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Duelmania worldwide LB finals (No comments)
Posted by leopold @ 11:40 CDT, 13 October 2015 - iMsg
The Duelmania Worldwide Tournament has reached its final stage.

This Wednesday the LB final is to be played between Norway Rikoll and Russia Bulat at 12:00 CDT, 14 October 2015. The winner will face the so far undefeated Brazil gt.

Nerves of steel against unikom taktik!


Links: Get QW, Community, Watch it
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What to choose (mouse)? (7 comments)
Posted by nightmaster @ 05:02 CDT, 13 October 2015 - iMsg
Hello, guys! Help me please to do a right choice.
I can buy:

Razer Abyssus (old) for 30.5 USD
Razer Abyssus 2014 for 48.5 USD
Razer DA 2013 (gayest Word of Tanks edition) for 88.5 USD
Razer DA Chroma (10K DPI OHMYGHOD MUSTBUY xD) for 104.5 USD
Logitech G100S for 23.5 USD
STEELSERIES Kana v2 for 58 USD
STEELSERIES Rival 62271 (6500 dpi) for 72.5 USD

What would be the best? I play UT99/2K4/3/4; Q3A/QL; CSGO; HL1/OF/HL2DM.
Now I have some A4Tech X-718BK (Avago ADNS 3080) and the only thing I don't like in this mouse is prediction.

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ps2 emulation gameplay video (No comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 01:12 CDT, 13 October 2015 - iMsg
pcsx2 1.3 gameplay best by emulation quality ps2 games -
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Failed to load quake live site - error (18 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 19:14 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
Guys im facing a problem. Im unable to fix it. I need your help!

Failed to load quake live site. Please ensure you are online, and your firewall is allowing the QUAKE LIVE client to connect. Error - 3

Im using Windows 7 - 64. Firweall is set to off. I have re-install ql... Tried to reboot.. I have turned off antivirus, after I uninstalled it.. I have tried in ipconfig with /flushdns.. Nothing worked for me.

Anyone have any idea what that could be?

I could format / reinstall windows in this matter, but I think there should be another way to fix it.

Did anyone face this problem?

Please help me fix this:
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Daddy_ cheating in PS2 (17 comments)
Posted by applesauce @ 17:11 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg

I write here because i believe that Daddy_ from the Quake community is aimbotting (and perhaps more) in planetside 2.

From searching him online, i found the information you have on him here. The pics posted match some of what we have in the PS2 community.

If you could take a look at this video and tell yes/no on aimbot, it would be much appreciated:

(from this youtube video:

Sorry if this is inappropriate for this forum/subforum, but i cannot find anywhere else to ask for second opinions on this. And if there's one thing ESR knows, it's fps aim :)

Here's more information on it from PS2:
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Legends of Gaming | DOOM 3 (7 comments)
Posted by xou @ 16:04 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
"Legends of Gaming kicks off with a 4-player Doom 3 deathmatch, featuring Lui Calibre, Syndicate, TmarTn and Jovenshire."

You're welcome
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How to write more concisely? (8 comments)
Posted by mray557 @ 15:41 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
How does one learn to write more concisely when having a conversation with a friend in ql?
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purri frg movie - music? (6 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 09:52 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
Can somebody tell me what song is used in this movie? It starts at 1:34.

It would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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What makes Reflex special? (83 comments)
Posted by 3Nex @ 09:38 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
I never played Reflex, so I would like to hear from everyone who does play it and like it, what is it that Reflex offers, that Quake 4 and Warsow don't offer?

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ROFL (8 comments)
Posted by imdaniel @ 08:02 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
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Your Top 3 Quake frag / Defrag movies (28 comments)
Posted by mouse* @ 05:05 CDT, 12 October 2015 - iMsg
Let`s take a moment and remind ourselves of the all-time-greats out there. Name and link your top3 frag and top3 defrag movies.


Clan Arena - Legacy clean, sick frags, cpm

Bulgarian Odyssey clean sicker frags, cpm

Dorftrottel piece of art


Reach the m0oo0n Alltime 1# nothing before at present or ever after can top it.

f33l mandatory f33l

Pro-Motion Old but has aged well. sorry for link couldn`t find a better one.
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Quakelive Battlegrounds Tournament (4 comments)
Posted by UnholyBliss @ 22:08 CDT, 11 October 2015 - iMsg
Hey guys, I've started up a CA tournament series that seems to have picked up on popularity.

