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Decisions by ID in QL (Maps TDM/CTF) (29 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 10:54 CDT, 23 June 2013 - iMsg
Quake Live, quite popular game with an active scene and several gaming modes. Well what's wrong with that? Well nothing, except that it's using just a minor bit of it's potential due to several decision ID made during the years.

Popular gamemodes about a year ago:
- CA
- Freezetag (Premium)
- The others spawned somewhat a year ago but I will not count them in to this list yet (Premium).

Gamemodes that has lost most probably like atleast 75% of it's active users during the last year:

(talking about public servers, not the active clan scene)

So the question here is that why? Well most of you probably has realized that ID changed the map rotation standard. The effect on it on TDM was enourmous. Since it was not hard to find a TDM game a year ago before this was implemented. State of it now is: 1-2 games that aren't pickup to join during a day (4on4)? The question is why they had to implement something that would mainly kill the whole scene of public TDM. One of the easiest gamemodes to understand. Also the TDM-scene clanwise was very active at that moment but I doubt it has increased since there is nowhere to find new players. You most likely have to play several other mods and have somewhat good skill to even be intrested in the world of QL TDM. And if you don't like it you wount continue it.. So how can we see a growth here? It's not like this would need some major coding to be fixed.

CTF has had somewhat the same thing, but not even close to as big difference as in TDM. Most of this also just because removing favorite maps to only players paying, so it's impossible to have all months a really nice map pool. This doesn't affect the paying customer in other ways than that very many maps will most likely not be played every month. If not playing pickups, but all people don't like pickups, some people like this "arcade"-mode better but not too much thinking and too advanced tactics. But even the paying players doesn't get to play most maps if not arranging a game him/her self. This will also require most likely spamming around on irc and recruiting friends, sitting at the computer for a quite long time. So is this what the premium/pro players is paying for? Not enough players to play premium maps on publics? I doubt most like this.

FFA doesn't have a too big issue with this, since the variation of "good maps" is bigger and the requirements of the maps ain't as big as in TDM/CTF.

CA is also more flexible than CTF/TDM, but a big part of players doesn't like playing narrow & big maps which mainly is spam only. So it only affects a bit on the CAs public scene.

So how to fix this? Simple, implement different rotations on different gaming modes. So for example TDM has several "favorites" in the pool. This will do that more people will play TDM on publics, which means that ID will get more paying customers. Same with CTF. I don't like playing Siberia only this month. There are other good maps but most of the new ones has major fps-issues while the older ones doesn't. So atleast in my case only somewhat nice "top map" this month is Siberia.
Split "top maps" in to 3 different rotations in TDM and CTF and keep this game alive. With these 6 rotations (?) the quality of the public maps choices are too narrow for them to be intrested in to paying anything to get to try the gamemodes. So do yourself a favor and double the map pools for both TDM and CTF!

Yours, paying customer: G_Uru
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Salvation 3: QW TDM draft Signups (37 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 05:10 CST, 25 December 2012 - iMsg
The third edition of Salvation has it's signups open. The league has been working successfully now in a couple of edition and the third one is coming up.

Schedule: Signups will close the 5th of January! Live draft pick will be on the 6th of January. Games will start on sunday the 13th!

The upcoming edition will be similar to the second edition with 2 divisions. The captain of the primary division will pick a team for both divisions. So players with lower skill can also join!

Links:, mIRC #draft.qw
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European Quake League 15 - Signups! (5 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 16:14 CST, 10 February 2012 - iMsg
EQL is back with a new season of QuakeWorld TDM! Just as the last season the maps will be TB3 (the best/big 3) with surely some dramatic action during the season. The signups end the 26th of february!

The division system will be tweaked for the upcoming season and you can read the whole story HERE! Also some information about the signups, length of the season etc can be found in the same post, so be sure to check it out!

Other events coming up on the qw-scene:
At the same time as the information about EQL15 signups was released, it was also announced that EQL16 will have the extended pool of maps which was supposed to be in EQL15. Due to EQL:Kenya (custom map league) beeing postponed until the end of EQL15 instead of beeing played before it there was some map issues on which to be chosen.
EQL:Pro will also return later this spring with the hottest of the hot action! The first season was a success and therefor it will be played once a year in the future aswell!

