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The rocket jump ninja mouse (1 comment)
Posted by nvc @ 09:49 CDT, 10 May 2021 - iMsg
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Re: 125 FPS QuakeLive Classic Duel Cup#18 (5 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 06:26 CDT, 30 October 2018 - iMsg
I am still in Paris until tomorrow.
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My new monitor/mouse/keyboard/headset reviews! (18 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 22:04 CDT, 15 March 2018 - iMsg

I started reviewing gaming products again recently. Some examples are below:

ZOWIE XL2546 (25" 1080p 240Hz TN Gaming Monitor ft. DyAc)
ZOWIE XL2740 (27" 1080p 240Hz TN Gaming Monitor)
ViewSonic XG2530 (25" 1080p 240Hz AMD FreeSync TN Gaming Monitor)
AOC AG251FG (25" 1080p 240Hz NVIDIA G-SYNC TD Gaming Monitor)

Razer DeathAdder Elite: Destiny 2 Edition (PMW 3389 Gaming Mouse)
BlasterX Siege M04 (PMW 3360 Gaming Mouse)
Ninox Venator Black (PMW 3360 Gaming Mouse)
LogitechG Pro (PMW 3366 Gaming Mouse)

BlasterX Vanguard K08 (Gaming Keyboard ft. Omron PRES Switches)

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition (Closed back USB/Analog)
Creative SB K3+ & Audio Technica AT4040 (USB Mixer & Condenser Mic)

EVGA GTX 1070Ti FTW Ultra Silent (ft. Streaming Benchmarks)

I'm currently reviewing the XL2740, which is 27" 240Hz. You can Subscribe if you'd like to be notified when it's live. All the finals from Quake tournaments that I cover online go up there too. I've no idea what I'm reviewing after that so if you have any suggestions let me know. I was thinking the ASUS Gladius II Origin but it looks heavy AF.

92% of my views are non-subscribers, lol! :'D
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TosspoT and djWHEAT return to Quake for QWC! :o (53 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 04:54 CDT, 20 August 2017 - iMsg
ESL/Quake announced their talent lineup for QWC17.

This list and the titles that ESL gave them:
* Stage Host: ReDeYe
* Desk Host: djWHEAT
* Analyst: Makaveli
* Commentator: DDK
* Commentator: Jehar
* Commentator: TosspoT
* Commentator: Zsx
* Commentator: Zoot
* Commentator: Blu
* Commentator: Ketchup
* Commentator: Mustard

I hope they pull some of the players for the analyst desk and colour commentary too. Who would you pair together for commentary?
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4SG OCE Duel Cup #2 (7 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 09:09 CDT, 28 July 2017 - iMsg
Hi everyone.

Following the announcement that 4SG in co-operation with Corvidae and JamGaming will be sending four players to compete in the Duel and Sacrifice $1m Quake World Championship Qualifiers at QuakeCon 2017, comes the arrival of their second Duel warm-up cup. This one day tournament is open to everybody, but geared toward the Australian and New Zealand aka OCE regions for obvious reasons (ping)!

Saturday starting 23:00 EST
Sunday starting 04 BST / 06MSK / 09AEST

I will broadcast the entire event on:
For tournament sign-up and brackets click here.

tweet to help promote the stream / twitch event reminder

Join the 4SG Discord if you'd like to play to find your opponents!
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A standardised way to check QC hardware performance (58 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 23:50 CDT, 4 July 2017 - iMsg
It's impossible to -easily- set up a multiplayer scenario without multiple people scripting events, so perhaps follow this to quickly check without running a specific route. Obviously you'll get further reduced frames in a full match... plus it's BETA.

I've included results for low, med, high and ultra... plus experimented with each setting to find the most optimal settings for the current beta on my setup i.e. which settings actually change FPS. I'll be doing something similar for a 1080p vs 1440p video I'm putting together and figured i'd just export and compile initial data to potentially help others.

