I have been loking for a program that can create rolling text.And own-age from own-age.com helped me with that matter. He directed me to <a href=>www.ulead.com</a> where i found <b><a href=http://www.ulead.com/msp/trial.htm>Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5 Trial</a></b>. This little program can roll text. And now i will show you how to do it.

First you need to download the trial, do it <a href=http://www.ulead.com/msp/trial.htm>here</a>. Then you must install it.

Now we will fire it up. Choose Video Editor 6.5 on the startmenu.


Look at the picture above, to start project "rolling text" you must identify that button inside the program and press it.
Now a window will pop up. Choose your font and text side, use the preview window on the top to adjust, and then we must choose text and background color. Just press the areas that are marked with red (on picture below) and choose your desired color.


Now we will adjust the rolling effects. Press, "Roll" and adjust you settings to be like me settings, as you see them on the picture below.


Preview, and you got a traditional rolling text.

To convert this into an AVI file is simple.

go File->Create->Video File...
Choose your destination and execute.
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