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Dreams about Quake Live (3 comments)
Posted by baksteen @ 20:29 CDT, 23 September 2017 - iMsg
So I've been dreaming about playing Quake Live lately and in these dreams it feels amazing.

I haven't played QL in months, because QC is the new shit and even though it's shit compared to QL it's where the competition is at, playing the game that Cypher and Cooller and all the old QL legends that I fell in love with are playing is more satisfying to me than playing the dead but better and more fun game, which is Quake Live.

Either way I've been dreaming of playing Quake Live lately, which never happened before I played Quake Champions. I never dreamed of playing a video game before this shit, well except you know these dreams when you play a game for 6 hours and then you go to bed and then you're like half asleep and half still playing the game in your head, you know?
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Problems with the respawn system in Duel (4 comments)
Posted by baksteen @ 20:18 CDT, 23 September 2017 - iMsg
Imo there are 3 things wrong with the current respawn system in Duel, and the combination of those things in some cases create a one-sided, boring and non-competitive experience of the gametype:

- You can stand in certain spots and force certain respawn points with 100% success rate. In previous Quake games this was not possible, there were locations people would go to after killing their opponent to try and force a spawn in a certain area, and in some spots there was at best a 50% chance of forcing a certain spawnpoint, but never 100% certainty.

- You can delay your respawn for a very long time, much longer than in previous Quake games.

- You always know exactly when your opponent has respawned because the icon of their new champion will light up. Knowing when exactly your opponend had respawned was not possible in previous Quake games.

Let's take a look at how it worked in Quake Live. Let's say you just killed your opponent and start spamming a respawn point. If you don't see your opponent spawning at the spot you're spamming at, this could mean two things:

- He has already respawned at another spawn point
- He is delaying his respawn

In this case the spamming player needs to make a decision:

- He can keep spamming the spawnpoint in the hope that the opponent is delaying his spawn, but if the opponent has already spawned elsewhere then he's wasting precious seconds, since the opponent would already be collecting items and making his way back into the game. He would therefore risk losing control.
- He can stop spamming the spawnpoint and look for the opponent in a different area, or fall back onto items.

This is why in Quake Live delaying your spawn was often an effective way to avoid getting spawnfragged, because it's risky to waste time spamming a spawn point if the opponent did not show up immediately. After all, in the vast majority of the cases there was a bigger chance of him having spawned elsewhere than him delaying his respawn.

In Quake Champions, because you always know wether your opponent has already respawned or not, combined with the fact that standing in certain spots will force a spawnpoint with 100% certainty, it means that the spawnfragger can just keep spamming a spawnpoint until he hits the opponent (if done correctly), or until he sees the icon of the new champion appear, without having to worry about the opponent having spawned elsewhere and losing out on map control.

The solution would be to have more than one possible respawn point where the opponent could respawn at all times, combined with a delay of the appearing of the new champion icon, so that you don't know exactly when your opponent has respawned.
This way it would work more like in Quake Live. We will still see attempts of spawnfragging, and occassionaly we will see spawn frags, but it won't be rediculous and unavoidable like it is now.

A spawnfrag is much more significant in QC compared to QL since there are only 3 champions available per round, it's just silly to see some rounds end after the first kill followed up by 2 cheesy spawn frags.
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One-off classic QL format tourney in QC? (1 comment)
Posted by trepunkt @ 14:05 CDT, 23 September 2017 - iMsg
Can anyone confirm if 125fps has considered a one-off classic (ql) 10 min tourney format?

You could have a 1v1 team deathmatch server / 10 min timelimit so it doesn't force the new duel format, then either....

-both players locked into a single champion (eg both ranger for 10 mins a la ql, both anarki for 10 mins a la cpma)

-both players locked into a champion of their choice.

Just wondering if it's been suggested/rejected (due to it upsetting QC PR because it doesn't follow the duel format they are pushing)

Would be fun to see
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Ask Us Anything Answers 9/22 (4 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 04:47 CDT, 23 September 2017 - iMsg


first info about ranked mode though:
Currently there are 5 divisions, with room to expand if needed. Players will be able to see their division in all modes, and in ranked play players will see their division rank as well as their MMR value.
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Weird lag (14 comments)
Posted by carecry @ 19:27 CDT, 22 September 2017 - iMsg
When I go on a custom server on my own the game is real smooth and nice, but when I join a server with other players it's lagging like shit and going slow mo sometimes, anyone else experiencing this? I'm playing on EU servers
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STUPIDRUN by r00k1e (1 comment)
Posted by stupid fresh / rbk @ 16:00 CDT, 22 September 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 5.3 (7 votes)
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Round #2 (5 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 15:04 CDT, 20 September 2017 - iMsg
The schedule for round 2 looks like this:

Monday 25/09/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Ukraine 2z vs Russia KogdaKvad
Div1 Europe Rekt vs Russia B52

Tuesday 26/09/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Czech Republic Virtual Owners vs Russia GdeFlag?
Div2 Europe Pandæmonium vs Europe Zombei
Div2 Europe I Love My Squad vs Russia Raks
Div2 Poland Platige Team vs Russia Catz&Slipper

Streams: twitch 102 twitch d1z twitch Freiya twitch h8m3 twitch k1lljoy twitch Polosatiy twitch proZaC twitch rehepapp twitch Xron
Links: Rules, Schedule, HoQ Discord, mIRC HoQLeagues Twitter HouseofQuake
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Rapha Quake Champions Twitch Highlights (2 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 07:47 CDT, 20 September 2017 - iMsg
Rapha Quake Champions Twitch Highlights

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Nvm i posted wring link and other one expired :((( (8 comments)
Posted by SaturdayEveningPost @ 16:04 CDT, 19 September 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 8.8 (3 votes)
Nvm i posted wring link and other one expired :(((
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REANIMATION - A Quake Champions Fragmovie (3 comments)
Posted by TUMULT @ 11:28 CDT, 19 September 2017 - iMsg

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Rating: 6.4 (6 votes)
Movie by c0il, frags by c0il. Check his YouTube channel. Black bars and heavy music, track: Damageplan - Blunt Force Trauma. Enjoy folks!
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DreamHack Winter Quake Champions Invitational (No comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 06:58 CDT, 19 September 2017 - iMsg
View Coverage: DreamHack Winter QC
Organiser: DreamHack
Location: Sweden
Duration: 1 Dec 2017 to 3 Dec 2017

Scheduled: 02:00 CST, 1 December 2017 to 14:00 CST, 3 December 2017
Begins In:

ESR announcement
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DreamHack Denver Quake Championship (3 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 06:23 CDT, 19 September 2017 - iMsg
View Coverage: DreamHack Denver QC
Organiser: Dreamhack
Location: Denver, USA
Duration: 20 Oct 2017 to 22 Oct 2017

Scheduled: 03:00 CDT, 20 October 2017 to 15:00 CDT, 22 October 2017
Begins In:

ESR announcement
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Fatal1ty is back Quakchampions! (23 comments)
Posted by heavyy @ 08:32 CDT, 18 September 2017 - iMsg
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gtx 780 gameplay videos (15 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 18:13 CDT, 17 September 2017 - iMsg
New vcard from 120$ second hand - asus directcu2 gtx 780

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion 4K max -

Half Life 2 4k max -


Unigine Valley demo -

Battlefield 1 hight + vsync -

doom high 900p opengl vsync -
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CPMA Autumn Duel Cup 2017 (6 comments)
Posted by deekay @ 00:40 CDT, 17 September 2017 - iMsg
The CPMA Community will be hosting a duel cup this September 24, 2017 starting at 08:00 CDT. This will be an open event, and players from all regions are welcome to play (with the caveat that players will mostly be playing on European servers unless both players are from North America). The event will be streamed by United Kingdom ccCam and Germany nekon on twitch cam12win, and twitch nekontv, respectively.

The tournament format will be a double elimination bracket, with a BO3 upper bracket, a BO1 lower bracket, and a BO5 Grand Final with the Upper Bracket player getting a one map advantage. This event we will be using five maps, the map pool is: cpm3a (wr 15), cpm15 (wr 15), pukkat2 (wr 5), eizdm4 (wr 5), and Hektik (wr 5). You can download the map pack here.

Register: Players must join the cpma CPMA Discord Server & sign-up via challonge challonge. You'll find all the rules on the challonge page as well.

Entrants for Fjoggs frag competition must send their cut demos containing the frag to Once all entrants have been uploaded to the YouTube CPMA YouTube Channel the community will take vote on the best frag.

Links: Tournament Hub
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Quake Champions: What Pros Love, and What Needs Work (13 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 06:49 CDT, 16 September 2017 - iMsg
Quake Champions: Hot Takes From the Pros

By Andrew Hayward

The legendary shooter is back with a twist, but what do the world's best players think?

With Quake Champions, id Software's venerable first-person shooter is back in action with its first completely new entry in more than a decade. But while the heart of Quake remains tried and true, with incredibly fast, arena-style gunplay, it has been augmented with modern twists for a potentially new generation of fans.

It's a free-to-play game, for example — or will be next year, once the current paid early access period concludes. And it adds differentiated champion characters, as the title suggests, each with its own unique stats and special abilities. That's a pretty significant change to a game in which player models have always acted identically, even if they looked different.