I'm streaming using OBS Studio and NVENC at 720p 60fps. These were done live whilst testing a new monitor, I additionally included a set of results when not streaming for my settings in the spreadsheet. Streaming in QC tends to reduce your in-game fps in the region of 12-20. Which seems to follow an older video I produced using CSGO:

Perhaps this way you can compare with friends.
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QC Duel Screenshots for Tournament Overlays (11 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 07:56 CDT, 19 June 2017 - iMsg
Hi all,

Here's the screenshots I grabbed before putting the stream production together yesterday. It might save some of you time if you're wanting to create overlays for your own stream, so enjoy.

I'll be streaming as many tournaments as I can, if you'd like to join me on this journey you can follow my Twitch:

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An nda style intro to #gottagofast for quake champions (14 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 21:36 CDT, 11 May 2017 - iMsg

Strafe jumping. Air control. ALL THE THINGS! It's rough and ready, please don't hate... I recorded it live and I'm NDA'd to fuck. Whilst you might not utilize everything mentioned in this video for Quake Champions, it's important to understand what (or rather why) you are doing some of the things you are doing when attempting to build speed, imo!
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Follow the ATR QC Twitch Team Streamers! (9 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 11:20 CDT, 8 May 2017 - iMsg
If any of you have tuned into my recent Quake Live 125fps coverage you'll have seen the All The Rage logo on the lower right section of the screen. That's the Twitch team I created with a bunch of friends.

When the NDA drops on 12th May several of us will be streaming, outside of team practice anyway. There are some familiar faces that I'm sure you'll recognise... obviously from Dark Souls (Fazz) or H1Z1 (Fazz and Noctis) :D!


You can find all of our streamers on the main page:

Our Twitter automatically tweets when they're live:

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The QL 125FPS Season 35 W1-W7 Grand Final VODS! (1 comment)
Posted by nvc @ 08:13 CDT, 24 April 2017 - iMsg
Hi all,

I've decided to actually make use of my YouTube channel to upload the grand finals from every 125fps cup that I cover. The season finals are next week (30th) starting 16BST/11EST/18MSK on If you enjoy the weekly coverage and would like to support the channel you can subscribe to my Twitch channel for emotes and stuff. I otherwise stream every day from 18GMT.

W6: Missing - was at Insomnia60

If you'd like to upload other matches from my 125fps tournament coverage to your own YouTube channels please feel free to do so, I will not copyright strike your channel!

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The "Who didn't get a QC key" thread! :'D (163 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 02:04 CDT, 6 April 2017 - iMsg
Why mourn alone!?
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QL 125FPS 5 Year Anniversary - Twitch Event Reminder! (3 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 06:08 CDT, 28 March 2017 - iMsg
Hi all,

The 74th Edition, Season #35 Week #4, marks a five year anniversary - the first cup launched in April 2012!

If anybody would be nice enough to share the tweet that would be very much appreciated, twitch launched the new events tab so i'm experimenting with it:

You can also sign-up to remind yourself of the stream on my channel:

I'll hopefully see some of you on Sunday starting 14BST/18MSK. I'm sure Zlive will be streaming too.
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Stream to ArenaFPS community on Twitch (3 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 20:20 CST, 9 February 2017 - iMsg
Hello everyone!

Today (technically yesterday... oops) Twitch launched Twitch Communities.

On your dashboard you can now select:
a) The game you are streaming, and
b) A community to stream too.

Your stream will continue to appear in the usual game tab, but also a community if selected. Communities are designed to filter exactly what you want to watch e.g. you might create a 16 star community and a 120 star community under Super Mario 64 for speed running. Since all of our Arena FPS games are niche right now, I figured one community for everybody, to cross promote games and streams would be nice.

So, obviously I've created an ArenaFPS community. It'd be cool if people could select it if streaming one. Just enter "ArenaFPS" as your community.
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Use damnit! (100 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 10:18 CST, 17 January 2017 - iMsg
I'm sure we all appreciate that Sujoy continues to keep this website online and to lose the history we have here would suck serious penis.

