Hi foppa, could you first please introduce yourself and tell us about your Quake background.

Hello Nukm. My name is Yuri Romanov. I live in the northern capital of Russia Ė Saint-Petersburg.
I play Quake series since 2004. I am also know as frozen / jilc4ke.

You are currently playing for Frontline TeamDM. Could you tell us what lineup you will play with in the upcoming EMS and EC and what kind of role each player has in your play?

Unfortunately Cypher, Av3k and Cooller do not play for FLiNE at this moment. Cypher has 100ms on European servers, Av3k and Cooller are both inactive. During this summer dash, abso, dibbe and wit joined FLiNE.
Our current lineup is: Russia foppa , Germany abso, Finland wit, Hungary dash, Sweden dibbe.

wit and I are rail guys with safety defence style, abso is an all arounder, crazy frager and damage dealer, dash is tactical brain player, dibbe is a tdm supermind with huge expirience, Av3k is a tank mode player in TDM, Cooller is really good counter in TDM.

Cooller, Cypher and av3k are still in ESL roster, any chance that one of them will get active again? Will you continue playing 2v2 with Cooller?

Yes, there are many chances that you will see them in EMS or EC matches. Me and Cooller are playing 2v2 together since 2006. A short time ago we won a Russian 2v2 tourney: uN*DeaD QuakeLive TDM 2v2 Cup #1. Also we will play together at ASUS Autumn 2010.

Last EMS season you dropped out of the EMS during the Playoffs, what was the problem? Could something like that happen again?

We dropped out not only from EMS, also from ClanBase OC. The problem was: inactivity of all our players, we all had so many real life problems, for example I was busy with my diploma, Cooller with his business, Av3k with LMAO@POLAND stealing shoes somewhere in Poland. Cypher was busy with his university. I hope itís never gonna happen again. I think itís good idea to play this leagues until Spring.

How much are you training at the moment, will you be prepared for the EMS/EC?

We canít start proper training at the moment. I have 70ms and huge fps drops at home, abso has some problems with his connection too, dash is often offline. Cooller, Av3k donít play at all. Cypherís ping is still 100ms. I hope we will solve all this problems as soon as possible and start to practice. Maybe we will add one more active player to our roster.

What is your goal for the upcoming EMS season?

Our goal is top3.

The ClanBase EuroCup is not what it used to be anymore, but still attracts a lot of top teams. How important is the EuroCup for you compared to the EMS?

Well, as for me, this EuroCup can be great. Good teams, nice reports, bets, prizes, demos, vods, stream, configs, interviews, coverage, epic games all this things can make this EC unforgettable.

The Groups for the ClanBase EuroCup have already been drawn, who do you expect to make it into the Playoffs?

Group A: 4Kings, Team Alpha, xentorium.
Group B: Metsu, faces of meth and I hope Frontline TeamDM.

Lets talk about maps a bit. The big Quake Live Update brought a lot of change to the QL TDM scene with the comeback of some Q3 TDM Classics and the release of 3 new ones.
What do you think about each of the new maps - Dreadful Place, Purgatory and Leviathan?

Dreadful Place Ė really good map, I think this map can be popular in future. Purgatory Ė another good map. Leviathan, may be good for CA, but not for TDM. I hope soon we will have 5 brand new QL TDM maps in maplist.

Do you like the current Mappool (Campgrounds, Deep Inside, Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, Intervention, Purgatory, Realm of Steel Rats) or would you like to change it?

I donít understand why every league/cup removed Hidden Fortress. Many teams liked this map, and it was popular among players. Realm of Steel Rats was one of my favorite maps in Quake3. But in Quake Live I think itís not cool anymore. Anyway maplist looks fine, the only thing that I want to change Ė add qzdm20.

What is the current state of TDM in Russia and how did the introductiopn of prem/pro accounts affect the russian Quake community?

I will hold 2v2+4v4 tourney in Saint-Petersburg soon. ASUS Autumn will have QL 2v2 instead of Duel. There are some new 2v2 online leagues. Cyberfight.ru will make some TDM show matches with prizes. 80% of Russian players didít buy prem/pro accounts, they still playing Blood Run 24/7. But I see good future for team Russia anyway, 421 and Karroider getting better and better. iP practice hard, soon they can be real power in TDM world.

Who is the most annoying ESR user?


Any last words?

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Thanks for your time and good luck!

Thank you, you do a great job for QL community!
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