EQL15 Info post
EQL15 Signups - All sort of QW related stuff
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Showdown Season 3 & DuelMania returns! (2 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 16:21 CDT, 30 August 2011 - iMsg
DuelMania, the most famous 1on1 duel tournament of QuakeWorld has returned. It is a collaboration from the admins of Ownage, Duelmania and dopeskillz. So this has all the spices to make it once again a great success. Earlier tournaments has even had 100+ duel players participating! The tournament is officially known as DuelMania Reloaded part 2 now.

Season start is scheduled to the September the 19th! So go and sign up if you haven't done it yet! Sign-ups will close the 18th! The maps are familiar ones, DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and Ztndm3.

The Quakeworld scene can proudly present Showdown season 3 starting very soon. The sign-ups ends September the 3rd! Showdown has been the most active duel tournament during the last years and has offered some dramatic games. Now it's time to continue fragging!

Links: Showdown Season 3 Announcement, Showdown Tournament page - DuelMania Announcement, DuelMania - nQuake package
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European Quake League 14 - Signups! (1 comment)
Posted by G_Uru @ 16:14 CDT, 30 August 2011 - iMsg
It's the time of the year when QuakeWorld players starts polishing their rocket launchers to compete in 4on4 TDM. It's already season 14 and there has been lots of great games played during these seasons and years. This time there has been some slight changes considering the fall season. Usually it has been TB3 + 2 Kenya maps (slang for non ID maps) during the fall. This season will be TB3 only because of lack of knowledge on how the new maps created during spring and summer will play/work. (TB3 = The Big/Best 3 = E1M2, DM2, DM3)

Sign-ups ends on the 11th of September during the night!

So if you haven't yet realized that the season is just coming up, then it's time to do it now!

Links: Sign-up, nQuake package,
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European Quake League 14 starting dates (1 comment)
Posted by G_Uru @ 10:42 CDT, 6 July 2011 - iMsg
During the summer QW has a habit of beeing a game of idling and activity probably gets smaller than in most similar games. In august and september most of the scene suddenly wakes up again and we can enjoy one of the biggest TDM scenes in Quake. At the moment I believe the amount of active players and clans is quite similar considering QW and QL.

And now to the actual news, EQL has announced that the signups will start 22nd of August. While the they will close the 11th of September. The season starts asap after the divisions are done at that point, so max a day or two after the signups closes! Mappool is still discussed and will be announced before the signups open, but similar so earlier season we will have TB3 (including, E1M2, DM2, DM3) and most probably two "kenya maps" (QW slang word which means: maps that are not made by ID).

There will also be later some announcement about big events during the fall and winter that will probably blow your mind away. But until everything is clear about them we will keep you waiting ;)

You can find the post HERE! And the orginal EQL post HERE!

For beginners and those who want to try out QW, you can find a package @ including everything you need except pak0.pak.
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EQL 13 - Finals! (16 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 02:48 CDT, 26 April 2011 - iMsg
We have reached the point where the best of the best battles out for some respect and honour among their fellow quakers in QuakeWorld tdm. After a thriller semifinal between Finland clan MalFunction and Sweden Suddendeath last week with insane quadbores and more drama than most can handle we are waiting for the final with a smile upon our faces! So the upcoming finals and bronze-games look the following way:

Division 1:
Final: Europe Slackers vs Sweden Suddendeath - 27th Wed, 20 cest
Bronze: Finland Clan MalFunction vs Europe Fusion - 26th Tue, 20 cest

Division 2:
Final: Finland Bad Luck Troopers vs Finland Lastentarha
Bronze: Russia Dinosaurus & Noobs vs Finland Fraggers United

Division 3:
Final: Finland In a Blaze vs Poland Machinery
Bronze: Russia Aut Vincere Aut Mori vs Poland Boomstick Ownators

Preview of the games by HangTime can be found HERE!
Useful irc channels: #eql.qw #quakeworld #qwrookie
How to watch QTV and play QW? Get nQuake HERE and try to buy/find pak1.pak. After QW (nquake) is installed just surf to and click on the game you want to watch!
Useful sites: /

Ps. If there is a streamer available for wednesday please do contact admins on #eql.qw !
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Nations Quake Rank is back! (9 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 13:03 CDT, 17 April 2011 - iMsg
One of the most popular leagues (NQR) ever considering QuakeWorld TDM has spawned once again in the form of a ladder! This time it also includes 1on1 and 2on2! It has already been running a couple of days and there have been some games played aswell. The ladder will most probably be the biggest event on the QuakeWorld scene running during the summer so check it out!

Basic information about the season: 1on1, 2on2, 4on4

The season has already started and the admins gave some information about the end aswell:
"The seasons will run until the end of August, and will be followed by a short play-off competition (activity permitting). The ladders will also re-set in September and run again over the winter." quote by admins of NQR.