However, surely supporting another website that will continue to push new features can only be beneficial for our games moving forward?

Start today...
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Quake Champions Razer products en-route? (24 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 20:06 CDT, 30 September 2016 - iMsg
Is this just random placeholder text by accident at the bottom of the DeathAdder Elite page!?

"QUAKE® Champions © 2016 id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. QUAKE, id, id Software and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved."
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Dell S2417DG (20 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 19:12 CDT, 20 September 2016 - iMsg
24" 1440p 165Hz

It's arriving later today! I'll stream with it on

I'll be live around 16BST and will post my thoughts here later in the evening. Apparently it's great! :)
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Aim Hero - Accuracy Practice on Steam (17 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:56 CDT, 17 September 2016 - iMsg
Here's my first launch and impressions Twitch VOD.

At the moment you can't strafe, jump or change various colors, but it's definitely a great start for a indie development team with little to no budget. I received the key for free, but at £3.99 on Steam I think it's definitely worth it. You can set your identical CS/Quake or Overwatch sensitivity.

I'd love to see a company like LogitechG invest in the game. It could have other features like human benchmark reaction time test etc. I don't think it will "improve accuracy", but it's a neat tool to warm up with and/or get used to a mouse... it made me love the Logitech G403!

There's no option for Invert Mouse yet.

About This Game
Aim Hero is an ultimate solution for practicing firing accuracy to do better in FPS games.

* Mouse sensitivity settings imported from popular games;
* More than 5 training modes, 3 difficulty levels each (We are going to add 5 modes in few weeks);
* Detailed statistics is provided as each training is completed;
* The best scores are saved automatically;

Games you may use to set your mouse sensitivity:
* Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
* Overwatch.

Steam store page: here
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Microsoft IE 3.0 Elite plea! (Twitter) (15 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 10:16 CDT, 18 June 2016 - iMsg
Favourite this if you use twitter:

The manual hz overclock is great and all but the dream is still real... :)
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LG 24GM77 on Massdrop (No comments)
Posted by nvc @ 14:56 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg

It's discontinued, buy it now fast! :)
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[FS] BenQ XL2430T 144Hz - UK (7 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 07:45 CDT, 14 June 2015 - iMsg
Hi all,

I have an ‘as new’ BenQ XL2430T which has been used since around January. Boxed with all cables etcetc. It also has extremely low latency thanks to Instant Mode and also the optional BenQ blur reduction mode which is pretty neat. I’d put it as being the best 1080p 144Hz monitor on market at the moment, the stand is probably my favourite part as it’s metal and ‘thin’ so it doesn’t get in the way.

Here was my review of it (purchased myself):

I’m looking for £225 delivered, but will take offers. Cut £20 off the price if you can pick up from ‘Leicester’ area. If picking up I’ll give you free stuff from my collection of random crap that I can’t sell like a mouse or something. I have all warranty information should anything go wrong.

2465 Hits - Instagram for gamers?! (12 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 10:27 CDT, 31 March 2015 - iMsg
Utilizes NVIDIA ENC, AMD Game DVR, Intel QuickSync or Software based capture. The first 3 should give very little performance hit. Can record constantly or utilize the replay feature. When you close the game (or during with replay and minimizing) you can quickly cut and highlight clips to upload to both Plays and/or YouTube.

Pretty cool. I've been using it for the last couple weeks, makes life easier when you don't want to make over the top fancy stuff for YouTube. Could also be good for those of you that can't/don't stream but want to make quick content. You can also use it to cut up sections of stream vods by selecting folders with external files from OBS/Xsplit too. Also, the CEO (Raptr) is Thresh.