It's 4v4, double elim, best of 3.

This months matches have already started, but since we had 12 teams our first time, I think it's safe to say it will probably continue.

If you interested in joining next months let Unholybliss, force, or trixy71 know.

Sign up at our website to register your team and get all the latest info.


Watch the stream here:

Current Ladder:
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Some NES titles on my channel (8 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 18:11 CDT, 11 October 2015 - iMsg
Having a few days off and apparently the weather will be bad so no bikey-bikey on the twisties, figured I could fire up some old NES titles and show the world how incredibly bad I am at them.

Decided to go with Contra first, played a few runs yesterday - managed to get to the end with one continue, trying to improve it to ~1-2 deaths altogether in a single run, no save states (except starting point, for practice purposes), no turbo button, no trickery, plain simple uninterrupted run.

I think I can bump the quality up a bit without making it lag, so I'll probably tinker around with settings and do a few practice runs then it's serious time, yo.

What I'm planing to play next:

Metroid, no trickery again, no save states, pure run but probably split into two parts (or more, depending on time) - First stage, grabbing essential powerups, taking out Ridley in the first part.

Second part should be taking down Kraid and Motherbrain.

Megaman, maybe split it into two parts again, I'm really bad with the ending boss and I could use a savestate.

Then I'm probably going to search for some odd/unknown/stupid/forgotten games, will be great to hear some recommendations from NES experts since I'm completely unfamiliar with the console and its games.

I'll be playing NES games, hop in and insult me and my inadequacy. If not, oh well, it's still fun to dig through the dust.

twitch Anhedonique
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Site summary for week ending 09 Oct (2 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 11 October 2015 - iMsg
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Using code names for maps alienates new (9 comments)
Posted by LotBlind @ 14:17 CDT, 10 October 2015 - iMsg

That's pretty much it. Even as people write about how in their view QL should be changed to make it easier to get into (don't turn this into that thread though), they use the old code names for maps instead of the newer actual name names. I realize it probably happens instinctively, but I don't see any way in which you can defend using them in any context that potentially involves players who never played Q3 and never got used to them. That's everyone who came around since 8 years ago! There is no game that I can think of where the maps primarily go by names like "dm3, dm6, Tourney1" other than the Quake series.

If you can think of any argument for why new players should have to jump those legacy hoops, feel free to respond to this. You CAN say "it's shorter", but that doesn't really cut it. There IS such a thing as an abbreviation. "dm7" is not an abbreviation. "aero" IS an abbreviation. "aero" is good. "aero" is fine.

There's a huge difference between when you old-timers first got into the game and kept seeing the code names over and over and now. I'm sure when you select "dm3" from the map list a hundred times you're going to have no problem forever associating it with that map. New players don't have that.

While I'm at it I wanted to see what kinds of short forms I could come up with for various typical maps that people play. In fact it looks like if you systematically just take the first 4-5 characters from every map's name, you generally already distinguish them all (all the most important ones). Tell me you don't get what maps these are:


I'm sure there's a few more maps that ppl sometimes use code names for but that gives you the idea.
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vintage ddk hairstyle (6 comments)
Posted by vanqu1sh @ 06:21 CDT, 10 October 2015 - iMsg
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News from UT pro Vitrae / Vitz (7 comments)
Posted by asyyy @ 05:19 CDT, 10 October 2015 - iMsg
Some might also know him from Quake Live and ESR..

Even though I have only have played a handful of pugs with him, I always found him to be one of the big names in the UT scene and also a cool guy.

Appreciate your life and take care.
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HOQ CA 4V4 FALL SEASON 2015 (23 comments)
Posted by DePaS @ 04:56 CDT, 10 October 2015 - iMsg House of Quake proudly announces the ql Quake Live Clan Arena 4v4 Fall 2015 season. The sign-ups are already open and will close at tuesday 20th October.

The league will start on Thursday 22nd October @21 CET, all divisions will play at same time and date, every Thursday until the end of the league matches, no play offs expected.

Check below for all needed informations and sign-up! If you already have player and clan account on House of Quake, feel free to sign-up right away. Otherwise make sure to register yourselves and your clan first.

Links: Signup, Rules, Cup page
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Somebody in Sweden had a bad day(MollyB) (10 comments)
Posted by mattered_ @ 17:29 CDT, 9 October 2015 - iMsg

Seems like two different people uploaded an abort-demo of the same guy, on the same day.

