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Ultrono Sources Anyone? (16 comments)
Posted by QuM0 @ 02:45 CDT, 7 August 2012 - iMsg
Today i realized something about this but when i started looking for the sources in my computer they had gone...

I've been googling but no luck, just bin releases.

Does anybody know where to get them?

Thanks a lot dudes! Take care you all!
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"So fuck them all" (87 comments)
Posted by QuM0 @ 03:20 CDT, 13 July 2012 - iMsg
This just happened 2 days ago in the Spanish Parliament

When the government announced drastic cuts and taxes raise in every possible way that woman, Andrea Fabra, stated shouting "Fuck them all"

*So embarrasing*

As the cuts were approved this happened:

*Shame clapping* (had to change link since youtube seems to be canceling videos of this)

*English translation for above*

So lemme try to undersand all da shit": the people who stole our money, took our country to bankrupt and fucked all becouse they are incompetents are glad to see us starving while they still spent our money (European money) in bitches, BMW and drugs living a rappers videoclip life?

People went out the streets shouting against the politicians.

All this just happened as they sent police officers:

Where are we going now? Just wanted to share thoughts with you all, this is getting crazy and scary.

Thanks in advance for reading this and sharing your comments.
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