NVIDIA ENC: Requires GTX600 and up
AMD GAME DVR: Requires Radeon HD77XX series and up
Intel QS: Requires Intel i3/i5/i7 2XXX and up assuming onboard graphics... but you'll still need a dedicated GPU as your main.

My channel:
Client download:

News 1:
News 2:
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Anyone used Razer Blackwidow Sealth!? (No comments)
Posted by nvc @ 13:26 CST, 28 February 2015 - iMsg
The 2014 edition and/or Chroma edition, with Razer Orange switches. Thoughts?

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Steelseries Apex M800 Mech KB (34 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:49 CST, 6 January 2015 - iMsg
Product link:

This is a brand new switch, lowering key height from Cherry’s 4mm to 3mm, with Actuation half way at 1.5mm.

My article explains why it should be a good thing for competitive fps games:
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Viewsonic VG2401MH 144Hz Review (10 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 18:18 CST, 25 December 2014 - iMsg

I talk input lag and ghosting etc.
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Sony KDL42W7 - Great TV for Console Play (6 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:49 CST, 18 December 2014 - iMsg
Here's my Amazon Review:

Here's a .rar file that contains some basic input lag tests against the Iiyama GB2488HSU with Direct Drive enabled (aka benq level lag):

Here's a full review by HDTV Test:

If you're after a TV this Christmas and New Year then aim for this.
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Advanced Warfare Advanced Tutorial (1 comment)
Posted by nvc @ 21:49 CST, 12 November 2014 - iMsg
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cod:aw stream with nvc/zacc/pixel :) (25 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 18:33 CST, 2 November 2014 - iMsg
Me, Zaccubus and Pixeltwitch are doing a 24/7 stream for the next few days, come say hi (and tell us why quake is better)! You're all beautiful people.
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ASUS RoG Gladius - 1st 2000Hz mouse?! (29 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 22:06 CDT, 30 September 2014 - iMsg
Product page:

I have it, after day one it feels great so far. The build quality is outstanding, fantastic value for money in the box (removable usb cables with non-braided and braided options, replacement mouse switches, replacement skates, mouse carry pouch). Feel free to jump into and ask any questions whilst i'm streaming and using the mouse. Some people might say it's on the heavier side though, but the shape compliments its weight and the grip is good.

It runs at 125/250/500/1000/1500/200Hz which I did not expect as of 1.08 drivers:

I'm using 1000Hz as it runs flawlessly at 1000Hz or below on my system (Windows 8.1). Both 1500Hz and 2000Hz were unavailable in 1.03 and 1.04 but did make their way into 1.08 released yesterday, they do not appear to be as stable on both my USB2 and USB3 ports but I would await testing from other users before commenting. Also, ASUS seem to be putting out regular updates which is promising, they are clearly aiming high with this mouse under the RoG brand. Regardless, 1000Hz runs great for me.

Anyone else got one? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts as I've only tested it on my QcK so far. I need a few more days using it before I'm willing to compare it to my old Razer Deathadder 3.5G (it is definitely superior to the 2013 edition) and new Logitech G402 in terms of performance.
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QuakeLive FFA at Eurogamer this weekend! (21 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:35 CDT, 25 September 2014 - iMsg
If anyone in UK is heading to Eurogamer I've got 10 pc's with 144hz screens running Quake Live FFA on the Scan Computers booth as you walk in.

Come play if you're visiting! :)
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September 19th 2009 - k1ck vs dobo HSTV (3 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 13:07 CDT, 19 September 2014 - iMsg
Stumbled on this today, five years ago today!

Talk Like a Pirate CTF with k1ck vs dobo covered by Holysh1t, one of their first ever streams I believe. This was before i created Level Up TV with Disrepute. I don't think Zoot even played the game back then haha! :D
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post your quakelive steam review (17 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 06:01 CDT, 18 September 2014 - iMsg
comments below
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Win a G402 / Trip to DreamHack (NORDIC) (10 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 19:49 CDT, 9 September 2014 - iMsg
Hi all,


Nordic participants only.

