Iím really new to Quake3, so excuse me if I get something wrong. But it works for me =)
Now Iím going to tell you what we will do. We will create a new OSP folder called OSP-demo, and we will open the description.txt in the OSP-demo folder, and only thing that we will write there is "OSP DemoViewer MOd", and then we will save. Now we got a new option in our "Mod" selection. The thing we need to edit next is the config, we want quake to look good, and you can download my demo config <a href=https://www.esreality.com/download.php?file_id=5699>here</a>

<b>My demo config</b>


One of the important settings you will find there is:
bind F7 "cg_drawtimer 0;cl_avidemo 30"
bind F8 "cg_drawtimer 1;cl_avidemo 0"
F7 starts the drop, things will slow down, and your OSP/screenshot folder will be Huge.
F8 stops the process.

Maybe the "Moment" is way out in your demo. So we will need a fast forward button. Seismovision will take care of that one. Download it <a href=http://www.planetquake3.net/download.php?op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=736&ttitle=Seismovision_v2.0>here</a>

How to control Seismovision in Quake3:
Left Arrow -> Normal playback speed
Right Arrow -> Accelerates demo playback with each consecutive press (3 max)
Up Arrow -> Slows down demo playback with each consecutive press (3 max)
Down Arrow -> Freezes demo (pictures freezes, but demo continues at slow pace)
Numpad 0 -> Quit Game
Numpad 1 -> 3rd Person left pan
Numpad 2 -> Toggle Timer
Numpad 3 -> 3rd Person right pan
NumPad 4 -> Restart Demo
Numpad 5 -> Toggle Third-person mode
Numpad 6 -> Take Screenshot
Numpad 7 -> Decrease in game Volume
Numpad 8 -> Mute Volume
Numpad 9 -> Increase in game Volume
Numpad Minus (-) -> Display Score (where possible)
Numpad Plus (+) -> Display Demo Control Help (where possible)
Home -> Decrease 3rd Person Range
End -> Increase 3rd Person Range
(From Seismovision)

If you want more, like more advanced control over 3rdperson, and some other cool effects then go <a href=http://www.own-age.com/scripts/>here</a>, <a href=http://www.own-age.com>own-age</a> is a valuable resource.

Now find your cooldemo and open it with Q3, but not before you find a piece of paper and write down the name of the demo. When you are inside you press F8 and some numbers will appear on your screen. When you see a scene you want you write down the time, and when you have scanned through the whole thing you will have some numbers on you piece of paper, when the time closes you speed down the demo speed and get ready too press F7 or the button you have binded to "cg_drawtimer 0;cl_avidemo 30" and you will get some screenshots in your osp-demo/screenshot folder.

Now we need to sort all the pictures into their folders, to ease this you can use a program to look though all the pictures. You will find a trail version of ACDsee <a href=http://www.acdsystems.com/English/Products/Downloads/ACDSee.htm?LAN=English>here</a>, sort them into /name_of_demo/sceneX/ , and we will do this until the /screenshot/ folder is empty.

<b>Quake 3 In-Game Sounds</b>

First we should choose a different recording source than the old Microphone. We do that by going to Volume properties and then going Options->Properties, Choose Recording, and them mark What-U-Hear (or Wave/Direct Sound) as you can see on the pictures below.



The recording is done by Sound Recorder. (comes with windows) or if you want something more fancy you could try <a href=http://www.syntrillium.com/download/download.html?35>Cool Edit Pro 2.0</a>, When you get to the part where you want some sound from quake3 you start recording. You could try to run Quake3 in window mode. (CTRL + ENTER).

The synch is done with Adobe Premier, you will learn how to cut audio later in this HOWTO.
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