With the game's launch has come a renewed interest in competitive Quake, and as we saw with the Quake World Championships at QuakeCon last month, there's a lot of money on the line as id Software tries to plant its flag in the modern esports scene. But what do the longtime, battle-hardened Quake pros really think of Quake Champions' tweaks? At QuakeCon, we asked several players what they truly liked about the game, and what they hope changes before long.

The champions add depth

Quake players are a traditionally hardcore sort, and over the course of a few entries and more than two decades, you might think that they'd resist the kind of significant change offered by these ability-toting champions. But it's mostly the opposite: nearly all the players we spoke with were pretty positive about the various playable characters.

"I really like the champions system—it's pretty fun. It's a new thing to the game, because in past Quakes, all players were equal and they had no abilities. It was a level playground for everyone," said Kryštof "Krysa" Černý, player for The Defendants. "But now with the champions, there's a new element to the game which makes it more fun and even more interesting to the spectators at well."

Kyle "SilenceP" Mooren of Team 2Z, who won the Sacrifice tournament at QuakeCon and netted $300,000 in the process, was even more positive about the variety of play styles offered by the champions. "I find it amazing. You have so many styles, and so many compositions you can think of," he asserted. "You can be a bit creative in Quake Champions."

His 2Z teammate, Nikita "Clawz" Marchinsky—who also won the Duel tournament soon after—affirmed that perspective, and said it opens up the game in a way that the very old-school Quake Live (an updated version of 1999's Quake III Arena) just can't match. "There are a lot more situations that you can generate than in Quake Live, and you basically have more styles to abuse," he said. "If you're smarter than your opponent, then you can get out of any situation."

Anton "Cooller" Singov, the Natus Vincere player who finished third in the Duel tournament, particularly enjoys how the active abilities (or "ultimates," as he calls them) really amplify the strategy in Quake Champions. "It makes the game pretty interesting and unpredictable," he said. "It's not that you just run and control the map—you always have to think about who you play against in games of Champions, and you have to analyze what kind of stats he has and what kind of ultimate, and how he's supposed to use it."

Champions empower players, too

The Defendants player James "2GD" Harding, who has been competing in one version of Quake or another for nearly two decades now, believes that Quake Champions smartly represents the history of the series via different character play styles. That ensures that any fan of the series from any past version should find a good fit.

"There's a lot of fun mechanics in all the different Quakes—and they've added those mechanics back in on different champions," 2GD suggested. "So no one's left out if you've had a favorite Quake and a play style. You'll find a champion for you." He said that the speedy Slash plays like a Quake 4 champion, while Nyx is more like a player from Quake III Arena, albeit with less health and armor, not to mention an incredibly powerful invisibility skill.

"It's the game that you can inject most of your personality into as a pro gamer," said 2GD about Quake. "You could remove all the names of the people playing onstage, the overlays, and hide them behind the stage, and I could probably sit there and go, 'OK, that's Cooller because he plays like this, that's Toxjq because he plays like this, that's Rapha because he plays like this.' There's not many games where you can identify somebody in-game so well from their personality outside the game, so it's amazing for that."

And in his view, Quake Champions takes that even further thanks to the individual champions. "For some of the players, it actually embellishes their style. Someone who plays very slow and sneaky, and railgun-heavy like Stermy loves a character like Nyx, because it has an ability that helps you do that better."

But balance is a concern

When we spoke with studio head Tim Willits during QuakeCon, he told us that he believed Quake Champions didn't have a pro meta that favored certain champions, and that he saw it as a sign of a job well done. "No, there has not been any meta, which has been pretty awesome," he said."[That] means we did it, we balanced it well."

However, some of the pro players we spoke with disagreed with that assertion, and believe that there's still work to be done in the game. For example, Team 2Z told us they used the same champion lineup throughout the Sacrifice tournament with only a single exception.

"We play basically only one champion composition because we think it's the best right now. I'm switching the one hero on the specific map, Lockbox, but on all other maps, we are using the same heroes," explained 2Z's Dmytro "Xron" Sakharuk. "We were practicing this exact composition, but most teams were using this composition, so it wasn't mind games or something. Everyone knew who we would play as."

For player 2GD, champions are all well and good until an imbalance gives certain players a proper advantage in competition—or effectively forces everyone to make the same picks. "Sometimes when I watch these players play, I feel like, 'OK, this is the danger of the champions'" he said. He suggested that air control characters had an advantage in the game as of QuakeCon, and that players who were traditionally skilled with that ability in past games gained an edge in Quake Champions because of that.

"One of the players that's in the finals… is one of the best in the world at that. Those champions do happen to be the most powerful right now in Duel, and he's made it to the finals. And if they weren't as powerful, he might not have made it to the finals," said 2GD, without naming the player in question. "I prefer that the player make it to the finals, rather than sometimes the optimum champions. But if [id Software] can balance them perfectly, then sure—but that's a hell of a hard thing to do."

Since Quake Champions is out in early access, there's sure to be plenty of balancing ahead before the wider free-to-play release. But another option could be a ban/pick system like we see in hero-centric MOBAs. Multiple players suggested such a route, and Team 2Z's Xron said it would be a "really fun" addition to the competition.

Sacrifice is a great challenge

Quake Champions' new Sacrifice team mode had its big coming-out party at QuakeCon, as the four-man teams battled it out for a massive prize pool of $660,000 for that mode alone.

Sacrifice provides a new kind of challenge to Quake players. Each team must try to take control of the single soul on the map and then bring it back to an obelisk, at which point they'll need to frantically defend that spot until their meter fills to 100%. It's not team deathmatch, and it requires quite a bit of strategy and intense collaboration for success. And the teams seem eager to meet its challenge head-on.

"I personally enjoy Sacrifice. It's a very hard team mode, and we are having a lot of fun playing it," said Xron. "I think it's mostly because it's something new and we're still learning. And with new patches, the game will always become different, and we have a lot of stuff to learn and improve. That's why it's fun."

His teammate SilenceP chimed in, "Sacrifice is, for me, the hardest team mode I've ever played. It's always changing and it's so fast—there are so many things [happening], and that keeps it really interesting."

While the pros like playing Sacrifice, they concede that it can be difficult to track all of the chaos from the outside looking in. Even id's Willits admitted that it's tougher to follow, but suggested that the benefits of having a unique team mode were significant. Still, Krysa said that some improvements are needed: "It's great fun to play, but I know for spectators, it's a bit hard to follow because it's really fast. Even for the casters, it's quite difficult to catch up with what is happening in the game."

Quake is back

Other pro player requests ran the gamut, but most seem like things that can be resolved by the time the game exits early access. They want new maps and champions, both of which have been promised by id Software, as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements for Sacrifice, which can suffer with eight players frantically blasting away at each other.

But for the most part, players seem excited that there's a completely new Quake game, that it's coaxing the long-running competitive scene into the spotlight again, and that it has the potential to bring new players info the fold. For some of the old-timers who have competed in Quake since the late '90s, this has been a long time coming.

"We were happy that something released that's Quake, of course, and we started to train. We started to understand some things and how it needs to be played—it's a different style, with different metas, and so on and so on," said Team 2Z's Alexander "Latrommi" Dolgov, following teammate SilenceP's assertion that the game had a "rough start" at first. Latrommi added, "In more months, we [came to] really like this game, so we'll for sure never turn back to Quake Live or Quake III, because we got used to Quake Champions."

Meanwhile, 2GD suggests that while not all players love the addition of the champions, their benefits for the good of Quake and its competitive scene outweigh the drawbacks.

"People are still mixed about [champions], but if the new players enjoy champions, that's always something that we're quite happy for as old players of the Quake franchise," said 2GD. "Obviously, it's nice to see new players coming into the game and learning about what we've loved to play from years ago."


Just copy and paste, don't know how to edit
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Dreamhack dates and details revealed (141 comments)
Posted by Asuka_ @ 15:21 CDT, 15 September 2017 - iMsg
"Quake is in the DNA of DreamHack, it exists both in its past and future. And as we head towards this fall, it’s time to get ready for the Quake Champions action to kick off in a huge way. In this case, that’s to the tune of $75,000 at United States of America DreamHack Denver and $350,000 awaiting you at Sweden DreamHack Winter. With the time ticking down to DreamHack Denver already, we’re ready now to get ready for our qualifiers. They start already on September 23rd so get ready to compete in our open qualifiers.

Each open qualifier will be double elimination, with a broadcast live from our studio in Sweden Stockholm, bringing you the action from the final qualifying matches. Most play days will include action in two regions starting within hours of each other, with our studio bringing you the exciting conclusion to each back to back."

Source: Dreamhack Winter, Dreamhack Denver
Links: tweet Dreamhack Quake
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tim steallits thieves again (38 comments)
Posted by qmau @ 11:20 CDT, 15 September 2017 - iMsg - Published the 14th of Sep 2017 at 14

Tim Willits wants Dragonborn in Quake Champions

Dragonborn would be probably my favourite. You know, maybe we could email Todd Howard to see if we could get permission for that.