Goal: Get +20 icons and survive. Avoid Speed Pads and walls. Speed Pads are always on the same line as +20 icons, so look for the Speed Pads in the distance. There are 3x +20 icons and then a jump, after a short while you can't get the first +20 icon after a jump, only the last two as you'll be going too fast. Pro tip: If you start missing the 2nd/3rd icons early just give up, or be superman.

I just streamed a quick attempt or two:

A score of 1120 or above should put you in a good position for top 5 every week to win one of the mice. I managed 1163 after a few tries, you could probably make 1200 with a bit of luck and some practice. I assume my score will not be accepted because I'm from the UK, plus i already have and use the mouse anyway.

Here's my review of the mouse, it's good:
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I played 2hrs of FFA without ammo boxes! (153 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:08 CDT, 30 August 2014 - iMsg part 1 (wrong mic selected) part 2!profile/matches/nvc

13:47 frs • nvc
13:47 frs • why do you refuse to pick up ammo boxes in ffa?
13:57 +nvc • i must have missed what the ammo boxes were
13:57 +nvc • what do they look like rofl
13:57 +nvc • i played for like 3 hours and i still dont know
14:00 +nvc • wait are they the white ones frs ?
14:01 +nvc • woops :D
14:01 +nvc • they just looked like regular boxes for a specific weapon i subconsiously thought existed
14:02 +nvc • hahahaah
14:02 +nvc • oh god that's stupid of me
14:02 +nvc • im watching this vod back now
14:02 +nvc • its because there's so many dropped weapons on the floor
14:02 +nvc • i just picked that up and used it

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unrelated but related, quake > cod ? (63 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:05 CDT, 17 August 2014 - iMsg
I was at the NVIDIA Shield Tablet Launch Event hosted by Scan Computers with Team Dignitas, in UK. Me and a few others were watching over some of the tournaments for the attendee's. One was a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 FFA event and a Quake Live player turned up and won! Mini victory for us? :);theater


disclaimer: black ops 2 is pretty good, only one worth playing since cod4! D:
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Another BenQ... XL2430T (26 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 23:20 CDT, 27 July 2014 - iMsg

I'll get one and give feedback on it for you nerds as soon as possible :)
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Quad Gaming Mouse Rock (16 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 09:37 CDT, 16 July 2014 - iMsg

I bought one, been waiting for easy ebay sale for a while. Might take a while to be delivered, but should be better than sellotape or cheap bungee given it's 300g.
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Win a G502 / Trip to DreamHack (Nordic) (7 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 07:04 CDT, 28 May 2014 - iMsg
So I found this cool flash game, got an alright score, and when I submitted found out is was for the Nordic region only.

Somebody go win :)

Video: click here
Enter: click here

I'm pretty sure the Maddelisk result is BS, but not as BS as the 55-65k scores that are impossible to hit. Hopefully Logitech will address the latter for those that can participate. There's 5 mice up for grabs every week of which I assume will run for the next fortnight.

I'll post a full review of this mouse in the next week or so, aside from it being on the heavier side, it's the first mouse that's made me not want to return to my Razer Deathadder.

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FACEIT QL Music (15 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:54 CDT, 18 May 2014 - iMsg
Okay so I'm constantly seeing certain people moan week in week out that about the track choices. This is just a suggestion, but if you hit up MonstercatMedia and provide a track name and url to the video here, perhaps they'll consider downloading the mp3/flac and then adding them to the playlist.
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Get QuakeLive at Insomnia52 (69 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 09:36 CDT, 1 May 2014 - iMsg

Go respond to this tweet! Insomnia is the UK's largest gaming festival, last hosted Quake4 at i32 in 2007. It's now at the Riccoh Arena in Coventry, essentially a football stadium with easy access to everything. There's on-site bars, even a casino for the Poker players amongst you! :D

Here's some albums from i51:

It'll probably do nothing, but still! D:

SyncError pls \o/
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BenQ XL2411T Rev2 144Hz (SOLD) (1 comment)
Posted by nvc @ 22:53 CST, 8 March 2014 - iMsg
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CMStorm Alcor & Mizar (3.0ish) (18 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 06:09 CST, 20 February 2014 - iMsg
Slightly smaller than the 3.0, but ergonomically said to be closer to it than the Razer Deathadder and Zowie EC1.

