Since the release of q4max 0.74 there have been reports of lower framerate and/or laggy play.

So, we have reviewed all changes made and also profiled q4 to identify slow portions regardless of whether they were changed in 0.74 or not. Between these two approaches we have come up with some changes which we believe improve FPS overall, beyond that of 0.73.

However, the most reported solution for the issues seen is executing s_restart. We have verified that there is a fault which is cured by s_restart, however we believe this to be in the engine. We have reproduced the issue in q4base and also other mods. Our conclusions have been passed to id, who are currently investigating the issue, and hopefully can come up with a fix.

Installation note: Since this is an update, and not a full release you should add the additional pk4 to your existing q4max 0.74 installation.