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talk talk 150mbs fibre (20 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:18 BST, 14 October 2020 - iMsg
first in the hood to get it ( using free talk talk router )

engineer say's it is coming through the wall at 160mbs

netgear AC1900 or something which looks the same as

need BT FTTH modem plugged into lan/wan port 4 and reset router, then on window's go into the network & internet settings and click network reset at the bottom, or the internet won't work
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daz3d free bridges to maya,3ds,blender,c4d (3 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 13:09 BST, 26 July 2020 - iMsg
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palit jetsteams (4 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 08:39 GMT, 16 December 2019 - iMsg
Ask support if the bios update tool had a command lines to restore my cards back to factory defaults and fix SLI

bunch of cunts, added a switch on the back of the card next to the SLI ports to switch bios as it has a dual bios design
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best program on google play is this (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 01:23 GMT, 16 December 2019 - iMsg
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video TDR failure on a windows system (4 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:31 GMT, 10 December 2019 - iMsg
probably found the cause for this bitch of a blue screen

since i built my x570, SLI has rarely worked, with the second card always getting disabled with code 43 error

so leaving your RAM timings on auto give's a TDR failure because the RAM is to slow with not enough page cycle's

XMP/overclocking just give normal memory error's with affecting SLI or either card being disabled
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3950x benchmarks (42 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 15:45 GMT, 30 November 2019 - iMsg
in the real world with program's million's of people use, over the 2600, the 3950x is 30% more performance, at 7 times the cost

Ryzen 9 3950x (stock) 64GB 3200 RAM (NO VIRTUAL MEMORY)

Daz3d 4.12 Pro (iray)
benchmark scene

Single Card Optix Prime Enabled (CPU+GPU)
7 minutes 47.65 seconds

Single Card Optix Prime Disabled
do this later

Two Card's Optix Prime Enabled (CPU+GPU)
do this later

Two Card's Optix Prime Disabled
4 minutes 34.45 seconds

Terragen 4 v4.4.44 free (Preview Paused) [ fractals have always been and always will be he boss at using a CPU to its full potential ]
benchmark scene
4 minutes 40 seconds

3dMark Time Spy
Score 6352
Score 11801 (SLI)

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new gaming chair (7 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:52 GMT, 31 October 2019 - iMsg
not really, gaming chairs all suck

feels like paradise when you get in and have the beginning of a back ache, when you get the right angle for the back rest
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yeah biatch, new build this weekend (94 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:16 BST, 21 August 2019 - iMsg
mobo : gigabyte x570 aorus pro
ram : 32GB cosrair dominator platimum 2x16GB 3600mhz, get another 32GB on payday
cpu : ryzen 5 2600 (£119 on ebay from curry's) upgrade to 3900x when there are some to buy
heatsink : thermaltake water 3.0 riing red 280
nVME : 1x 500GB PNY CS3030 1x 1TB PNY CS3030
ssd : patriot blast 250GB
hdd : 3x barracuda 1TB
optical : pioneer bluray quad layer RW thing
graphic's 2x 1070 in SLI
psu : EVGA supernova 850w titanium
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watch_dogs 1 & 2 = 90% off on steam (16 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 02:25 BST, 28 May 2019 - iMsg
get yourself a proper openworld game, and rid of that shittie UBISoft launcher

watch_dogs 1 complete edition £4.19

watch_dogs 2 gold edition £12.59
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planet alpha 50% off on steam (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 23:02 BST, 24 May 2019 - iMsg
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£60 laptop's (15 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:40 BST, 6 April 2019 - iMsg
not the best in the world obviously, but it saves messing around with your phone trying to read something that can't be read

dodgy case with keyboard that works, because its not type C
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EVGA PSU's suck (14 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 08:26 GMT, 9 March 2019 - iMsg
I brought a supernova t2 850w to replace my trusty XFX XTR 650w, powered up and 3dmark lost 4000 on the score = single rail to EVGA means 10 rails

