Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 20 November 2011 to 16:00 CST, 20 November 2011
Schedule: Passed

As it happens for Starcraft 2 each month it's time to reveal the first ever SK Gaming SK Champions Trophy for Quake Live. 32 players with 28 Invitees and 4 qualified players will be featured in the tournament to battle for 250€ prize money this Sunday, 12:00 CST.

Featuring 12 out of the 16 DreamHack duel participants so far the tournament will show the condition of players and is going to tell who will be a favorites for Quake Live's major LAN event. For the viewers pleasure the live streams will be available in English and Russian.

Update: As the VODs are requested heavily SK's TheSlash sent out an reminder to watch the VODs on the SK own3d channel:
SK Gaming VODs

Streams: United Kingdom HoQTV, Russia Cyberfight
Links: SK Gaming Announcement, Brackets - mIRC #sk.ql-championstrophy