Alcor (Optical) €34,90 +Shipping [Takasta Review]
Mizar (Laser) €44,90 +Shipping [Takasta Review]

AFAIK this is the first revision of the Alcor on sale at, they have mentioned a second revision that will be on sale soon based on feedback. I'm hoping they'll have taken into account some of the concerns regarding increased smoothing due to higher dpi and materials used, specifically housing it in the Mizar shell with the additional side grips would be ideal given the non glossy sides will be awful for those of you with dry hands (myself included).

At that price though it might be worth a pre-emptive purchase for some of you, such a steal.
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nvc's ql coverage 2014 (41 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 22:49 CST, 5 February 2014 - iMsg
Hi all,

I want to stream some Quake again this year, preferably TDM/CTF for fun since duel is pretty much closed off between the tournaments on offer. I will not upload the majority of games to YouTube, so unless somebody wants to upload them (feel free to do so, just give credit by linking my twitter in the video description), you'll have to deal with Twitch VODs. I don't know how much I'll cover this year between work, but I'll do it when I can.

BaseArena Nations Cup TDM Q1 2014
Week1, Group C - France vs Hungary
Week2, Group B - Sweden vs Czech Republic [ YT VOD ]
Week3, AFK!
Week4, AFK!
Week5, Quarter Final - Benelux vs Italy [ YT VOD ]
Week6, Semi Final - Benelux vs France [ YT VOD ]
Week7, Grand Final - France vs Russia

BaseArena Nations Cup CTF Q1 2014
Week1, Group A - Benelux vs France
Week2, Group B - Poland vs Sweden
Week3, AFK!
Week4, AFK!
Week 5, Group A - Benelux vs Czech Republic

If you want to keep up with my streams, follow my Twitter / Twitch for updates.

Will add them as they come, enjoy... or don't.
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*<[ Quake Live Clan (97 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 12:44 CST, 17 December 2013 - iMsg
I made *<[


If anyone is feeling festive and wants an invite, leave your ql name below.
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Extra Life 2013 stream (5 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:19 CDT, 2 November 2013 - iMsg
Hi all, i'm helping with a 25 Hour Extra Life stream today, playing everything from Pokemon X to Quake Live FFA! I would appreciate anyone that checks out her page, or if you're feeling generous then donates toward the cause via Extra Life.

Starting 1pm GMT, aiming for 2pm the next day (25 hours) between any UK ISP internet drops. If we're playing any multiplayer games and you want to join, just ask in the chat if you see there's space. I'm hoping to do some QL FFAs around 6pm.

Extra Life (donations): ($71 of $200 so far)
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DreamHack Winter 2012: Quake Highlight (113 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 11:10 CST, 2 January 2013 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.2 (117 votes)
Here is a movie created as part of the last major Quake Live DreamHack tournament of 2012 and edited by Serbia ZeRoQL. It features players from the DHW'12 Quake Live Duel Tournament.

1. Brand X Music Catalogue Vol. 15 - 02 - Cyber Slang.
2. Toby Mac - Ignition.
3. Brand X Music Catalogue Vol. 16 - Incubate vers. 2.
4. Blue Stahli - Suit Up.
5. Feed Me - One Click Headshot.
6. MitiS - Brings Renewal.
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*<[ Christmas Q3 CPM CTF Server ]>* ?! (9 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 08:08 CST, 24 December 2012 - iMsg
KekS... somebody... there is still time to save Christmas!

