After about 2 months of work, the Waržow Team is proud to present 0.32; initially not a planned release (we have hoped to have a full bug free release with 0.31), but of course we took the opportunity to stick in a few nice goodies for everyone to enjoy. For starters, Germany bLx has a nice gift for the Waržow CA community. After having to play the new game type with 1 stock map, we now have wca2! So get your spamming grunts out, and enjoy the new map! Next to this we have a new Message of the Day function for server admins to use in their servers. The main part of the update consists of bug fixes though, and you can expect the annoying nickchange-doublemodel bug fixed, amongst others! Also, due to reasons explained in the blog, Waržow 0.32 no longer contains BattlEye.

Download Links:
Waržow 0.32 Windows FULL
Waržow 0.32 Windows Update (0.31->0.32)
Waržow 0.32 Linux FULL
Waržow 0.32 Linux Update (0.31->0.32)

Additional info:
Complete Changelog
Waržow 0.32 SDK