Might get another XTR from XFX website
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NETGEAR Nighthawk D7000 £50 off (16 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 06:02 GMT, 19 January 2019 - iMsg


see if this talktalk bullshit is faster, and not being throttled by the free router you get
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modded a porn game (3 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 03:24 GMT, 9 January 2019 - iMsg
game and official release :

rewrite mod :!SqBCiYJS!qDEfNEuu0Q1y7twdjW...6YbM3KlHt4

fixes a few broke scene's from the noon v2 mod
add's more dialog, and changes alot more scene's
chages all the sanity value's along the game path
more choice's are will now skip or include certain scene's
delete the rubbish dream's from day 6 into day 7

have'nt done anything to day 7. yet
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xperia xz £129 (16 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:06 GMT, 6 January 2019 - iMsg

required :

the default contacts app is pink, so you need this

google calandar is crap and does'nt work when adding new events, so you need this

there are also 5 or 6 system updates from sony which you have to download 1 after the other, which is all about 2GB and takes 1.5 hours to download and install them all

default SMS app is crap like every xperia, so you still need this

and you end up with some andriod 8

does'nt charge to well with USB with, when connected to PC, the wall charger takes 1 hour to fully charger, i don't have the following though


i have a xperia z3 charger and a juice usb a -> usb c cable from argos

PC USB has enough power for the battery not to drop below 2% of the current charge the phone was at when you plugged it in
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cheap ass ebay software (26 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 09:08 GMT, 23 November 2018 - iMsg
£12, but i got the last listing for £5

finally rid your PC of all the free apps, that have no meaning or logic to their way of working, abit like photoshop

painshop pro 2019 ultimate

better then antivirus when it comes to coin miners on websites etc

lifetime malwarebytes key
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Visual Studio Professional 2017 - Product Key £2.39 (16 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:02 GMT, 16 November 2018 - iMsg
keys seem to work, and register

when download from official source and not the google drive link the seller sends you

bonus all round, get busy making porn games in the other bonus of MIT licence engine with vulkan and VR
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MXG 4K Quad Core Android 7.1 Tv Boxes (19 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:47 BST, 24 October 2018 - iMsg
i brought one of these

they are pointless, you cannot search google play using the remote control only to navigate, and you cannot navigate youtube either, you have a few subscriptions and no scroll bar to use the mouse cursor on

you update youtube on googleplay, and its just some rubbish app showing a minimized webpage, and not a proper smartTV app
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DAZ3D CHARECTORS (38 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 00:18 BST, 24 October 2018 - iMsg
i have only had it a few hours, and im already a master that does'nt actually know what im doing besides moving things on screen
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the null nuke takes on php 7 (15 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 00:09 BST, 23 October 2018 - iMsg
i will get it to work and clean it all abit more, and do the absolute final release with unified mobile and desktop sites on a single domain

this is what i have so far
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had a potnoodle the other day (13 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:49 BST, 20 October 2018 - iMsg
it turns out 1 pot noodle is healthier then a big mac and 2 fries and a small coke, while out and about

so always have a thermos flask full of hot water on a long drive
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talktalk ISP (57 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:48 BST, 28 September 2018 - iMsg
powered by BT monopoly, they have problems completing my order, i still owe BT £500 from 14 years ago they are never getting

i will cancel my order and stick to 3G, its probably faster anyway
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somone can do the bus cleaning job i invented (14 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:58 BST, 21 September 2018 - iMsg
before i got "sacked" for not caring of the twat managers way that leaves 80% of the fleet out every week

its real simple, the steam cleaning is just the vinyl floors, when it comes to the 28 day deep cleaning of them, +pressure washing the wheels

part time shunter, will probably be involved, and having to park the buses after your done, later in the year

i was working for ISS which is or was the contractor, first contracted the cleaning out to them 10 years ago

if the twat manager is still around, just tell him to fuck off, you know its like a warehouse with wheels, with different routes being parked roughly in the same depot bays every other day

once you worked that bit out, you know which ones are going to be worse depending on the weather
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unlimited 300Mbps G.FAST £60pcm (7 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 16:23 BST, 18 September 2018 - iMsg
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anyone have a vauxhall astra vxr (42 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:37 BST, 7 September 2018 - iMsg
sounds bad ass, so i might get one

buy astra's on ebay for 10p

shit load of spare parts for astra's, back to "british";docId=77
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best NAS for SSD's (40 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:47 BST, 2 September 2018 - iMsg
Synology DiskStation DS418 4 Bay All In One NAS

