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Evil leaves 102 (104 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 11:10 CDT, 8 October 2013 - iMsg
Translation from

Russia Sergei "Evil" Orekhov, silver prize winner or United States of America Quakecon 2013 and a world champion of Sweden Dreamhack, departs from Deliberate Murder.

The cause is simple: there is a hole in a team budget after recent trips to United States of America USA and Czech Republic Czech Republic, so it is not certain now if there will be enough money for Sweden Dreamhack Winter 2013. Evil played with 102 tag for one and a half year, participating in Sweden Dreamhack Summer 2012, Sweden Dreamhack Winter 2012, Europe Renaissance Cup, Netherlands Adroits LAN, United States of America Quakecon 2013 and in an uncountable amount of a smaller tournaments.

Is Sergei a free agent now, or is he already has a new sponsor - we don't know. Anyways, we wish him good luck!

flags, there are so many of them!
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Quakelive website easter egg (18 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 08:01 CDT, 30 June 2013 - iMsg
Found a little easter egg while browsing QL website code. Didn't find any mention of that on the internet (or my googling was not good enough), so here it is:

1. Open clan_id_real sponge's profile statistics.
2. Shift-doubleclick on the player model picture (it's a Ranger / Sport_blue right now) and your user icon will be replaced with Doom protagonist animated face.
2. Shift-alt-doubleclick on the player model picture and you will see a greetings from sponge.
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[userscript] qlping, ql ping utility (69 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 05:24 CDT, 16 June 2013 - iMsg
In two words: you can now see your ping to quakelive servers on website.

Locations tab in "Play Online" section: all quakelive servers sorted by ping. Right click Locations tab and click "Refresh Locations" to redo ping measurement of all servers. Last four ping results of a server are displayed as a tooltip to ping value.

Server tooltip is extended with ping information: mouseover interesting server and you will see your ping there. Ping icon is green when ping is lower than 45 ms, yellow if lower than 75 ms and red if ping is more than 75 ms.

Right click your friend in quakelive contact list and select "Send my locations" to send info about your nearest locations. When your friend has the same script and replies with his location info, his script automatically recommends servers based by the minimal ping differences. Servers with ping more than 100 ms are not considered as a recommendation. BTW, if you come up with more efficient server recomendation algorithm, I am open for suggestions.

Also, if your friend does not have qlping installed, he can just write in chat, for example, "UKR 30 ms, GER 50 ms", and when you send him your location info, your qlping script will also calculate recommendations.

In order to use this script, you have to install small and simple web browser plugin first, which makes UDP requests to servers. This plugin works only on page, other pages cannot access it (made that because of security consideratons). Installation is simple, instead of just userscript you install plugin and userscript.

Userscript link.

News / Changelog

New version:

2013-08-12 (1.11)

No need to reinstall plugin, only userscript is updated.

I am terribly sorry for my mistake with autoupdater, and now you have to uninstall older version of QLPing to get rid of a double "Locations" tab and double sending of locations info after updating to this version. You will see instructions for your browser in the first of a double "Locations" tab, or you can do it by yourself.

Autoupdater is finally fixed, will work normally in the future.

To update script in QLPrism, click Scripts -> Script Commands -> QLPing: Enable updates.

Fixed formatting for ping announcements in QLPrism.

Fixed "Locations" tab positioning in QLPrism.

Fixed counter in "Send my locations" procedure.

Fixed coloring and counter in the ingame ping announcer.

Added "Refresh Locations" button in "Locations" tab.

Added "Display scoreboard ping" option. Scoreboard ping may be closer to what you will see at the scoreboard in game and is calculated by formula (actual_ping + 1000/cl_maxpackets/2) ms.

More small fixes.

2013-07-28 (1.0)
No need to reinstall plugin, only userscript is updated.

New location info tab.

Showing pings for every IP address of a location. Still using average values for ping announcements (didn't find much difference between different servers on one location).

Nice formatting for ping announcements on website. Works only for people with installed userscript. People without userscript see that only as text, like in earlier versions.

Website location filter is updated when clicking on location in info tab or in web chat announcement.

Some small fixes.

First release.
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Game industry predictions for 2013 (51 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 21:42 CST, 28 December 2012 - iMsg

So, apparently, League of Legends is a hardcore game.
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[userscript] Speccing Helper (No comments)
Posted by simonov @ 06:19 CST, 8 December 2012 - iMsg
Got some spare time, so made this little userscript:

Intended to help casters to go spectator mode and choose some POV automatically. Also reconnects to server automatically on errors like infamous "Invalid .PK3 files referenced". Does not reconnect when you are disconnected manually or was kicked. Doesn't go spectator if you are already playing.

Made this because was annoyed by casters who forget to change POV and leave viewers to watch QuakeLive default menu while the game is on.

* set _qlspec_active to 1 to activate (helps to change between speccing and playing)
* when you are connecting to server, you become a spectator instantly
* one second later POV is changed to someone playing on the server (or in five seconds, depends on current situation)
* if you receive error on connecting to the server, which is not about you're kicked or manual disconnection, issues "reconnect" command immediately
* remembers if you are a spectator, so when the map changed, or game state goes from warmup to actual play, POV activated automatically
* if you enter the game, doesn't go to spectator mode on game state or level change (i.e. your player experience is not changed, only spectating affected)


Install this user script via qlhm using number 153714, add following lines to your QuakeLive config and that's all.

