The pk3:

The screenshot:

Explanation of the screenshot:
(most of these were made with picmip 5, vertexlight 2)
The first row are the armors. duh
The second row is pejn modeling the gauntlet and bfg.
Rows 3, 4, and 5 are the weapons. The only problem I ran into is the SG. For some reason in vertexlight it doesn't come out orange, as you can see on the left side.
The other SG, YA, and RL are taken with picmip 0, vertexlight 0.
And the bottom row consists of ammo boxes with nomipped ammo icons (for non-simple item, picmip users like myself).
And Xaero modeling the MG. You can see the cycle through of the weapons with the menu.

All the weapons were made by Runningman and the armors were made by me.

Before you start posting, "these look like shit." ye I know, they look like some 5 year old with a crayon box. But thats the point. These are very useful for seeing what weapon your enemy is holding. Beauty is sacrificed for functionality. However i think they are pretty damn good looking and can not go back to the originals :[

This pak is on lazery #cpmpickup servers. So if you want to see them in action, stop on by. If you want to put them in your server; you can by just dropping the pk3 in the cpma/ dir. And by all means if you think you can make them better in anyway go ahead and post your results here. I look forward to seeing your comments/flame.