Qnap TS-451+-2G NAS

anyone have any of them, with multiple devices watching the same movie etc

crappy samsung are reaching 8TB soon
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bunny hopping - how to and 550 speed boost (49 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:20 BST, 28 August 2018 - iMsg
they stole it straight outta Q43A so its simple enough

have to jump, when you land, press left strafe key, jump, when you land press right strafe key, and repeat

once you get going you can press the strafe direction keys in whatever order you like to try and control strafe jumping a little

in QC bunny hopping +bullet knockback speed boost

you can enable speed meter in the game settings, 310 is running, and while bunny hopping you can reach 550

id can hit me up with my £1000 using - and build me a ryzen 2 before the weeks end instead of next year sometime
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t-mobile uk are a bunch of pussies (49 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:49 BST, 13 August 2018 - iMsg
they cried about my 100GB of bullshit when downloading porn games, even though i have downloaded alot more over the past 10 years, with doom and all its patches and other steam game updates every month +youtube, gaming and other bollox

EE and t-mobile are now 100% british telecom and aint worth shit , so I get 3 card with 30GB and 4G,

it took under a year for BT to make EE bankrupt, like the never ending entire history of BT that just makes everything a joke and bankrupt, the wankers have never succeeded in any business deal BT has been involved in, ever

netflix, itunes, history channel, and deezer are all data free on a 3 advanced plan, so its pay as you go or just go motherfucker, and you can use it in 71 countries, £18 a month on a 12 month "contract" or £27 end anytime, all sim only, and pick your own number if you go into a shop and get a sim
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steams new chat (2 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:05 BST, 8 August 2018 - iMsg
how do you keep that shit from openning when you open steam
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top adult games of 2018 (37 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 09:41 BST, 2 August 2018 - iMsg
so after downloading 100GB of complete bullshit, this years round up are the following, for graphic's, game play, story

if you don't already know, most are visual novels, click an option to continue dialog, with different paths and animated sex scenes

Summertime Saga [v0.16.1] [Kompas Productions]

Farmerís Dreams [v8.0] [MuseX]

Holiday Island [v0.1.0.2] [darkhound1]

Dreams of Desire [Lewdlab] [Final Version]

Milfy City [v0.3b] [ICSTOR]

The Family Secret [Ep2 v0.1.2.2p] [Aorrta]

My Cute Roommate [v0.9.0 ex] [Astaros3D]

Incest Story 2 [ICSTOR] [Final Version]

Family Therapy [v0.2.0] [Homie]

No More Secrets [Episode 1-2] [RoyalCandy] - a must download

ones to watch

Virginís Story [v0.41] [Wet Pantsu Games]

Lewd Island [v0.5] [xRed Games]

Water World [v0.1] [NSFW Space]

you will probably need autohotkey as well and the spacebar script for the mini games in some of them :

#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
Toggle = 1
if (Toggle = 1) {
Toggle = 0
send, {Space down}
else {
Toggle = 1
send, {Space up}

EDIT 3/08/18

GRAY [NOTvil] [Final Version]

Dating my Daughter [v0.18 Ch. 1&2] [Mrdots Games]

Agent of Heels: Misadventures of Agent Romanov [v0.8.0] [beWilder]

EDIT 4/08/18

REVOLT [v0.1.1] [Neo X City]
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E3 live (46 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:55 BST, 10 June 2018 - iMsg
bethesda has a stream soon, if your a fanatic for rage 2, you will probably get nothing new

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the power of me (28 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 15:01 BST, 8 June 2018 - iMsg

got sacked from cleaning the buses cos i did'nt care for the dumb ass managers way which left out 80% of the buses every week, now they are so covered in shit everyday instead of being spotless, like the past 5 months, the big money needs an inspector

all the other cleaners are a bunch of retards that sit in the canteen alnight blud

its only been 3 weeks
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universal game menu (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:01 BST, 7 June 2018 - iMsg

" Link games from Steam, Origin, GOG, and Uplay services, including games that are not installed! Windows Store (UWP) games are also supported. "
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Wolf 1500 H2OT steam cleaner (30 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:55 BST, 8 April 2018 - iMsg
i have one of these badboys being delivered on tuesday

and some of these

i give a raving review for walls, floor boards, vinyl flooring. ceilings, etc, and removing 20 year old wall paper i found behind a wall heater i removed
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zonelarm pro 2018 $24/£19 on offer (2 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 15:23 GMT, 24 March 2018 - iMsg

bargin, speeds up your internet, deny all the back ground bollox of windows and all the MI5 and NSA backdoors to your shit
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Masters of Hardcore 2018 - Tournament of Tyrants LIVE EVENT (5 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 04:05 GMT, 22 March 2018 - iMsg
i know everyone loves the hardcore i spam, so you can watch 8 hours of an event live 24/march/2018

tell everyone, get it up on youtube trending, and take over the world

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MS Office 2016 Pro Plus - £7 (33 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:14 GMT, 11 March 2018 - iMsg

download the ISO from instead of using the rubbish offline download installer

finally replaced my office 2003
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Posted by p0rt @ 17:09 GMT, 6 February 2018 - iMsg
Tuesday, Feb. 6th at 1:30 PM (ET)
Tuesday, Feb. 6th at 18:30 PM (UTC/GMT)