Set _qlspec_nextpovtime to number of seconds until the next player pov is selected on beginning of a game. For example, seta _qlspec_nextpovtime 7 will result in 7 seconds delay to select second player after first was spectated. Set it to zero to disable this functionality.

If you don't add these commands to your config, automatic reconnection on errors works anyway.

seta _qlspec_vars "cg_compmode 1; cg_comphud 1;"
seta _qlspec_do "vstr _qlspec_vars; wait; team s;"
seta _qlspec_pov "vstr _qlspec_vars; wait; +attack; wait; -attack;"
seta _qlspec_nextpovtime "0"
seta _qlspec_active "1"

News / Changelog
Standalone client compatibility.
Added _qlspec_active and _qlspec_nextpovtime variables.
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[userscript] leproscroll for esreality (26 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 07:56 CST, 15 February 2012 - iMsg
Hello again.

Here is a small userscript which, I think, will greatly improve your user experience:

After installing, use ctrl-up and ctrl-down keys to jump between posts on main page, and to jump between comments in posts. Also, if there are new comments in the post you are reading, you can jump straight to them by using the same ctrl-down and ctrl-up shortcuts.

I made it because I am used to navigation and didn't want to spend time spotting new comments in a huge threads of comments.

It is just a simple keyboard navigation javascript that was borrowed from and adapted as a userscript for the site

[SHAMELESS PLUG] Still trying to promote QL-TV.
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[userscript] qlranks in-game announce (22 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 11:39 CST, 12 January 2012 - iMsg
UPDATE: I recommend you to use the official script now, wn has added this type of in-game announcing into his script. Also his script supports CA and TDM Elo:

During my attempt to make a QL-TV I have found the way to make in-game Elo announcing without an additional software, just using the userscript. Truly cross-platform and so on.

So here is modified wn's script:

If you're already using qlranks userscript from , uninstall it before using this script.
Install this script as usual, then add the following commands to your QuakeLive config:

seta elo_print "vstr elo_print0"
seta elo_print2 "seta cl_qlr_announce say; set elo_print vstr elo_print0; print ^7in-game elo announce: ^2say"
seta elo_print1 "seta cl_qlr_announce say_team; set elo_print vstr elo_print2; print ^7in-game elo announce: ^2say_team"
seta elo_print0 "seta cl_qlr_announce print ; set elo_print vstr elo_print1; print ^7in-game elo announce: ^2print"
bind o "vstr elo_print"
bind p "seta cl_qlr_request 0; seta cl_qlr_request 1"

Change in-game binds however you want, defaults, as you see, are the key O to change type of announcing (print, say_team, say), and the key P to display Elo information.

Tested in Chrome on Windows and Mac, Firefox and QLPrism.

Credits go to wn, szr and syncore. I've just added the in-game announcing feature.

There was one problem with the script, the print command was reassigned to cvar (weird ql bug), so the print did not work after the second try to use this script. Update the script and change binds - we need to do seta cl_qlr_announce print ; instead of seta cl_qlr_announce print;. Somehow the space matters.
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Quake Live TV (help needed) (21 comments)
Posted by simonov @ 22:48 CST, 12 December 2011 - iMsg

I've made an automatic spectator for Quake Live and looking for help to make it 24/7 video stream.

It's a simple script which which does following:
1. Choose a server from the Quake Live server list randomly.
2. Connect to the server, become a spectator, randomly choose team or user to specate, watch the match, randomly changing POV from time to time.
3. ???????

On game change the whole process repeats.

Also, the script takes care of well known "Invalid PK3 file referenced" error by immediate reconnect. Random change of POV is needed to work around the cg_followkiller bug (when the killing player dies in the moment of changing POV, we spectate a killing player's corpse, slowly dissolving into the floor) and when a player we spectate disconnects. Server filters are taken from the user settings, so, basically, we can choose only matches in progress all over the world, and comfortably change the filters however we like.

Here's a small example:
(Sorry for some CA players in this video who thought that I was going to join. I should've send message that I'm only spectating upon the connect. Also, I used freshly created ql account to record this, so servers specated are mostly noob servers. High skilled servers are usually more fun to watch)

The idea is to make a 24/7 Quake Live gaming footage stream out of it. The problem is that I live too far away from the streaming servers, and though I have an internet connection with high bandwidth, my streams are laggy as hell.

Best option would be to have one stream in Europe and one stream in North America, to have the best quality of video delivered and less people to complain about lags. The number of streams of course can be unlimited (Duel-Only-TV, for example), but let's not scatter the resources and audience. Also I think I can make jingle breaks in stream. It would be great to use some short videos about Quake disciplines, like 2GD explaining to the DHW'11 audience what duel is, followed by some epic fragmovie cut.

What we need to make it happen? A simple computer and a fast internet connection. The computer should be powerful enough to stream 720p/60fps, but the quake is not so resource-hungry, so it's going to be rather cheap. Computer should work 24/7 and have a remote control possibility through something like radmin/teamviewer for the troubleshooting. How to find such a resource - I don't know, so I'm asking you for help. Donation, maybe? Or it whould be great if some gaming team or streaming company (hey,!) become interested. I don't believe that id software will be interested in this, so let's try to find our way.

Why did I do this? For me it's calming to watch some Quake stream in background and find random game streaming very watchable. Spread the word, please. Everyone who saw Quake knows that it is fun to watch. Let's show it to everyone else.

New test video (ELO, tier and game time sorting):
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