But if we did add something like Vault Dweller - I'll do Vault Dweller instead of Vault Boy - I don't know, maybe like a nuke or something

is there no low this human cue ball won't descend to dredge up attention for his failing project? - Posted by qmau @ 13:53 CDT, 24 April 2017

if ID software had a allowence form bethesda for crossover char's (i don't want to violate my NDA by saing they do), who do u want to see?

the guy from skyrim would be cool. he could shot arrows at people's knees to make them slow down lol and then you could hear slasher or anarchy say smth like "i used to be a champion liek u until i got a arrow on my knee"

or maybe u could have fall out boy, and he shots a nuke or an get into the fall out boy armor to fight??
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125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup#11 (20 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 08:30 CDT, 15 September 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 17 September 2017 to 15:00 CDT, 17 September 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS Quake Champions Duel Sunday Cup#11

Bracket: (will be available in 1-2h before cup start)

Donate: 125FPS Paypal donate link; 125FPS money links (bitcoin, yandex-money, webmoney)
Streams: Russia 125 FPS, Russia 102, Russia Polosatiy, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Quake streams
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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Waterfronts of Disturbance by BubkeZ (5 comments)
Posted by dondeq2 @ 14:11 CDT, 14 September 2017 - iMsg

Highlight video featuring Swedish (thanks for the heads up David - I had originally, in error, thought it was Polish) Q2CTF map, "Waterfronts of Disturbance," by BubkeZ, bubctf1b.bsp. We are having a lot of fun playing these newly discovered maps (for us anyway) in Q2 insta-CTF. if you have in your possession any fun, rare q2ctf maps please send them to dondeq2 at gmail dot com.
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Round #1 (19 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 22:04 CDT, 13 September 2017 - iMsg
The schedule for round 1 looks like this:

Monday 18/09/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Europe EliteFour vs Europe Rekt wildcard by E4

Tuesday 19/09/17 14:00 CDT
Div2 Russia Anchors vs Europe Pandæmonium
Div2 Russia Raks vs Czech Republic Virtual Owners
Div2 Europe Zombei vs Russia GdeFlag? wildcard by GdeFlag
Div2 Russia Catz&Slipper vs Europe I Love My Squad

Wednesday 20/09/17 14:00 CDT
Div1 Russia B52 vs Ukraine 2z

Update: Hungary Hungary removed

Streams: twitch 102 twitch d1z twitch Freiya twitch h8m3 twitch k1lljoy twitch Polosatiy twitch proZaC twitch rehepapp twitch Xron
Links: Rules, Schedule, HoQ Discord, mIRC HoQLeagues Twitter HouseofQuake
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Junkertown Map Guide (No comments)
Posted by doodler9000 @ 18:56 CDT, 13 September 2017 - iMsg
junkertown is coming out on tuesday friends, get a legup on the competition with this map breakdown, and healthpack locations for all you sombra mains :D
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What you guys think of Doom Guy? (34 comments)
Posted by oceanofapathy @ 14:36 CDT, 13 September 2017 - iMsg
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euro player count (17 comments)
Posted by McFly @ 09:28 CDT, 13 September 2017 - iMsg
I recently installed QL again, after years of absence.

Sadly, I found out that there were so few players playing QL that I could only find one FFA game in peak hours.
Outside of peak hours, all there was was shitty CA and even shittier FT.

What's the situation in QC? Is it possible to find FFA games easily?

I don't want to fork out the €30 only to find out its just as dead as QL.
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hillbillies in space (No comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 12:21 CDT, 12 September 2017 - iMsg
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Savage 50-0 ffa Slash play by Tox (23 comments)
Posted by mouse* @ 07:50 CDT, 12 September 2017 - iMsg
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New mouse? (9 comments)
Posted by astz! @ 13:45 CDT, 11 September 2017 - iMsg
My Zowie EC2 eVo mouse is acting really weird. Using it on an Artisan red clothpad, but it is skipping all over the place. Not sure if it is a dodgy sensor, a bad combination with the pad or something else...

Anyone had a similiar issue? If not, can you tell me what the best budget mice are to buy these days?

If I have to buy a new one, I don't want to spend a lot. Are there no-name brands which perform well now? I am a bit out of the loop.

Thanks for any help.
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altering LOD bias to mimic picmip in QC (65 comments)
Posted by palatka @ 08:56 CDT, 11 September 2017 - iMsg
so i came across this video on how to create a picmip/nomip look for dota and was wondering if it would work for QC. anyway i would have to create space on my hdd and download a 16gig update in order to test it so eh, but anyway heres a step for step guide for to make it work for nvidia cards:
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Does windows 10 still need MarkC fix? (No comments)
Posted by Zommby @ 07:31 CDT, 11 September 2017 - iMsg
My CM/360 is off so I fear some accel is still at bay.
I turned off mouse pointer enhancement obviously.
Mouse = g pro

Do we still need a markc mousefix?
Anything else I can do/check?
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Real Un not edited footage of 9-11 [real] (125 comments)
Posted by ika @ 03:54 CDT, 11 September 2017 - iMsg

Today is 9/11 remembering day. I'm glad that today, everyone on ESReality can be reminded about what happened on 9-11... the REAL way, and not the fake way that the school says.
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Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 16:34 CDT, 10 September 2017 - iMsg

Ignoring suggestions from pro?

Tim Willits want luck in game by RG one shot(when he created RG from terminator film)

So "where is luck, there is always unluck" (c)

Eat it now!

Low stack result and unlucky spawn result - double hit.

Dumbass gameplay solutions, represent to you:
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HoQ TDM Fall Season Draft Groups (30 comments)
Posted by doz3r @ 15:31 CDT, 10 September 2017 - iMsg
The signups of ql Quake Live TDM 4v4 Fall Season 2017 have been closed. Here are the draft groups. Division 1 will play Mondays 21:00 CEST, Division 2 will play Tuesdays 21:00 CEST. The Fall Season will start Monday 18th of September.

Update: This season with home/away games again.

Streams: twitch 102 twitch d1z twitch h8m3 twitch k1lljoy twitch luminus twitch proZaC twitch rehepapp twitch Xron
Links: Rules, Signups, HoQ Discord, mIRC HoQLeagues, Twitter HouseofQuake
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Let's articulate what's wrong with the sound (44 comments)
Posted by anal justice @ 08:13 CDT, 10 September 2017 - iMsg
It'd been a while since I felt this lost in game. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly is wrong in technical terms but it's a lot like in the last Wolfenstein game - bland and distant. It's as if I am not in the game.

It's not just the direction. It's just wrong. Sound is not I'd expect to hear in first person.
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Video issue: the game screen is zoomed out (5 comments)
Posted by ql_user @ 21:59 CDT, 9 September 2017 - iMsg

I didn't have this issue before but after, I think, visiting one of the servers I noticed that the game area has is kind of zoomed out. Both in full screen and windowed mode, at different resolutions. I attached the screenshot to show it. Note that captions are ok, only the game screen is zoomed out.

Nothing (hardware/software/game settings) was changed, just noticed the chane after visiting several servers.

Does anyone know how to fix that?

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Sunstrife (16 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 12:39 CDT, 9 September 2017 - iMsg

With two friends, I'm developing a 2D Shooter for web browser. The camera is top down, you have a bunch of weapons you pickup, and there's PVE enemies which you kill to collect energy cells used to buy upgrades. The current mode (King of the Hill) can be played 3 vs 3.

Discord channel:
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Posted by ZTK @ 10:53 CDT, 9 September 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 22:00 CDT, 9 September 2017 to 13:00 CDT, 10 September 2017
Schedule: Passed

Announcing the ZTKFPS CPMA OCEANIA KENYA CUP Season 1 Cup 1. An Australia New Zealand Australian/NZ tournament, it will be played at 22:00 CDT, 9 September 2017. It's our zesty new community-focused tournament series focused on fun and variety. As usual, you'll be able to catch all the action on the ZTKFPS twitch channel, casted by ZTK and Phylum. If you'd like to stay up to date with us, give us a follow on twitch/twitter

To play, please sign up via Challonge and join the Oceanic AFPS Discord server.

Taking part is easy when you're a part of the Oceania AFPS Discord server - without a doubt the best place to find games and get into Quake.
We've got the easiest and most active pickup system in the region and players of all skill levels to find 1v1, 2v2, CTF and more in multiple games - including Challenge ProMode Arena, QuakeWorld and Quake Champions!

A big thank you goes to all financial supporters of ZTKFPS tournaments. To this date, we've given out over $400 in prize money to gamers over three games and two continents.

We have an impressive CPMA 2v2 Ladder/league in the works going live in the coming weeks and would love any community contributions towards what is shaping up to become an incredible tournament.
If you'd like to donate, please use the following link:

Streams: twitchUnited Kingdom ZTKFPS
Links: challonge Sign Up, cpma, OAFPS Discord , CPMA Discord
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Trading my new Logitech G Pro for a Zowie EC1-A (25 comments)
Posted by baksteen @ 06:36 CDT, 9 September 2017 - iMsg
So I got a brand new Logitech G Pro because all I could find were excellent reviews, and wanted to try something new. However, the mouse is too small for my liking, I have quite big hands and over the last 5 years of using the Cooller mouse my hand has grown to hold an EC1-A shaped mouse.

Does anyone have a reasonably new EC1-A who wants to trade it for a new Logitech G Pro?

Alternatively I'd be willing to sell mine for a reasonable price and then I'll just buy a new EC1-A.
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Interview with Maric Quake 2 mapper (No comments)
Posted by dondeq2 @ 20:24 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg

I made this video with part of Jehar's 2009 interview with famed Q2 mapper Maric. Here is a link to their full audio interview:
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TimConLAN - One week away (20 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 13:16 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 01:00 CDT, 15 September 2017 to 13:00 CDT, 17 September 2017
Schedule: Passed

On the 15th-17th September, TimCon will returrn. Once again, at United Kingdom Liverpool's Horizon E-Sport Club, with four tournaments across the weekend.
We start on Friday with Warsow and Doombringer, follow it up on Saturday with Reflex, and fittingly end with Quake Live on Sunday.

