeXeR and Russia uNkind the undefeated champions opens the arena once again. Interrupted by Russia Cooller & United States of America ZeRo4, who want to take the opportunity to reach the final tier again. Created by Germany Patrick 'dKsL' Stürmer

Project Picture, HQ Screenshots

PS: Please watch for the first time the download-file instead of the stream. Thanks.
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