Poor MollyB
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ESR Award Show 2015 [EVENT ORGANISATION] (39 comments)
Posted by dizzle @ 12:54 CDT, 9 October 2015 - iMsg
I have an idea.

We organise event. big event for ESR.

The ESR award show 2015.
We have community nominations for various category [i let admins decide]
The best people and even the unintentional best get a trophy for their efforts.

we gather in a hall, in a good location like London and give out awards and have good time as ESR, as one, coming together as community..

i would glad help in organizing of such an event.

What you guys think? I think it will be a good funny time for us all =]
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125 FPS Sunday Cup#15 (17 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 11:57 CDT, 9 October 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 11 October 2015 to 14:00 CDT, 11 October 2015
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #15 will take place this weekend.



Streams: United Kingdom zLive, Russia 102, United States of America flairTV, Germany Moppz
Links: Cup page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015; 125FPS Donate link
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Unknown/Special types of mousepads (20 comments)
Posted by fragged @ 19:54 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
I've been giving a little thought about different types of surfaces with mousepads, there are glass and aluminium pads available, plastic, and cloth.

But I'm thinking more of something like a sheet of glass, marble, etc and wondering how people feel about this. Are there any decent surfaces that make great mouse pads that aren't designed for the job?
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Southamerican Pro Duel Cup final day (53 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 17:37 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
Next Saturday, 13:00 CDT, 10 October 2015, is the final day of the Reikocon 2015 Pro (ELO>1800) South-American duel cup. A lot of exciting games await and organizers are currently looking for more streamers. Since matches will be streamed in Spanish, organizers are currently looking for more streamers from USA, EU and Russia. If you've got what it takes to help out, don't hesitate to contact diegochame at or ammielpm at

The final day will take off from where the group stages ended, from quarter and semis all the way to the grand final. The cup is scheduled to start at 12:00 CDT

Map pool: Campgrounds, ­ElderSinisterCure, ­ Toxicity
Scheduled start: 13:00 CDT, 10 October 2015

Quarter finals matches: ArgentinaX1u vs BrazilSkulp, ArgentinaMaki_maki vs BrazilEvilryu, ArgentinaRe1ko vs ArgentinaDoomsd4y, ArgentinaRealpap vs Chileat1

Due to last hour issues between some of the participants, the cup has been rescheduled to start 1 hour later.

Stream: Spain Re1ko, Russia 102, United Kingdom fazz
Links: Current brackets of group stage
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Shootmania at ESWC 2015 (16 comments)
Posted by ozontm @ 15:31 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg

Paragon esports (community managed league organizers) pushed SM Elite once more to ESWC! They (paragon) announced they'd work out a deal with the ESWC organizers less than two weeks ago, so it seemed almost impossible to get a SM tournament going in 2015, but they somehow managed it (absolute madmen).

Your thoughts? You gonna seek practise asap?
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Alt Thread (16 comments)
Posted by mattered_ @ 15:01 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
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Looking for Movie-/Video creater (13 comments)
Posted by pasicious @ 14:35 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
hey guys,

since it is really dificult to find someone, I thought to give it a try on the esr forums. I am not playing QL anymore but recorded a lot nice stuff. So I am wondering whether anyone is interested in creating a movie out of my demos. If you like creating videos/movies and earned already some experince you can let me know and ask for more information at "". I have a lot beautiful stuff and it would be sad not to share them plus it would be a great memory for me.

best regards,
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Mouse,Monitor and setup for twitch? (32 comments)
Posted by CAREEM @ 14:05 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
After a huge break I am coming back to Quake Live.

I have bought me a new computer for gaming and hopefully good enough for twitch, unless if I need another computer for twitch (I have no experience there)

As always I had huge problems with mice and not stable connection. However, this dismotivated me to play more + I was really busy with work. As from now on I will finally start to work from home.

Im interested inmice and what gaming monitor to buy? Monitor has to be 27 inch + 1ms - could you please suggest me one? Not too expensive. Budget for a new monitor is 280 eur to max 400 eur.

I love razer aby! Its small it have claw grip and its very light. Could you also suggest me one mouse if not aby again without jittering problem? If possible suggest me something identical or very similar to aby (shape - claw grip and wight, but better).