DOOMBRINGER comes ripping and tearing from the still steamy loins of DOOM 2 Legend Sweden Kristus. More faithful to DOOM than Quake-likes since, it boasts some of the most damaging weapons in the genre, bombastic gameplay and perhaps the worst announcer to grace AFPS. This will be its first appearance on LAN.

Stream: twitch ArenaFPS
Links: TimConLAN Discord, Facebook Horizon E-Sport Club, DOOMBRINGER
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House of Quake signup (3 comments)
Posted by Bolland @ 06:37 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg
Not sure everyone checks the news section, space for alot more teams:
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Suggest Quake Champions (10 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 06:13 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg
Suggest Quake Champions to be included on

Please fill form:
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125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup#10 (16 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 05:05 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 10 September 2017 to 15:00 CDT, 10 September 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS Quake Champions Duel Sunday Cup#10


Donate: 125FPS Paypal donate link; 125FPS money links (bitcoin, yandex-money, webmoney)
Streams: Russia 125 FPS, Russia 102, Russia Polosatiy, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Quake streams
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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goodmania vs. QuakeLive (34 comments)
Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 00:39 CDT, 8 September 2017 - iMsg
So interesting, i just want to make a thread, because no one answered him in right way ;)

goodmania: Giving you so much advantage from major items is not deep by any means but its a monopoly...i would say quake champion is more fair game than quake live....

Not fair?

In StarCraft you build 3+ additional CommandCenters over minerals...

Is it fair?

Monopoly?... actually yes..but you can't control all (4)devices, there are always time windows + good positions(archs, angles) wich helps you to intercept enemy map control. It's a part of game, you need to calculate right moments(when you calculateing - you playing, like when you aiming - you playing..etc)

As example LostWorld, where you eat far yellow+shards until 125 150.
Or Campgrounds, where again, you eat yelow +shards
Or BloodRun, where you can eat shards + high yellow.

"this is shooter...let me shoot..i wanna only to shoot...blah blah blah"

goodmania: You probably are item focused player that you feel fast paced game feel game is better than slow game...

She random, because you can't predict enemy pos with high precision without major items. QL random too, but you can eliminate randomness by half if you know timings and enemy pos.

goodmania: on the other hand quake live is slow and defensive....

QC is not faster, 5 frags in 5 minutes - pretty the same ;) What are you talking about? lol... Yes we have Anarki and Slash, thats it, on the other hand Sorlag, Scalebearer, Galena, Clutch(?)... Do you feel that models dodge in QC little slower than in QL?

Defensive, yes, but not slow. FAST-DEFENSIVE!

OK ok, i'm just trolling , lets call it slow, but on the other hand QC - more stupid, FAST AND STUPID.

goodmania: I disagree better players win at quake live....rapha is not a better player as you can see in quake champion but items give a player too much stack so it unfairly gives inferior player a chance to beat better player by picking up major items....quake champion is more fair game because major items give less stack than in quake live so it doesn't give unfair huge advantage only to those who pick up items so inferior players have less chance to beat better players....

Best aim = best player... so other shooters :(

Do you like Instagib? So interesting to watch it on twitch...such a deep commentaries... "WHAT A BRILLIANT RAIL!!!!!!!! :o "

For my opinion, major items brings more gameplay situations and tactics. QL for now more hardcore than QC ( aim+control against aim+little control). QC something like only a part of QL. But if gamedevs make control+aim+champions then QC>QL.

As a conclusion, you just not a quaker, something like

mutated counterstriker

Anyway, welcome! My hope about 10000 settings in Custom Game(armor settings, chempions settings, speed settings, etc), so everyone can enjoy the game and find something new and interesting gameplay.
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UnderLORDespacito Frag Movie (1 comment)
Posted by dondeq2 @ 18:19 CDT, 7 September 2017 - iMsg

In the latest Quake 2 Railwarz frag movie, we have one of the great flukes of all time, next to Orca in the 80's, Free Willy in the 90's and a can of Bumblebee tuna every day of the week, and twice on the Sunday. Underlord and donde on a lucky run, win the game 10-7 (spoilers, crap too late) against "The Champ" ksoul (Canadian) and og railgod moneydukes. We documented this one in a million chance with the song of the summer, 2017, despacito, slowed down to match the gameplay (420 required).
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Quake is dead, long live Quake! (18 comments)
Posted by RadoNonESR @ 10:14 CDT, 7 September 2017 - iMsg
Hey folks, got out a short piece on Quake Champions out. Hope you enjoy and I'd happy to hear your thoughts on it.

You can find the full write-up on the following link:

Here's also the first paragraph if you're not sure it's worth your click.
RadoN’s thousand is a series of articles in which I share my take on an esports topic of my choosing in about a thousand words. This entry focuses on id Software’s latest title, Quake Champions.

This year's QuakeCon was the first not to feature Quake Live since its introduction in 2008. Initially developed as a web-based game, despite the multitude of adjustments, was an obvious remake of id software's 1999 hit, Quake 3 Arena. In that way, QL is the perfect representation of what the series had been throughout its iterations, until recently. It utilized the free to play monetization model that had been growing in popularity and a web-based client making the game easy to access from anywhere across the globe. Yet, despite the considerable amount of fine-tuning from the developers' side, most casual fans viewed it as a modernized remake of an older game. Excluding the additions of Railgun and crouch slide, Quake had remained a very similar game throughout its five prior iterations for the vast majority of gamers.

This legacy has come to an end with...
edit: I removed the cover picture as I couldn't find a way to make it smaller.
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ENGINE (22 comments)
Posted by lolograde @ 09:33 CDT, 7 September 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.8 (43 votes)
ENGINE is a Reflex race movie edited by lolograde. Enjoy!

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n1k summer cup (7 comments)
Posted by farnish @ 06:55 CDT, 7 September 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.9 (25 votes)
A new montage by Russia Ryan_H including CPM and VQ3 runs.

Russia Boss
Russia Enter
United States of America
Ukraine DeX
Unda Scope - Life Size Ghost
Dienst & Schulter- Indigo
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The answer to LG damage debate (26 comments)
Posted by nsx0r @ 01:41 CDT, 7 September 2017 - iMsg
You've probably heard about that LG damage nonsense:
"6! no 7! no 6! no 7! no 6! no 7! no 6! no 7! no 6! no 7!"

Tearing apart a delightful community.

I suggested 6.5dmg so everyone would be happy, but that seems to be too much work for id software.

Last night I had a dream.
And I have the answer:


Yes, this is gonna happen.
You know it.
Tim knows it (he will invent this soon).

"Clawz hits like a truck with LG? np I'll activate my thunder shield which reduces LG damage to 3"

You'll just have to keep an eye on your mana level, and refill it with Qmana coins.

thx Tim
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Supraball hits F2P on Steam! (22 comments)
Posted by silw @ 19:37 CDT, 6 September 2017 - iMsg
Hey, guys!

I want to announce that we reached our F2P Early Acces Launch on Steam with our indie title "Supraball".

Since my last post a couple of years ago, we worked hard to make progress on the game and implement new content to make it more fun to play.

Currently, we can offer ~400+ cosmetic items, different maps, an extended tutorial and matchmaking for solo-queue or team-queue with your friends.
We try to establish a solid player base in order to start the first ranked-season and/or league-season, soon.

Feel free to give it a try!
I am looking forward to your feedback!

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AMA live Stream this Friday 9/8 (9 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 15:00 CDT, 6 September 2017 - iMsg
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Quake II 20th Anniversary Duel Cup Series (NA & EU) (3 comments)
Posted by fragmaster_ @ 12:57 CDT, 6 September 2017 - iMsg is hosting a Quake 2 duel cup series (both EU and NA) to celebrate Quake 2's 20th anniversary.

Starts: Sept 16, 2017 - EU Week 1 Signups - NA Week 1 Signups

Additional details can be found here.

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Why there's no community matchmaking app for QL? (7 comments)
Posted by aiken @ 05:38 CDT, 6 September 2017 - iMsg
Did anyone try to implement it and found technical difficulties? Or just nobody cared to spent some time on it?

And as an app I mean something like FaceIT does for most popular games, where they calculate your rank and if you queue up for a duel game you get notification when your opponent is found. You both click Accept button and it launches QL and connects you to the server automatically.
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Quake Champions Pickup (8 comments)
Posted by rind @ 23:02 CDT, 5 September 2017 - iMsg
Is there irc discord whatever some twat shit where people meet for pickups to play serious tdm/sacrifice ?
I am getting tired of pubbing all day..
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need a new card (6 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 08:34 CDT, 5 September 2017 - iMsg
hit me up with £500 on

so i can carry on with this amazing thread
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CSL and Bethesda Present the Quake Collegiate Championship! (66 comments)
Posted by Asuka_ @ 13:01 CDT, 4 September 2017 - iMsg
"Collegiate Star league (CSL) is happy to announce our partnership with Bethesda to bring you the official Quake Collegiate Championship! This school year we’re set to bring both 4v4 and 1v1 formats to the collegiate space. QUAKEWORLD Quake was the first real esport and the release of Quake Champions is going to provide a huge boost to the franchise’s community, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

This year’s competitive season will feature a $100,000 prize pool divided between 4v4 Sacrifice mode and 1v1 Duel mode.