** edit ** he has!

Server: 64Player kineterra

Map download:

Join #cpmpickup and convince people to play :D I think a 20CET, and 22CET game is in order?!
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SpartaCup #2: The Christmas Edition (33 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 09:03 CST, 9 December 2012 - iMsg
Scheduled: 08:00 CST, 23 December 2012 to 13:00 CST, 23 December 2012
Schedule: Passed

Time for another Warsow duel cup organized by the elusive Belgium Puffdar. Thanks to a generous amount of donations SpartaCup is able to spread the prize money across the top 8 finishers in their next installment. 270€ will be the prize pool waiting for our competitors in this Christmas cup.

Thanks to all donors and Warsow enthusiasts, see you on the 23rd!

Live Stream: tongue_
WSW TV (in-game): Esport TV
Links: Cup Page, Signup // mIRC#spartacup
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xonotic player commentaries with kojn (3 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 21:40 CDT, 20 August 2012 - iMsg
After the Nations Cup TDM match we covered, Xonotic's top dueler Kojn decided to talk you all through some duels as he played.

I've uploaded one match as an example to youtube:

The rest (including a much better game against fisume) can be found in the higher quality twitch vod:

Enjoy :)
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Level Up TV preview "that new TDM map" (9 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 15:36 CDT, 4 July 2011 - iMsg
After the ESH tournament yesterday, both Disrepute & Vor from Level Up TV previewed a new TDM map by "frs" and "akm". Hopefully it'll be added to Quake Live in the future..!

They are also looking for a name for the map, if you have a suggestion post it here:

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Quake Live 1v1 results since QCon '09 (8 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 14:53 CDT, 4 July 2011 - iMsg
Here are what i considered to be major quake live 1v1 results leading up to DreamHack Summer 2011, it was part of the preperation for my commentary (i.e. why i included the most recent ASUS tournament).. and i thought some people might find it interesting.. so i've made it presentable and uploaded it for you all.

Sorry if i missed anything (e.g. the US finals for IEM etc).
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#Brink.UK (43 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 09:13 CDT, 9 May 2011 - iMsg
Hi world!

We've just launched our (insert word that best represents distinctly average) #Brink.UK website!

With that we're able to announce that Multiplay; will be providing us with an awesome public server on launch day for everyone to use and play on, the details for that will follow in our IRC channel.

We don't know if Brink will be good, but we're at least going to give it a go! Pease feel welcome to join us and get involved!

IRC (qnet): #Brink.UK #QL.UK #ET.UK
Steam Group:
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nvm (6 comments)
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as above
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Xai + Ruse = Cheap (11 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 22:13 CST, 8 February 2011 - iMsg
The mouse kinda sucks if it gets dust in the sensor (i quad rocketed myself a few times), but aside from that (can be avoided if you clean/blow on it before you play) it was a great mouse, even if i stopped using it.

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Fox @ Bloodline Champions Launch Event (25 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 11:58 CST, 27 January 2011 - iMsg
4th February 2011: (check the poster).

If you're around Stockholm on the 4th you should drop by! Else watch it live on
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QL Tournament Admins Required! (7 comments)
Posted by nvc @ 15:57 CST, 18 January 2011 - iMsg
The Last Resort are looking to run some quake live one night cups (with prizes), anybody who might be interested in helping to administrate them should read on:
Always striving to expand and diverse, TLR are on the search for Quake Live Tournament Admins! We want to get involved and to do that we need people to make great events possible.

We are looking for individuals who preferably have some past experience running eSports tournaments, who are avid Quake Live fans, and who want to apart of something great. Possible candidates would be responsible for organising tournament schedules, promoting our tournaments to the best of their ability and ensuring tournaments are run in an extremely professional manner.

Interested candidates should apply by sending an email to with the subject line “APPLICATION: Quake Live Tournament Admin” where you may also include any previous evidence or information regarding your past experience in the role.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Taken from:
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