Please do not suggest me WMO, I have bought two mice already on ebay and both were bad replica - both felt like 3$ worth mouse. It seems I cant get real WMO so please no wmo especially not a fake one.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Thoughts on a Wolfenstein comeback (No comments)
Posted by fragged @ 10:14 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
I should just mention that I have never played RTCW online, but I have played W:ET for many years (12+) and I'd love to see either of these games come back, be updated with bugfixes and new cross-platform anti-cheat and so on.

So far there is etlegacy that seems to be aimed at keeping W:ET alive, and it looks like they're doing a decent job with the client/server fixes. They also have a mod that comes with it, but I feel their own 'legacy' mod is far from the mark in terms of wolfenstein games making a comeback. What I think people want from a mod is something competitive and really they'd do better by making their mod an etpro clone.

For the game staying alive or coming back, I think what's really needed is a sensible sequal with similar but not identical gameplay, much updated graphics and a leaner, smoother feeling to gameplay. I can imagine some community efforts fixing some of this, but an actual sequal seems far away right now.

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Who's better, DaHanG or rapha? (25 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 04:11 CDT, 8 October 2015 - iMsg
1.) Who has better head-to-head score?
2.) Who has the better resume?


3.) Who is the better all-around dueler?
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Project X-Ray (6 comments)
Posted by zeroql @ 20:46 CDT, 7 October 2015 - iMsg
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Legends of Gaming - feat. Fatal1ty (26 comments)
Posted by zeroql @ 20:37 CDT, 7 October 2015 - iMsg

DOOM 3 Deathmatch

Fatal1ty: Legends of Gaming Profile

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objectively best gaming mouse/mousepad (39 comments)
Posted by fragged @ 19:08 CDT, 7 October 2015 - iMsg
So I'm the market for a new mouse and I'm currently using an FK1, but I'm almost sure I'll get en ec1-a for a better grip now that Zowie have updated their lines. My only concern really comes down to the tracking of the mouse after comfort and well performing sensor is taken into account.

What I mean is, can I do better than the ec1-a with the 3310 in terms of tracking? The other thing that I'll need is a good sensor implementation for whatever mouse I get, low jitter and no acceleration or angle snapping, 400dpi, etc.

Also I want to get a new mousepad that suits me well. My idea of a good mousepad is something that does well for in-game tracking, a quick start, ability to place accurate and well placed shots and some speed for slingshot aiming. I have in mind the artisan hayate otsu MID, as a lot of people recommend artisan pads and they seem to live up to some of their marketing.
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Competitive Cross-Platform Shooters (No comments)
Posted by fragged @ 18:56 CDT, 7 October 2015 - iMsg
Basically I'm wondering what the best cross-platform shooters are for competitive gameplay. I use linux so cross-platform is a must, I'm not bothered if it needs a loki installer or a cd, or steam but I prefer cd's with official installers.

So, I'm thinking about getting the following:

CS:GO (steam)
Earlier versions of CS (cd + loki installer)
Quake 4 (cd)
Doom 3 (cd), have a feeling it's not competitive.
UT2004 and the new UT when it has an official release

Also happy to pick up any quake or CS style games if they're still being played competitively.

I'm currently playing urbanterror casually and I'm wondering if anyone can comment on if it's still popular at a competitive level.
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Efficiency.. (7 comments)
Posted by cityy @ 17:50 CDT, 6 October 2015 - iMsg key

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Press 1 if you want me back (46 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 10:25 CDT, 6 October 2015 - iMsg
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HoQ TDM Fall 2015 Prizes - Updated (163 comments)
Posted by xou @ 05:59 CDT, 6 October 2015 - iMsg
First of all, House of Quake has now gathered around 1,100€ in donations (you can see the details below). And we decided to accept more of them until the start of the Quake Live TDM League, which is the 18th of October!

Also, this TDM League is now sponsored by ZOWIE, who are providing us with a few products:
- 4x ZOWIE ZA 12 mice
- 4x ZOWIE G-TFX mousepads
- 4x ZOWIE Camade mouse bungees

All these prizes will be distributed as following.

The sign-ups for the ql Quake Live TDM 4v4 Fall Season are still open until the 11th of October 2015.

The League will start on Sunday 18th of October, duration depends on the sign-ups (1 match per week). Division 1 plays on Sunday, Division 2 on Monday at 21:00 CEST/CET.