"Excited? We are, too! Get ready for a year of awesome Quake Champions! We hope that you’re as excited as we are to kick off the season. Stay tuned for a detailed ruleset and registration which will open within the next two weeks."

Source: CStarleague
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GTX 1070 or GTX 1080? (114 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 18:16 CDT, 3 September 2017 - iMsg
Can you guys recommend pick between these graphich cards?

Yeah, seen benchmark and 1080 is better, but also depends on model. There are also used GFX cards that are people selling, but they are not much cheaper than buying new one.

I bought super computer 2 years ago, spent 1400€ for my rig, but now Quake Champions came out and I cant run the game properly, It lags as fuck no matter how much FPS I cap or what resolution I set, but I m aware that I have too shit GFX for QC and this is something that has to be changed soon.

I cant stand this FPS drops anymore in QC and I dont have patiente to wait week after week for upcoming update and after update being dissapointed cos high priority issue still not being fixed.

My budget for GFX is about 500€ - 700€ - some 1080 cost about 900€ - 1000€, but I m not willing to spend that much for GFX, never did.

I ve seen a lot of people having 1070 and 1080 + playing QC. What is your experience? With having GFX of course on med or low in QC. Ultra or high is imo useles, or I m wrong?

Please let me know!
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Cooller shoes (9 comments)
Posted by TUMULT @ 17:41 CDT, 3 September 2017 - iMsg
risky subject, but im trying to find out what was his shoes model at mediamarkt qc tournament


what do you guys think? i searched catalog but cant really tell
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Sorlag nudes LEAKED! (9 comments)
Posted by Corey @ 12:22 CDT, 3 September 2017 - iMsg
You are probably watching Hentai too

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Thoughts about spectating (No comments)
Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 07:35 CDT, 3 September 2017 - iMsg
1. I hear that very hard to spectate Sacrifice
2. And also, ID ask players what game mode they want to see

1. Someone wrote already here that ID in future will add minimap on screen(like in CS). But still there is no minimap.
And during QuakeCon i saw not enough cameras positions for common locations.
Also i suggest to add 3rd person of view ability when you spectate.
Also, will be nice for spectator, if "common view" cameras can concentrate on some player(can change her angle of view) (player body on center of viewer monitor, always) and camera automatically switches to next camera if player behind the wall.
Will be nice if monitor space can show 4 players at once(multipov), or minimap+player(3rd person of view or 1st or autocamera of common view)
So, spectator can resize minimap(to fullscreen or to 1/4 of screen ..etc) like in CS, can change her transparency.

Minimap shows items, players, their view angles, may be their abilities and flying ammo's, hp etc.

All i mentioned now, already realized in some games. But also i think about Quake movies, where we have "smart camera" from moviemaker. So, if ID can create automated "smart camera" algorithms, we can get auto moviemaker and watch games like films (slow mo, auto replays of some hot moments during game or pause, etc).

2. I think CA very simple for newcomers. And very 1st candidate for LAN tournaments as main mode. Not sure about CTF, because it's like Sacrifice and more difficult for first Acquaintance. I dont know about what team game mode more popular were in QL. I think CA, because it's more like CS ;) But as old q3 player i prefer CTF or Sacrifice for spectating.
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I WILL LEAD THE WAY (17 comments)
Posted by sonic @ 04:43 CDT, 3 September 2017 - iMsg
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FUN WITH FLAGS (8 comments)
Posted by zuphrin @ 12:15 CDT, 2 September 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (20 votes)
Hello, it's me again, the weirdo that keeps Quake 4 Fragmovies coming after it's been dead for almost a decade. :))

There's a few things I want to say about this and I'm too lazy to compose a text (plus, nobody reads this anyway), so here's a simple list:

- I put a lot more effort into this video than I'd like to admit.
- All scenes are from PUGs from 2007 to 2010.
- No, Slash's crouchslide and the Q4 crouchslide are not the same. It took me a while to get used to Slash.
- I'm glad there's no falling DMG in QC.
- I'm hyped up for CTF in QC, I really hope it's not as bad as in QL.
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Ask Us Anything Answers - 9/1 (117 comments)
Posted by Nukm @ 06:25 CDT, 2 September 2017 - iMsg
The Quake Champions team at id Software answered some user question again. We get new and detailed information about "netcode and hitreg", an ETA on Ranked Mode (end of the year) and the next duel map (this fall), confirmation on a grappling hook champion, champion balance and much more. Full answers from Lead Designer Adam Pyle, Programmer Mike Rubits, and Studio Director Tim Willits down below:

If you didn't get your question answered this time, stay tuned for a future questions thread. (And we might pull some of the really good ones from the previous thread that were posted after the deadline!)

Source:, esr Forum Discussion
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Ask Us Anything Answers - 9/1 (27 comments)
Posted by Messing Around @ 23:06 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
kinda late, but looks like no one has posted yet


Hey everyone!

Thanks again for all the great questions this week; here are your answers from the team at id Software. If you didn't get your question answered this time, stay tuned for a future questions thread. (And we might pull some of the really good ones from the previous thread that were posted after the deadline!)

[Questions answered by Lead Designer Adam Pyle, Programmer Mike Rubits, and Studio Director Tim Willits]

When are you going to fix the netcode and hitreg for good? Do you intend to fix rocket launcher no-hit issues (direct and splash damage), or do you think it works fine as it is? What about rocket despawn? When will you fix the stuttering a lot of people experience?

The terms "netcode" and "hitreg" are terms that cover a wide swathe of observable issues, some that don't even involve the network at all. I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about where we're at, and where we're going, so here's a (not so!) brief summary of what's going on!

We started off the Closed Beta period with two major systems being handled on the client: movement authority, and shooting authority. This is a perfectly valid tech design decision, and plenty of high profile multiplayer games have released this way, but we felt uncomfortable with the trade-offs for a game like Quake. We made the decision to start moving systems over to server authority and client prediction, which is similar to previous Quake titles. This is a change that can occur in pieces, and we're still not completely there yet.

One area where we should be seeing more changes is literally how the server is detecting hits (so the term "hit detection" is actually appropriate here!) We currently use an animation-based system where we simulate player animations on the server, and rig up a lower-polygon, fatter version of the champion, independent from armor selection. For the pace of our game, we felt the additional server CPU usage, and the technical complexity of having to sync up the state of the animation bones and blend tree over the network was not worth having the ability to match up hits to the specific animation. Our solution is to transition to using a static mesh for each character state. (moving, strafing, crouching, jumping, etc.) This also makes supporting rollback much simpler, and should result in a more reliable experience on higher pings.

On the subject of rockets, which have been a sore spot for both us and our players, a couple of patches back we made two major changes: we fixed an issue that was causing extra latency when firing rockets, and we also started predicting rockets and local knockback on the client. This is something that's not been a part of Quake before, but we believe that this will make for a much better experience on a non-LAN environment, especially while rocket jumping or using projectile abilities. This surfaced some problems with animations simulating on the server differently than the client, and is what the initial cause of rockets not doing damage was. We've already addressed this by moving rocket collision over to the new static mesh system described above. What remains known now is strictly a client-side issue where the client incorrectly predicts a hit that the server will never detect as valid. This can even occur on LAN, where latency is not an issue. Once this is fixed, this should improve rockets, however due to the nature of client-side prediction, there may still be cases where it predicts wrongly. We'll continue to monitor the situation past this change, and see if any other issues surface.

Additionally, we have also identified a potential fix that causes other players to appear more jittery, even at high framerates. The proposed fix is currently in development, and we're waiting to evaluate the effect it has, but due to the unstable nature of the Internet, sometimes it's not possible to evaluate a fix without actually going through with the implementation and trying it in a real world environment.

Finally, we've also improved bandwidth consumption. I've attached a graph below, measured in a live 8 player TDM over a period of 60 seconds at ~160FPS.

We've reduced the amount of game logs the client sends overall, and have gated certain logs to only trigger collection when the client or the server detects specific issues within the game. Bandwidth usage should continue to improve from here, although we do not consider this issue to be resolved yet.

Hope that clears up some questions!

Will we be able to host our own servers through the server browser? Seems like people have a bad experience on your servers, with high ping. If we can host our own, we can get lower ping and good servers.

We are continually working to improve the network experience for all users, this includes server providers and the code-side, but allowing users to host their own servers is not something we’re focusing on at this time.

In the last livestream, Tim said offline mode wouldn’t be implemented because it’s not secure. Could you develop a stripped-down server binary available offline that only allows for one human local player connection? Would this be a feasible way to have offline mode with bots?

Unfortunately, this particular suggestion would not be feasible, because if you lock it down it can (and will) be hacked, hence it remains a security issue. That said, we’ll continue to look at other possibilities in the future.

What kind of feedback/bug reports are helpful to the dev team to fix netcode issues?

Please include your KSIVA in any and all bug reports. You can locate your KSIVA on the watermark at the bottom of your screen. This is the most useful thing, as this code allows us to look up your game sessions, which provide a wealth of information.

