Hi all =)

Many things changed since we've been introduced to ESR, 2 months ago.

The first one is that we got very spontaneous and kindly support from many gamerz, coming from Europe and elsewhere. Be sure it's a great pleasure for all of us to see little community of waržow gamerz growing and contributing each day ^^

Plenty of stuff has been done too, during this period. And even if still far from completion, even if still minimalist, the game features some new cool improvements. Here's a short list :

- physics nearly OK ;
- first weapons/ammo/items settings ;
- callvote system ;
- bots support ;
- masterserver ;
- demoplayer ;
- netcode improved ;
- bigger items hitboxes ;
- trix ladder system ;
- etc.

So, if you liked earlier version of waržow, there's a good chance you'll get some fun and interest in this one, which can be grabbed here :
or here :

We're now focusing on gfx. Almost everything has to be redone. Next step is to bring to the game a more detailed, more mature style, still cartoonish, but more eyes-candy than current one.

That's why we're looking for modelers having skills in animating and texturing. If you're interested, or if you know someone who could be, please contact me by mail (solomonk@warsow.net) or on IRC (#warsow@quakenet.net).

Thanks for your attention, and have fun ! =)