ESR should have bets on it blowing up or not

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UK x-files season 11 starts 5/ feb /2018 on channel 5 (4 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:32 GMT, 4 February 2018 - iMsg
9 PM

Edited by p0rt at 21:35 GMT, 4 February 2018 - 3208 Hits
Posted by p0rt @ 20:41 GMT, 4 February 2018 - iMsg
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my "new" dj toy (42 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:50 GMT, 12 January 2018 - iMsg
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recommend some good games on winter steam sale (41 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 11:44 GMT, 24 December 2017 - iMsg
if you don't already have it for Vr or to kill 10 hours without knowing

£4.99 or £15 for everything including horizons season pass

its not steam without the only true XXX game that created the adult section

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cosy like taking a shit wrapped in a duvet (3 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:24 GMT, 23 December 2017 - iMsg

only good for -2c or so, but stopped the "cramp" when you bang a cold leg muscle on the corner of a chair etc
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i won the lottery (26 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 08:36 GMT, 10 December 2017 - iMsg

all i have ever won is £10, and that was back in 2002 or something
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a tiny 280KG max weight bench £45.99 (12 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 22:14 GMT, 9 December 2017 - iMsg

perfect for council flats, it has freed up a few feet from my last bench, and holds twice as much combined weight, its so narrow, it will make anyones shoulders catch fire
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Hotpoint MWH 2734 B microwave (58 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:27 GMT, 18 November 2017 - iMsg

new microwave that has everything and might not blow up, including defrosting ice cream, combi air, force air, autoclean, but not im worried about all of that, it is all about what the fake rustler's burgers are like at 3am

the chicken sandwich at 800 watts for 1.30 seconds, tastes abit rubbery, 600 watts and 2.30 minutes is probably better to taste the chicken more, still is no different to a mcdonalds at night

the grill is useless for crumpets

the controls could do with being lit up, you can't see much without 100 watt lightbulb
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iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 (3 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:53 GMT, 5 November 2017 - iMsg
so anyone have 1 of these, and using adaptive sync on nvidia cards for 144hz

mans rocking 3 jobs and on £2000 a month working 20 hour days 3 days a week for a while
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minergate (10 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 18:33 BST, 15 October 2017 - iMsg
anyone use it, make any money
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EA ORIGIN is still retarded (21 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 23:56 BST, 28 September 2017 - iMsg
it has a offline mode, but it does'nt startup or work if your actually offline and you can't play any SP games that use origin

only starts up if you go offline, when you online, and predict the future of your computer not being connected to the internet
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maxlauncher (4 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:01 BST, 28 September 2017 - iMsg
sorts everything out and works with steam shortcut desktop urls
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hillbillies in space (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 18:21 BST, 12 September 2017 - iMsg
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need a new card (6 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:34 BST, 5 September 2017 - iMsg
hit me up with £500 on

so i can carry on with this amazing thread
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some better lightspeed network settings to try (1 comment)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:33 BST, 29 August 2017 - iMsg
allows downloading at 1100KB/S on 3G networks if they are good, which is 10MB/S sell speed, overdoing the spec's of 3G which is 8.5MB/S maximum

makes firefox and desktop run smoother ingeneral, and audio not going out of sync of youtube, when browsing in other tabs or sounding like the audio is being time stretched


t-mobile uk speed on 3G during peak time

server 100 miles away

server 80 miles away
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id are twats (13 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 01:06 BST, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
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doom VFR (14 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:07 BST, 24 August 2017 - iMsg
looks shit

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need to update the logo link to allnews (1 comment)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:04 BST, 9 July 2017 - iMsg
news is filled up with ancient stuff
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this guy is such a skidmark (5 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:04 BST, 7 July 2017 - iMsg
nigel in relic hunter

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twitch needs a panasonic smart app (84 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 13:06 BST, 21 June 2017 - iMsg
they have the best bluray players, they have youtube, shoutcast, netflix, vimeo, etc etc etc etc no twitch

make sure it has a buffer that works when anyone make a app
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1:1 latency for your keyboard and mouse (25 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 11:37 BST, 10 June 2017 - iMsg
2 port back plate, using 2 USB motherboard internal plugs creating 2 seperate busses for windows not to cycle through each port separately every [polling rate/driver latency ] ms