What do you think about QWC pro players almost exclusively using Sorlag, Nyx, Slash, Anarki, and sometimes Ranger and Galena? Would you consider buffing other champions to also be useful in team/duel conditions?

For our very first world championship, we are encouraged with the diversity of Champion picks. That said, we do recognize that we had a few Champions that weren't selected often and we have a lot of small balance changes coming that we hope will bring even more diversity into player's lineups. We also understand that there will always be some Champions that remain more popular with pro players and others that are popular among more casual players.

Slash’s ability automatically moves her forward; will this be changed to allow her to use the ability in the direction she’s already moving? (Backwards, strafing.)

Yes, we plan to keep the speed boost, but not force the direction.

Are you working on a fix to Slash’s crouch slide suddenly stopping if you touch a small bump, e.g. mega health on Ruins?

Yes, when we find areas in levels we make adjustments to the collision to address the issue. We are also looking into her slide code to help resolve a lot of these issues programmatical, but it is difficult to address it in code without also altering how her slide feels, so we have to be cautious in making these changes, so we will continue to address it via map collisions first when possible.

Will we get a champion with a grappling hook?

We all have enjoyed playing CTF from the very beginning, and we are currently making a Champion with a Grappling Hook ability. We look forward to sharing her with all of you.

Will we see any maps with flesh textures? (Like q3dm13.)

Not yet at least. We tried incorporating some into the Dimension of the Doomed themed Goroth maps, but in the end, it felt out of place and was removed. If we decided to add fleshy bits, we would introduce a new environment similar to Q3's Gothic Hell style used on Lost World.

When will the next maps be introduced?

We have an Ithagnal Duel map coming out this fall.

Any plans to rebalance item locations on some maps, like Lockbox?

After we introduced the Tri-Bolt we found some of the more powerful weapons were too centrally located. We plan on adjusting the item layout to distribute the power throughout and encourage players to make use of more of the map.

Are you planning to incorporate more elements of Lovecraftian lore into future maps? A deathmatch in the ice-choked ruins beneath the Mountains of Madness would be a dream come true!

Absolutely. Tim loves the lore.

Why is there a longer weapon respawn time on Church of Azaloth?

This was just a bug that has since been internally fixed, ready for a future update.

What are your plans for the Tri-Bolt? It’s still useless…

We do feel it needs some adjustments. We are currently testing changes to it that we could hopefully roll out soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Will you allow us to change our name through Steam/Bnet?

Name changes will occur in-game, agnostic of platform. This will ideally become an automated service players can access. We’ll share more about this as the feature is closer to release.

Do you have any plans on adding zoom sensitivity settings?

Yes. Zoom sensitivity is a feature that we need to get in quickly. We are speaking with the team and should be rolling this out soon.

Why can’t we queue for FFA with our friends?

Playing against people in your party is open to abuse, where those players can assist you in intentionally raising or lowering your skill rating. As a rule of thumb, you play with people in your party, not against them. You can currently play FFA with your friends in Custom Game.

Are there plans to give players more feedback about their stats in comparison to other players, e.g. leaderboards, divisions, public MMR display or something of the sort?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Is crosshair customization coming?

Yes, this will be coming sooner than later.

Can we get options to resize/customize HUD elements?

We do not currently have plans for resizing HUD elements, but we do have upcoming plans that would allow players to change HUD styles.

The general feedback I've had from getting newb friends to play is that they are almost always confused by how they died, who killed them and where they were shot from. Are there any plans for a killcam feature or anything that better illustrates how you died?

We understand their struggles, we've seen similar feedback. We have some plans on the backlog that we hope will address these concerns.

For the advanced movement tutorial, would you consider having an indicator similar to the DeFrag cgaz hud or Reflex Arena's accelmeter in order to elucidate to players where they need to move their crosshair?

Maybe, but we haven't started on one yet.

Will we be able to join games as a spectator in the future?


Can we buy shaders with shards?

There may be new premium shaders in the future.

The sell price for vanity items is higher than the number of shards you get for duplicate vanity items. Will this be fixed?

Yes, this will be addressed ASAP.

Will you rework the rune system? I don’t think runes should drop randomly from backpacks. You should be able to play the champions you like to play and work on their runes first.

Runes are intended as a long-term goal for players, but we will continually monitor how players are receiving and completing runes, and look for ways to improve challenges and rewards.

Will there be cosmetic effects? (Abilities, weapon effects, etc.)

The QuakeCon 2017 Lightning Gun is our first example of a weapon with cosmetic effects, and we plan to continue adding custom effects to vanity weapons in addition to their custom sounds.

Can we have per-part shaders for headgear, torso, and legs?

Different shaders for cosmetics would create some technical and performance issues for players, so this is unlikely to be something we’ll enable any time soon.

Will you adjust the shard price for cosmetics now that there are so many more things you can get in loot chests that don’t have a shard value? (Runes, weapon shaders, etc.)

We are continuously evaluating the economy, it is our recommendation that if you see something you want to buy it immediately.

Can we get taunts like in DOOM multiplayer?

Taunts have been in Quake games since Quake 2. We are working on Quake Champion taunts and look forward to rolling them out and getting feedback from players.

Any hints about upcoming modes? (Not CTF.)

We're exploring options for additional modes. Some examples could be Instagib and Clan Arena, but we're evaluating how well these modes play in Quake Champions. We’re always interested in hearing your suggestions for new modes!

When will we have ranked mode?

End of the year.

When will you start sharing more news on CTF?

We just announced that we will be adding CTF. We are currently working on the designs to ensure that it plays the best possible way it can in Quake Champions.

When can we expect the gibbing system we had a glimpse of in the Quakecon video?

Hopefully by the end of the year, and it'll be worth the wait.

ETA on Vulkan support?

Vulkan support is coming along nicely. We're making progress and have the game up and running on it, but we're not ready to share it just yet.
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Low steam count is a good thing right now (45 comments)
Posted by zlr @ 07:12 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
I think that idsoftware made the right move by putting a price tag on the early access in steam for this stage of the development.

Imagine if the game was thrown out there as f2p right now on steam and you had a craptonne of people trying it out with all the current bugs, server issues, incomplete or missing features like offline matches vs bots and no ranked competitive matchmaking, no CTF, and so on.

Right now the majority of people who have actually paid for the early access are people who liked quake to begin with, hence the 82% positive reviews.

IMO if this was f2p right now, the review % would plummet and most people would play 1 match and never touch it again, similar to what happened with QL. Since 2014 about 1.5million people have played 1 match of quake live, but the retention rate of those players is almost non-existent for obvious reasons. Info found here:

When the game is finally out of the early access and they release it as a finished product and f2p on steam, and the player counts are still low then you can start to cry about it.
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Duel: Discussion about mental game (9 comments)
Posted by kyussfia @ 05:48 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
Hi guys,

Everyone if sit down to play, wants to win.Everyone.
"Try to do your best! Avoid raging thoughts on loose." - this is the main advice around the internet.
But its easy to say to avoid bad thouhgts on loosin', if you're only winning.

My question for you guys:
How do you avoid the bad thoughts?

I'm the type of guy, who if is in any game, go for win, not other.
It's so hard to not thinking about bad things, when you loose map after map, with close battles or with even smashing lost.

How can i think about i'm good, if i'm not, because i didn't reach my expectations about me. For exmaple i just play against a guy, who seemly not has a mastermind movement, or positioning or whatever, but you still try to do your best, and fails. After this do you think or do you have to think you're good? To get self-confidence for the next fight.

Or an other situation:
You lost, but try to not thinking too much just play, a new one.
You type hf, and take a short conversation with the guy during the march. He says this is his/her first duel match. You play this about years, if not exactly duel, but Quake. You feel the air of the QuakeWorld you "live" there too. But you cant hit him enough. He kills you, and you loose.
What do you think after that?
Are you good?

If you try to do your best always, for years you know Quake, do you expect anything from yourselfs? I do. I expect from myself
more intelligent and more precise gameplaying, in every new matches. But its so disapponting, and demoralizing when you lose against someone (even after 2-0 lead) who is not a pro, or a way-high class player.

Or disappointing too when you do wrong decisions in play (out of your will, nobody takes direct-bad-decisions),

or just you lose, because of some ingame fails: failured rocketjump, stucked movement or other stuff.

Or the solution is to not thinking about who is better and who is not? Then how can i improve? How can i beat the pros one day in this way, if i'm not about how good am i?

Pls guys, tell me your experiences and thought on loosing or even winning.
Maybe this is the key for the next level for a lot of us.
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125 FPS QC Duel Sunday Cup#9 (23 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 05:24 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 3 September 2017 to 15:00 CDT, 3 September 2017
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS Quake Champions Duel Sunday Cup#9


Donate: 125FPS Paypal donate link; 125FPS money links (bitcoin, yandex-money, webmoney)
Streams: Russia 102, Russia Polosatiy, United Kingdom zLive, United Kingdom nvc; Quake streams
Links:125FPS Balance 2017; 125FPS Discord
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Free Hardees cup (2 comments)
Posted by Gobotz @ 02:32 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
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Intellimouse Optical 1.1a Replacement (23 comments)
Posted by faken @ 01:52 CDT, 1 September 2017 - iMsg
Hi guys,

I am currently building a PC and returning to playing games after ~6 year break.

I had previously used an IMO 1.1a @ 500hz for about a decade and am looking for a modern replacement. (Picture of the mouse in question -

I would still use this mouse but I don't want to mess around with Windows drivers to set the mouse hz on LAN.

