If you're familiar with the Enemy Territory scene you'll know by now that the scene has turned a bit chaotic, with cheaters infiltrating competitive play with cheats and humanised aimbots. Lots of accusations and witchhunts, but no solid proof to catch hackers playing at a high level. Today however, crossfire.nu admin Fusen took it quite a bit further by exposing a number of well known players, with solid proof.

Managing to gain access to an administrators account at NetCoders, he was able to use the admins Bot Tracker Feature. Admins use it to keep track of which servers their customers are playing on, to prevent leaks. Over a 2 day period he was able to monitor which clients were using bots on which server, connect and find their identity. He's also gained access to every license nC have released for there customers, usernames and passwords of all the customers who paid for the bots.

These Bots cost $200.

The licenses can be found at Fusens website, along with a few examples of busted cheaters with full proof.

You've probably noticed the netcoders home page by now, a short time after the forum was taken offline. A supposed $1000 has been offered for information on the 'hacker' ;)

Just felt it was funny enough to share with you guys, you can see the reception it got over at this thread at crossfire.

Big Update:

Fusen also managed to download a backup of the mysql database that vbulletin makes every night set as a cron job.
What I forgot was that this also has the ips of customers as they are assigned into usergroups for customer support, so I imported the sql dump onto my server and wrote a little php script to get username/email/ip and the cheat(s) they bought listed in a table

This includes cheats for games like CoD2,Q3,Q4,SoF etc

The full list can be found here. Feel free to check IP's and email addresses shown for your game and hunt your first cheater today! :)