Links: Page to all ladders, - mIRC #qwrookie, quakeworld, #nqr
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EQL 13 - Semifinals! (No comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 12:28 CDT, 11 April 2011 - iMsg
The first round in playoffs has been played, now it's time for the serious games! Who will be in the finals, who will battle for bronze?!

With some major surprises in the lower divisions we got some really spicey games to look forward to. The top 2 teams in division 3 regular season got beaten by the teams who were 7th and 8th.

Division 2 was also represented with some really tight games, but didn't include any surprises in the outcome, just surprisingly tight scores considering the results made during the regular season.

The first division had a little bit different playoffs where the top 2 team advance straight in to semis, while the teams ranked 3rd to 6th battle out for the spots against the champions of the regular season.

These are the upcoming games this week, we will try to update the schedules as actively as possible!

The situation at the moment:

Division 1:
Europe Slackers vs Europe Fusion - Match Report
Finland Clan MalFunction vs Sweden Suddendeath - Mon 18th @ 21 cest

Division 2:
Finland Bad Luck Troopers vs Winner of Sweden WP/D&N Russia
Finland Koff vs Finland Fraggers United - Mon 18th @ 20 cest

Division 3:
Russia Aut Vincere Aut Mori vs Finland In a Blaze
Poland Machinery vs Poland Boomstick Ownators - Sun 17th @ 20-21 cest

Games can be watched via QTV. To run QTV you will need to have Quake1 + Ezquake or other similar client. This can be found as a package these days @ (You will also need pak1.pak -> Buy official Quake or by mistake stumble on it via Google might be a solution to that).

IRC channel: #eql.qw (Quakenet)
Useful channels: #quakeworld & #qwrookie
Get Quake:
To use QTV easily:
EQL13 Site:
QuakeWorld community site:
Commentary for Division 1 games @ (Mumble)
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European Quake League 13 - Playoffs (No comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 02:54 CDT, 6 April 2011 - iMsg
The season is at the point where the 4on4 QuakeWorld scene has reached the playoffs. Only 22 teams left playing their last games of the season before the summer break! The season has been very tight and did lead to some last minute drama as usually.

There has also been introduced a new scheduling system considering top division playoffs, so we (admins) should be able to post about upcoming games nicely a day or two before the games on esreality!

First round opponents looks the following way:

Europe Slackers & Finland Clan MalFunction went straight through to the next round because of top spots during regular season.

Division 1:
Sweden Suddendeath vs Europe TeamKillers
Europe Fusion vs Russia CCCP

Division 2:
Finland Bad Luck Troopers vs United States of America OClan
Finland Lastentarha vs Sweden Chosen
Finland Fraggers United vs Poland Magnum
Sweden WarPigs vs Russia Dinosaurus & Noobs

Division 3:
Europe Mob of Oddballs vs Russia Aut Vincere Aut Mori
Denmark Osams vs Poland Machinery
Poland Boomstick Ownators vs Finland Paras
Finland In a Blaze vs Europe Oddballs

Games can be watched via QTV. To run QTV you will need to have Quake1 + Ezquake or other similar client. This can be found as a package these days @ (You will also need pak1.pak -> Buy official Quake or by mistake stumble on it via Google might be a solution to that).

IRC channel: #eql.qw (Quakenet)
Useful channels: #quakeworld & #qwrookie
Get Quake:
To use QTV easily:
EQL13 Site:
QuakeWorld community site:
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EQL:Pro - Final & Bronze games! (11 comments)
Posted by G_Uru @ 10:23 CST, 27 January 2011 - iMsg
Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 30 January 2011 to 15:30 CST, 30 January 2011
Schedule: Passed

As EQL:Pro is coming to an end on this Sunday evening the 30th of January, we already have some drama prior to the final games considering which clans have made it there. Finland OJOJ VITUN HELPPO! lost against Sweden Suddendeath while Europe Slackers showed Europe Fusion that they are still just as hot as they've always been, especially considering the official playoff games!

Two of the winner candidates are playing for the third spot instead of being in the finals. The semifinal series ended up with some last minute dramatic turn-arounds and unexplainable (un)lucky situations which did result in games that will be remembered for a long time. Make sure to cancel any arrangements you've already made for Sunday and come share the drama with us and enjoy the best 4on4TDM action there is on the planet! Let's hope the finals will be even more dramatic!

Yours, the admins!
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