Can anyone recommend a mouse with the closest shape to this? I've had a search online but not many people mention the classic windows mice (3.0, IMO, WMO) in their comparisons anymore.

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not even in the top 100 @ steam (47 comments)
Posted by McFly @ 22:58 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
Looking bleak for this game. ;(

More people playing American Truck Simulator, lol.

Nice going on the $30 'early access' tax.
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The Story of Quakecon 2017 is pretty good (5 comments)
Posted by Terbo @ 22:19 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
I expected, like many, Rapha to take the crown but having the young blood win over the old makes the next tournament more interesting than if the expected players won and it also gives hope to new players.

It's also interesting from a game balance point of view. Aggressive style play currently seems to be better than a methodical map control Quake Live approach.

That raises interesting thoughts on how do you balance across the various play styles. How do you make it so each play style has an even chance?

Opinion: One test that comes to mind, based on these results, is increasing the respawn times on the health bubbles so that it's as easy for weak enemies to restore health before the next encounter.

Next cypher wasn't able to make it so he's a wild card at this point. It puts a lot of pressure on him in the next tournament but it will make for great spectator entertainment.

Can't wait to see what happens over the next year.

Troll away, but I'm much more interested in hearing other opinions on what they liked about this tournament.
Edited by Terbo at 22:39 CDT, 31 August 2017 - 536 Hits
Were the Quakecon tournaments and coverage a success? (6 comments)
Posted by qmau @ 21:08 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
FPS Pulse

  (view results, discard poll)
Opinions in comments vary wildly about the quality of the Quakecon experience for internet spectators. With the tournaments completed, and the results stirring up an enjoyable level of commentary, do you feel that you got what you wanted from the tournament and coverage?
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Video settings important for gameplay (7 comments)
Posted by nporaMep @ 20:54 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
I can't run QC at 1920x1080 @ Ultra @ 125 FPS. So I have to lower something.
What's your opinion of what settings are important for gameplay (like shadows or effects maybe?) and must be kept at high/ultra and what is not important and can be lowered to get more FPS.
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Mouse fix etc needed today? (3 comments)
Posted by McFly @ 12:37 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
I haven't played any games in nearly a decade.

Back then, we needed the 'mousefix.reg' and similar to stop acceleration in games.

Is this still needed today with Windows 10?

I want to play UT4, QC and PUBG.
UT4 doesn't have raw input - don't know about the two other games.
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Tim Willits called out! (88 comments)
Posted by skint @ 05:33 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
Tim Willits had a little interview with PC Gamesn in which he claimed he invented multiplayer only maps, taking fragments of maps and creating something new. Also claiming he put the idea to Romero and Carmack who both said it was a stupid idea.

Multiplayer maps - that was my idea. This is a funny story.

The following days John Romero, John Carmack and American McGee all wrote contradictory statements claiming the meeting never happened and that mutiplayer only maps had been in Doom, Rise of the Triad and Marathon so it was ridiculous that Tim Willits would claim the idea to be his.

"@romero gives a serial credit thief the what-for" - American McGee
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trippin' (7 comments)
Posted by *creep @ 05:13 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 3.5 (5 votes)
Trippin' is my first Quake Champions fragmovie, with frags captured during Quake Champions open beta and early access.

The videoquality is really poor, and editing is very straight forward, but I do enjoy the end result with this one, and I hope you might as well. Enjoy!

Edited by *creep at 05:13 CDT, 31 August 2017 - 687 Hits
Q2 Chill Rail Movie (No comments)
Posted by dondeq2 @ 02:47 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg

Title: The Secret is the Hook Snap

Game: Quake 2 RailwarZ

Gamers: 2017 RailwarZ community, big games every night

Music: VICEROY's Jet Life remix series, available on Soundcloud
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clawz: "Everyone can give me a hard time, it is about ..." (199 comments)
Posted by RadoNonESR @ 02:10 CDT, 31 August 2017 - iMsg
Last week Belarus Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky walked the ‘royal road’ at QuakeCon 2017 as he lifted the trophy, both the duel and the Sacrifice tournaments, in his first attendance of the annual event. This was the first time Quake Champions, the latest iteration of id’s 90s hit FPS, was played on a big. Over the course of the three-days long event, the 19-years old Belarusian won matches over a number of players, including legendary names Cooller and Vo0, losing only two maps in the process. Several days after the dust has settled, Inven Global had the opportunity to ask the young phenom a number of questions in regards to the event, his past and future. Here is an excerpt:

How much time did you actually spend in practice and preparation? Please describe what does your preparation consist of.

Me and my team were spending around 5 hours each day on playing sacrifice. Basically, we were only playing scrims, improving our team and personal skills. For duel, I almost didn’t practice, only played a few games before the UK LAN (the European QuakeCon qualifier) against top tier players, and before QuakeCon I, played few games against Xron to feel the flow. So, for duel, I just analyzed how it works and was mostly preparing mentally.

Make sure to read the full interview at

If you want to keep tabs on all my future content you can do so by following me on twitter at @RadoNonfire. Hope you enjoy and feel welcome to let me know what you think about the interview!
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Posted by zeroql @ 23:02 CDT, 30 August 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 4.8 (10 votes)
I have been collecting frags since close beta and decided to make a frag video, i hope you will enjoy it! :)

Also i have been making compilations of QC clips, so if you have any great clips don't be hesitate to send them at

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Make a "click" sound when switching to an out of ammo weapon (1 comment)
Posted by Gp @ 16:21 CDT, 30 August 2017 - iMsg
I think the solution to the ammo problem is as simple as that. The glowing red visual cue is not working

Just like in QL. It would help a lot to avoid horrible situations.

select an empty weapon => "CLICK"

Not having a clear indication of the ammo state of a weapon in the heat of battle doesn't help the game.
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Is Quake random? (78 comments)
Posted by Tripleight @ 16:14 CDT, 30 August 2017 - iMsg
ESR, we need to get some things straight.

Are high caliber players not entitled to be fortunate of having certain situations going their way despite any odds or prior experience?

What is random? And why some players say it's Quake Champions? What exactly does that mean in the context of gameplay?

Let's start to summarize some things from these drama shit shows that are QuakeCon topics into smaller shit shows.
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QWC 2017 Funny and Awkward moments (44 comments)
Posted by lee.ql @ 15:55 CDT, 30 August 2017 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.1 (38 votes)
QWC 2017 make us laugh and cringe, but no matter what we love id software and quake community.
Movie is made by Russia Vladimir Ponomarev aka koshmare.
Edited by Asuka_ at 12:38 CDT, 31 August 2017 - 3653 Hits
Buying and selling on ebay for a living (32 comments)
Posted by strenxismydaddy @ 05:30 CDT, 30 August 2017 - iMsg
Anyone here know how to do this professionally? If so (and even if not) where would you start and what gaming items/pc parts do you think would be in high demand?

I ask because me and my friend want to start a business in this. It's very very crowded and not sustainable in the long run due to market fluctuations but we want to make cash quickly to invest in real estate, not something to make a living off in the long run.
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some better lightspeed network settings to try (1 comment)
Posted by p0rt @ 15:33 CDT, 29 August 2017 - iMsg
allows downloading at 1100KB/S on 3G networks if they are good, which is 10MB/S sell speed, overdoing the spec's of 3G which is 8.5MB/S maximum

makes firefox and desktop run smoother ingeneral, and audio not going out of sync of youtube, when browsing in other tabs or sounding like the audio is being time stretched


t-mobile uk speed on 3G during peak time

server 100 miles away

server 80 miles away
Edited by p0rt at 15:54 CDT, 29 August 2017 - 891 Hits
QuakeCon 2017 - Videos you didnt see! (13 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 08:24 CDT, 29 August 2017 - iMsg
Here are some video you might have missed:

FINALS 1.000.000$

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Q2 20th Anniversary - Where the F* is this being celebrated? (28 comments)
Posted by Lejionator @ 17:40 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
I would say that I think the Q2 community is currently one of the MOST APATHET of the whole Quake series, and I like countless number of fans of this game, I am very sad and disappointed. =(

Yes, I can imagine the difficulty that many european q2 top-players have in traveling to the US to participate in a QuakeCon, but comparing what the QW community did yearly in commemoration of the 20 years of Q1 with what it was Done and planned so far for Q2 is something very poor and discouraging. I do not understand why so much apathy, since QW guys did something epic in 2016. Even the Doom 2 community did something very beautiful in "QuakeCon 2013".

Shit, not even the names of the american community are thinking about doing something similar and so little went to QuakeCon this year!!

Damn, this year Q2 will turn 20 years, something great should already be about to be made (or should have been done in QuakeCon) in terms of a great commemorative Lanparty! An event that hosted an epic Duel, TDM (both OpenTDM mod) and CTF (L-Fire, for being a vanilla CTF mod) tournaments!

