WarWitch from Team Sportscast Network, perhaps one of the best eSport shoutcasters in the world. Mainly knows from his awesome RTCW casts and impressive change to CounterStrike during the CPL winter 2003 made him also legendary in CS. But now for a short time he also invades the beaches of Call of Duty. Here is a Interview with him. By me for you.

Ins0mnia: Hey WarWitch, Could you introduce yourself a bit to the public?

WarWitch: Some know me as Herr Warwitch, Axis Shoutcaster for the German High Command. I've been attached to the Team Sportscast Network for 4 years now. Our goal: World Domination!

Ins0mnia: Perhaps this is a FAQ for you but. How did you become one?

WarWitch: Esports commentation really began to hit the scene during the era of Tribes 1, a somewhat popular and interesting first person team based CTF game. I joined the call of broadcasting at that time for another station. Having been a DJ for years before that, it felt like a natural calling for me. I've been on the mic ever since, most of that time spent with TsN!

Ins0mnia: For a short time you've done some CS and CoD casts. How was that move to those scenes ? do you remain at RTCW aswell?

WarWitch: Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a huge title for me. The Wolf community really embraced my shoutcasts and I in turn really embraced the community. It was an awesome era for the Axis! I remain with the wolf scene though as a realist I understand that the games glory days are gone. My main goal is to become more versatile and capable of broadcasting mutliple games. My move into CounterStrike shoutcasting represents that desire to advance myself into other arenas. I was a bit worried that the CS community would eat me alive. Thankfully, they were very accepting. As far as CoD, this is definately my new home! Once again I get to play the role of the Axis Shoutcaster. We've also started our popular CoD Roundtable which is a community show that has gone over very very well!

Ins0mnia: Did you ever expected that esports and shoutcasting would be so big?

WarWitch: I always had a feeling it would reach epic standards. Things are really starting to move forward quickly now! I really see a future for esports and esports broadcasting. 2004 is going to be a big year for both!

Ins0mnia: Whats your overal favorite moment in electronic sports casting?

WarWitch: That's such a hard question to answer. There are so many exciting moments that have happened in the world of Esports broadcasting. The first BoB final was awesome: The DR's vs Darkside on mp_beach ... I mean that really embodied what RTCW was all about!

Ins0mnia: Talking about mp_beach, wich one do you like better. MP_Beach (RTCW) or MP_Carentan (COD)?

WarWitch: mp_beach hands down! CoD needs a Normandy beach invasion style map for sure!

Ins0mnia: Call of Duty had a great week this week. CODTV, PB, TheCPL all are announced and it slowly makes it into a progame. If you are at the CPL. Would you do CS and COD casts? or just stick on 1 game?

WarWitch: There is no IF about it. I will be at the CPL with TsN this year! And let me tell you ... the Axis Goat is excited. Anyhow, I plan to be very very busy shoutcasting CoD and CS ... I love both games! I hope to also be doing more work for the MFAVP, doing video interiews and commentary for the event.

Ins0mnia: What do you prefer? The Euro scene or the USA scene? and why?

WarWitch: In a way that's very much an Apples and Oranges kinda thing. I happen to enjoy both! There is really very little difference between gamers of the USA and those of Europe. We all play hard for the love of the game. I will admit however that I always get a thrill when I broadcast to a German audience! I'm sure they find it amusing, the fake accent and foolish antics of the Axis goat!

Ins0mnia: Will you be in Europe again? because we haven't seen you after intel masters..

WarWitch: Indeed. I'm not yet sure what European events TsN will be attending this year but you can count on the fact that I will be pushing to broadcast anything we do from the European theater of war!

Ins0mnia: Yes, we saw your pretty face and voice on those video's during the CPL Winter event. How did that suddenly come? Because for a lot of people this was quite huge and suprising news..

WarWitch: I have to thank TsN|Juno ... he is one of the head soldats of the Team Sportscast Network. He works behind the scenes and arranged for me to represent TsN with the MFAVP. It was a great experience for me. I hope to make a return to video this next Summer event!

Ins0mnia: If you had the chance to get a phat contract for "real" Sports casts. Would you do that over Electronical Sports casts?

WarWitch: Negative. I really think my calling is in the world of eSports. I hope to be the future John Madden of online broadcasting!

Ins0mnia: So no WarWitch on INDY 500 or so? (Pity)

WarWitch: hah, very unlikley. I might cast FIFA 2004 GOOOOOOOOAAAALLL!

Ins0mnia: Do you hope that you will be casting eSports on real stations (or that TsN became one)?

WarWitch: I agree with something Angel from the CPL said. The future of Esports is online ... not on television ... but online. TsN has some exciting things planned for the future that will take this whole thing to the next level. I consider TsN a very 'real' station!

Ins0mnia: You have told us before that you work at a stripclub as a DJ. Any plans to bring those babes to CS,COD or RTCW?

WarWitch: Nein commissar. I plan to keep ze Frauleins for myself!

Ins0mnia: Did you know there are 2 famouse p0rno-stars in the Unreal / Quake scene?

WarWitch: And I'd love to meet them both ... duh duh duh!

Ins0mnia: 1337 or L33T ?

WarWitch: Neither. I don't speak hacker *grin*

Ins0mnia: CPL or QuakeCon ?

WarWitch: Both events accomplish the same goal: They bring gaming to the next level in a very organized and exciting way!

Ins0mnia: CyberXgaming: Flop or failure?

WarWitch: Failure. Poor planning and a lack of understanding of how to run an event caused the cxg to bomb. Will this effect the future of esports gaming? I don't think so. Not in the long run. If anything, the failure of the cxg will show the world just how hard running a lan of this kind is, and will give people added respect for organizations such as the CPL who have managed to be so successful for so long.

Ins0mnia: Do you have any shout-outs to give dear WarWitch?

WarWitch: As always I'd like to thank everyone who has given their support to TsN and myself over the years. I'd also like to promote our new Call of Duty community show: The CoD Roundtable which we air every Thursday @ 7pm EST. We also re-run the show on Friday for the European audience at 20:00 CET. The shows webpage can be found at: http://roundtable.tsncentral.com -- A big thanks to you insom for your great work with RTCW and clanbase and to everyone who has made an effort to further the future of esports! Thanks for the interview ... guten nacht!

Ins0mnia: Thank you warwitch for the Interview. Hope to hear you again soon on RTCW/CS or COD.