USB 3.0 version you need to buy from hong kong
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its official -= aliens exist man (25 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 23:29 BST, 5 April 2017 - iMsg
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SB - Z out of sync youtube audio (14 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 11:46 BST, 4 April 2017 - iMsg
yes, windows 7 drivers were working perfectly fine, windows 10 update craps out more drivers and sends the audio out of sync on every video

you have to get the full pack and install, which will reset all your settings and EQ profiles
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null nuke v3.0 (33 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:37 BST, 31 March 2017 - iMsg
seeing im not doing nothing for anything in the music world no more, along with telling all the hardware world how to mix with software to match my skills and add all my features so all the nobodys can think they run scenes they can't maintain

i shall finish off null nuke v3.0 and upload to sourceforge, after i have cleaned up the theme, and fix the admin panel
Edited by p0rt at 20:37 BST, 31 March 2017 - 5908 Hits
Posted by p0rt @ 13:31 GMT, 25 March 2017 - iMsg
not bothering with crappy twitch nobody can ever watch has started

both are using youtube

the mighty masters of hardcore live for 9 hours

miama all EDM festival
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summer time (9 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:00 GMT, 23 March 2017 - iMsg
the weather is fitting 13c to often, mans have to start buying some squash to stop the mad headaches of too much coffee

another £25 a month gone
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star citizen (6 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 18:32 GMT, 23 March 2017 - iMsg
the man version of elite dangerous going to use vulkan now

probably really down to, been trying to fix this texture popping for years

procedural galaxies and planets, shiz megatexture will never do

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OFFICIAL F1 2017 THREAD (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:37 GMT, 21 March 2017 - iMsg
suppose to start tomorrow

McLaren are going to win, i told them to get some different shims and anti vibration washers to stop the resonance vibration of the rubbish honda engine

the cars actually look good and can handle some speed without crawling around every corner

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1 for razer (9 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:50 GMT, 19 March 2017 - iMsg

need metal clips, then send me another pair, 6 or so months for £150 retail is rubbish, if the dj is to be upheld on adaro's

around a screw on the otherside is cracking too

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gofundme (16 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 11:41 GMT, 18 March 2017 - iMsg

i'll rip a new controller and wreck it hard

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the secret trigger of werewolves (12 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 21:06 GMT, 13 March 2017 - iMsg
always though the full moon and werewolf thing was aload of shit, but there is a secret raygun that happens

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1080 ti and ryzen (12 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 11:55 GMT, 4 March 2017 - iMsg
35% faster then a 1080

if you have never seen anything

else $700 cheaper then intel

1800x ram timing bottle necks is probably down to ram volts like the ga-990fx-gaming, where 2v is needed on a fx 8300 for get above 2200mhz, with ram that can do 2400 at a,1.75v
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ALIEN: COVENANT - Official Trailer #2 (6 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 18:56 GMT, 1 March 2017 - iMsg

just by this clip you can tell its nowhere near as cheesie and lame as prometheus
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aliens hacked a sat and posted a selfie (66 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 23:34 GMT, 28 February 2017 - iMsg
got 4chan shutdown last week

looks like zbrush

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now xperia z3 are £90 -> £120 on ebay (34 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:22 GMT, 18 February 2017 - iMsg
you can have a real world point and click photo

they can also record in 4k but i can't be bothered to upload movies
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steam - moving games to a new drive (5 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:42 GMT, 1 February 2017 - iMsg = sucks

1>make a empty folder on your new drive

2> add new folder as a new library in steams options

3> go into offline mode, and then right click on each game, choose properties/local files, and move game folder, and then choose the empty folder in the library drop list you made on your new drive