Is that so? Will 2017, the year that Q2 complete 20 years will be gone blank without even a big event??
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someone recruit arQon to fix qc netcode (57 comments)
Posted by butcher_kgp @ 16:41 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
he fixed quakelive once, time to repeat the feat. ID needs to spend some of that dough for this guy instead of inferior coders.
Edited by butcher_kgp at 16:42 CDT, 28 August 2017 - 2718 Hits
MaxFPS cap in Steam version of Quake Champions (32 comments)
Posted by adem @ 14:42 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
Here is a small "how to" cap MaxFPS in Steam version of Quake Champions:

- go to Library
- right click on Quake Champions
- select Properties
- click on Set launch options... button
- add --set /Config/CONFIG/maxFpsValue XXX, where XXX is any preferred FPS value, i.e. --set /Config/CONFIG/maxFpsValue 125

Also you can enable FPS counter in Steam: Menu - Steam - Settings - In-Game - In-Game FPS counter - Select any preferred item apart from "Off" - OK

Edited by adem at 14:43 CDT, 28 August 2017 - 3139 Hits
Another handshake incident! (12 comments)
Posted by skint @ 09:54 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
Shocking to see this level of disrespect catching on in the professional Quake Champions scene. Something needs to be done about this before it's too late, bad manner all over.

I hope we will see a press release from the Zlive organisation soon. The petition to have Zoot sacked is already at 3 signatures.
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Early Access Update - 28.8.17 (28 comments)
Posted by son1dow @ 09:10 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
A new patch is out for Quake Champions, it contains some minor fixes:

- Steam: Fixed a problem with an account already linked to another Bethesda game.
- Steam: Allowed special symbols in the password field.
- Removed spam from logs.
- Removed Double XP
- Removed QuakeCon Lightning Gun
- Fixed: Wrong lootbox highlight for rare armor shaders for BJ Blazkowicz and DOOM Slayer
- Fixed: Wrong legendary Machinegun drop.
- Fixed: DOOM Slayer's Thak Rune Challenge cannot be completed.

Edited by son1dow at 09:10 CDT, 28 August 2017 - 1561 Hits
Vo0: "This game is unplayable" (72 comments)
Posted by rawrawraw @ 09:08 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg

A excuse beforehand or reality?
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Reanimation - A QC Fragmovie (2 comments)
Posted by nowebuty @ 04:21 CDT, 28 August 2017 - iMsg
400 Hits
id are twats (13 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 19:06 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
1416 Hits
Regarding the 'handshake' (35 comments)
Posted by ins @ 14:40 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg

C'mon, give the kid a break. He just won freaking QuakeCon and was obviously too happy to think about anything
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Recommended QuakeCon matches? (9 comments)
Posted by skint @ 13:18 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
I was away over the weekend so only got to watch the duel final live.

Which are the best matches from sacrifice and duel please?
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McGregor Vs Mayweather (171 comments)
Posted by sya_ @ 12:38 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
I was rooting for Conor and although I knew it would be a long shot, I was hoping for a miracle to happen. Although that didn't work out, I never expected him to box as well as he did. I mean he literally faced the final boss of boxing skill and managed to take it to 10 rounds, with him winning at least 4 of those rounds in my eyes without any debate. He did better than many world class boxers that have gone up against Mayweather, and this was his debut fight! I think if he went all in and tried to close it in the first few rounds he might've been able to do it, but he just ran out of gas. All in all it was an exciting match to see. What did everyone else think?
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Post-Event thoughts about Quakecon 2017 (9 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 09:36 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
I went asleep last night after watching the finals, and in my dreams the Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland interviewed me. He had an uncanny resemblance to ReDeYe. Anyways, I woke up and found this transcription next to my bed, and thought of posting it.

Edited by Memento_Mori at 15:03 CDT, 5 September 2017 - 1608 Hits
Some Thoughts on Duel Post-QuakeCon 2017 (6 comments)
Posted by azxx @ 07:05 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
# Disregard clawz and his lightning gun rushes for a moment, because I want to ask: conceptually, could Quake Champions duel evolve into the most defensive form of it yet? In Quake Live, we saw the increased importance of the first spawn and first frag due to the drop in time limit from 15 to 10 minutes. In Quake Champions, we have what is essentially a 3 death limit within a 5 minute time limit, along with sudden death overtime.

I think we will be seeing players go to overtime pretty often, with many intentionally pushing for it. In my opinion this will result in not as many clutch moments, and it also greatly reduces the hype of an overtime game.

The limited deaths could be masked as higher stakes and thus higher thrills, but these higher stakes could cause players to take lesser risks. One could say that there's more rounds now which means more chances, but in my eyes it's just a repeat of the same elements and the round system has broken momentum.

# Increasing the base health and/or armor of some characters could be a way of allowing players a bit more freedom in taking risks and fights, but I think we should wait for the meta to develop further (and maybe even saturate) before making such changes.

# Dodging seems almost non-existent unless you're playing with a smaller, faster character. I miss the unexpected moments when a player could come out on top of a fight by using their dodging to assist their stack disadvantage.

# A few kills were quite anticlimactic. Here's one example. Maybe this is subjective, but at the very least that moment should have been a slightly longer engagement.
Edited by Teen Queen at 05:03 CDT, 28 August 2017 - 894 Hits
A Spectator's Thoughts Post-QuakeCon 2017 (7 comments)
Posted by azxx @ 06:57 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
I'd like to preface this by saying that since QuakeCon 2017 was the first event for Quake Champions, it is important to keep in mind that things can only improve from here. As the game finds a footing and the production teams become more well-versed with its nuances, we should be in for better times as spectators. Not to mention other events hosted by other companies (Dreamhack, for example) should come out a better product.

At the same time, this is a different era. Companies and events that become involved in QC should not use the guise of 'learning experience' to take their sweet time in bringing things up to the level we should all expect from an esport production these days. Things have been lagging behind for a while now, especially at QuakeCon events, so if ID Software has plans on QuakeCon becoming The International of our scene, they better speed up their efforts.

The same goes for the on-air teams. Just as how Quake Champions has a been a sort of reset button for the scene and the competitors, it should be a reset for the on-air staff too. Let's not pander to personalities and critique them all equally, whether they are old names from Quake's heyday or new names wanting to ride the wave.

The Quake/ESReality communities have not been forgiving, and for good reason (a discussion for another time). So let's keep that going and channel it into reasonable criticism that helps improve the scene you care about. Stop giving blind support and pats on the back just because "it's Quake".

When watching duel, it is not instantly clear what player you're watching, and it is also not obvious when the POV changes. Having the name in the bottom left isn't doing enough. This needs to be worked on and made more obvious. Also, if we're going with assigning players as blue and red, having more unobtrusive accents on the spectator HUD may help in making things clearer when the POV switches.

ESReality member wata made a post that is a very good start for what needs to be done.

Speaking of FPS games only, I have always believed that spectating team modes in games that had more degrees of action was a subpar experience (unless you understand how to play them, which is a moot point for discussion). Before anyone says it, past modes like TDM or CTF are also a mess when watching, so I don't think dropping Sacrifice for one of them is a solution. Counter-Strike, Rainbow 6 Siege, and maybe certain modes in modern Call Of Duty, are about as far as it goes for a balanced viewing experience. But when we start pushing it with games like Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Unreal Tournament and Quake, it becomes a visual mess where at times even the casting is convoluted.

I'd like to be proven wrong though, so here's some feedback:

- Improve observing. Apart from game-related elements such as spectating tools and HUD, there needs to be actual effort put into observing, or even hiring someone proficient, to help improve what the viewers see. This will obviously be very challenging because of the pace of the game, but eliminating dead player screens on stream, as well as using good angles and focusing on the soul when it is being tossed around, would be good first steps.

- Improve commentating. I understand that with time the casters will get better at casting Sacrifice, but they must focus on pace and delivery since I'm sure Sacrifice in QC has slightly different demands from a CSGO or MOBA match. Also, having at least one of the casters have a playing background, or be a current player himself, will help a great deal in making sense out of the situations for the viewers.

Technical issues
While there is no denying that it was too early for the game to make this big esports jump, seeing the game stutter or freeze in a live match is disappointing. Regardless of the root of such problems, the game is in very urgent need of fixing a multitude of technical problems to at least make it pleasant for players, especially since there are more events very soon.

- I'd like to add that the death message that says "Fragged by <weapon icon>" with the name underneath should be reworked. In my opinion, the name of the opponent should be part of the "Fragged by" line, and the weapon icon could either be underneath the line or alongside the opponent's name.

- At a future event, it would interesting to hear the comms of the Sacrifice teams in small bits at certain moments. I think it would be an interesting insight to how some top teams play.

- 2GD was on the analyst desk for a short while, but his input was pretty good. I believe he might still be a great fit as an analyst or co-caster. Top level playing background and experiences from a more recent era, along with the ability to put the point across, means that he is already a level above almost all the other analysts/casters at the event. DDK and ZSX were not bad at all, but in my opinion they still have a little work to do.

- This is wishful thinking, but it would be very interesting to see players like CZM, Jibo and Fox to see how they would play QC. Hell, a part of me would be interested even if Fatal1ty gave it a shot.
Edited by Teen Queen at 05:03 CDT, 28 August 2017 - 1229 Hits
How to limit fps / remove viewmodel / etc (12 comments)
Posted by mdv @ 02:50 CDT, 27 August 2017 - iMsg
--set /Config/CONFIG/isLowViolence 1
--set /Config/CONFIG/isLowResParticles 1
--set /Config/CONFIG/maxFpsValue 200
--set /Config/CONFIG/WeaponZScale -1

appling these are quite similar to the newschool id games (like wolf). you can use these in the steam launch options. only a space required beetween them.

source on reddit:

for the cheap fags playing in f2p
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