Now we will need to convert all this BMP files into one AVI.
You can do this in two ways, one is to use a program and make an Avi then import it to Premier, another way is to import them directly into Adobe Premier. It if would be best to use the little program first, if you want slow motion in your movie.

I got a simple little free program. <a href=>pjBMP2AVI</a>.<a href=http://</a> <a href=>mirror3</a>

<b>Explanation of pjbmp2avi</b>


Directory: This is the directory in which pjBmp2Avi looks for source images
Input Name: This name is used to create the wildcard for source image names. The content of this edit box (in the example "img") has *.bmp or *.tga added to it, depending on which check box is checked.
Wav File : Wav file to be used as a soundtrack for the avi.
Avi File : Name of Avi file to create.
Frame Rate : Number of frames per second that the output avi should have.
Key Rate : Frequency of key frames in the output avi (0 = no key frames).
(From pjBmp2Avi documentation)

Now we have a AVI, and we are ready too start editing.
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