4> when all games have been moved, go into online mode, and all the scheduled updates will download, 1kb each

if you do, it in online mode, most games break or don't get moved
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EE are a waste of time (39 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:47 GMT, 31 January 2017 - iMsg
they have started to cap downloads at 10kb/s when you have gone over the fairuse limit of 3GB

the call charges are over priced on both EE and tmobile, while only tmobile offer a unlimited data plan for £12 a month

the new network for everyone to use
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spirit caravan (8 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:35 GMT, 25 January 2017 - iMsg
best of playlist :

re-engineered for the good times
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win a badboy gaming rig (1 comment)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:30 GMT, 22 January 2017 - iMsg
Competition closing date: 20 February 2017
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£60 wine voucher for £1.29 (2 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 10:59 GMT, 19 January 2017 - iMsg
buy some case edging

get £60 off when you spend £99.99 or more on wine
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atomic clocks online (13 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 07:05 GMT, 15 January 2017 - iMsg
don't bother with either of these

they all do the same on the first page of google

they both use your OS time, change your OS time, the online atmomic clocks will change, which defeat the whole point

have to use TV instead
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Posted by p0rt @ 15:20 GMT, 13 January 2017 - iMsg

going to be replacing this peice of crap

can't even have 4 sticks of RAM at 1866mhz ram, dual bios will kick in and stay in a loop replacing the used bios until you go back to 1666mhz ram

£10.50 for saturday delivery too
Edited by p0rt at 19:29 GMT, 21 January 2017 - 17421 Hits
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windows 10 suck serious hairy ass (69 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:56 GMT, 8 January 2017 - iMsg
understand why they gave it away

system configuration -> disable xbox shit, windows app store shit
group policy -> disable all windows app store and all its shit
app uninstall -> uninstall as much as you can of windows app store shit and any other shit

install classic shell for start menu of windows 7

still get prompts about sticky notes not able to run, visit app store for details every time you boot up

disable defender, AV scanner, cortana, and all other windows shit, still get notifications popping up moaning about them even when you have disabled notifications

get rid of windows explorer shit
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so here it is (12 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 16:07 GMT, 4 January 2017 - iMsg
the first annual secure team annual round up of the best UDK CGI

starts at 6 mins or so

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CES 2017 (22 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 14:54 GMT, 4 January 2017 - iMsg
another year, another batch of junk nobody is going to buy

AMD ryzen is suppose to be revealed fully and on the market soon, nVidia is suppose to launch the 1080 Ti

everything else is a complete waste of time
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mad max £3.89 (5 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 08:35 GMT, 2 January 2017 - iMsg

its only £5 for most other places on ebay

it probably takes 50 -> 60 hours if you do all the side missions etc, to finish everything

Edited by p0rt at 00:01 GMT, 6 January 2017 - 2249 Hits
ALIEN COVENANT Trailer (Prometheus 2) (40 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 18:22 GMT, 26 December 2016 - iMsg

ridley scott read my hate on how pathetic prometheus, the next is guaranteed to be a 18, as far as his twitter goes
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got 1 of these badboys (4 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:02 GMT, 23 December 2016 - iMsg

it needs to be USB 2.0, you can plug them into you bluray player and tv and watch your terrabyte of whatever movies

and actually copy files at 30mbs which gives 10 minutes for 70GB or so

you can use them to record on too, if your tv can record, you just need a USB drive to record and rewind tv like with uk freeview, most tv's are thick and you can only record what your watching
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blade runner 2049 movie (83 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:30 GMT, 20 December 2016 - iMsg
the original is always being mentioned on here

it will probably end up like total recall with 80% of the original story missing
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doom 4 launcher (20 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 15:56 GMT, 20 December 2016 - iMsg
put the exe files in your doom folder where doomx54.exe is

download :

icon buttons from left to right >

button 1 : deletes file [ saved games\id software\base\execConfig.cfg ] if it exists

button 2 : creates file [ saved games\id software\base\execConfig.cfg ] if it does'nt exist, otherwise will open your current execConfig.cfg in notepad

button 3 : opens folder [ saved games\id software\base\

if you use auto set texture cache size, so you never in virtual memory or need it enabled, will check your physical installed ram amount and use

<=8GB cache size 2048GB
<=16GB cache size 8192GB
<=24GB cache size 12288GB
>=24GB cache size 16384GB
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1080s for £300 on amazon (17 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 04:25 GMT, 16 December 2016 - iMsg
ain't none of you going to paypal me no money, so you can have them

suppose to be ex display and demo cards, from the same shop

if you do, money transfers
Edited by p0rt at 04:28 GMT, 16 December 2016 - 7359 Hits
AMD unveils Ryzen (Zen) (6 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 20:43 GMT, 15 December 2016 - iMsg
abit boring

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the crap i woke up to today (5 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 23:34 GMT, 14 December 2016 - iMsg

1 of them were right above, and the booms just boom around in my yard

took them 15 odd minutes to get in too
Edited by p0rt at 23:37 GMT, 14 December 2016 - 1682 Hits
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