Update: The prizes distribution has been altered (details). And we now have 2 scenarios in case an additional 3rd Division is needed for the League (if 18 teams are signed up).
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D99’s 2on2 team league signups open (2 comments)
Posted by leopold @ 05:24 CDT, 6 October 2015 - iMsg
Europe Div99 member Belgium VeRRo has opened the signups for the D99 2on2 deathmatch team league which will start on 25. October 2015. So grab your favorite DM comrade(s) and sign up on!

Starting date: 25. October

Links: Get QW, Community, Watch it, Announcement,Tournament Site
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memphis -vs- gaiia (24 comments)
Posted by mdv @ 08:54 CDT, 5 October 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 6.2 (5 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: both
Version info: 0.36
How to play back Reflex demos

something something dead esr demo section

Tehace EU Duel Cup #2 Grand Final M-M-MMMULTIVOD

Reflex supports serverside demos only, and probably will stay as that. Newborn said they gonna make a csgo-ish system where you can download your demo from the server, so no clientside demos...however the serverdemo has every players pov.

How to play demo: put replay file into the Steam\SteamApps\common\reflexfps\base\replays folder. use play command ingame. Change pov by typing re_set_player_attached_to PLAYERNAME

Rest of the demos from the cup:

Twitch vods from the cup:

Eat@medve's youtube version:

- techdemo hitsounds
- custom armorsounds
- smaller viewmodels (longer for the rocket, shorter for rail). an ex qw player said the short rocketlauncher looks like a megaman gun :D
- neat megasound ive found in a q2 pak file
- no teleport or any other ambient sounds, as well as chat beeps
- hud might change in the future, and not sure if im gonna keep the bloom. the legend says they gonna fix it
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144hz, Which model?! (6 comments)
Posted by Oleedee @ 21:48 CDT, 4 October 2015 - iMsg
I'm going to get a 144hz 24inch monitor.

Which model should I go for?
I see a load of benq ones, what is the difference between them??

I see Cypher has the XL2411Z
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Site summary for week ending 02 Oct (8 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 4 October 2015 - iMsg
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2D rocketjumping game for android! (8 comments)
Posted by FunKi @ 11:22 CDT, 4 October 2015 - iMsg

I made an rocketjumping game for android during the summer:

If you like it, I would appreciate if you would rate / share it.

Also im open for feedback!
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when i decided to recall what is 125fps (95 comments)
Posted by BASE @ 09:25 CDT, 4 October 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 9.8 (186 votes)
Russian dueler Russia Base showing the struggle of a player preparing for a tournament for old times' sake in a funny mini-movie.
Edited by twister at 07:49 CDT, 5 October 2015 - 5802 Hits
Hall of Fame: Hilarious (added to hof by twister)
Quake 3 micromovie (2 comments)
Posted by kevlark @ 01:08 CDT, 4 October 2015 - iMsg
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strenx the greatest? (48 comments)
Posted by Selhouette333 @ 13:33 CDT, 3 October 2015 - iMsg
I was high today and found myself comparing different players on and I found out that strenx has highest amount of wins if you compare him to any other big ql name:

strenx 11-5 rapha
strenx 31-11 Av3k
strenx 51-49 Cypher
strenx 16-14 coolleR
strenx 56-22 Spart1e
strenx 27-16 dem0n
strenx 7-1 kRoNic
strenx 25-2 p0ni
strenx 28-5 Baksteen
strenx 1-0 fazz

Some of the comparisons has really low difference but it doesn't cancel the fact that to this day no one managed to overpass him in number of wins.

Does this make him the greatest?
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amazonbasics mouse, other 3button mice (18 comments)
Posted by whte_rbt.obj @ 13:19 CDT, 3 October 2015 - iMsg
Hi, I'm slowly getting more serious about improving my skills and in the process have been educating myself about hardware, and trying new hardware. But the topic of mice is a difficult one, it seems every mouse has it's problems. So I've ended up using the amazon 3 button mouse, since it's cheap and possibly no shittier than everything else. Does anyone have any experience with this mouse? It's very small, and feels more stable shapewise than some equally small and shit microsoft 3 button I tried in comparison.

Can anyone recommend something to try next? Abyssus? Perixx 201U? I only use m1 and m2, have bigger hands, claw grip I think. My aim is terrible and I don't have great sensory perception.

I'm using a perixx dx-5000xl mat and play standing. I don't overclock usb.
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cannot join any server (15 comments)
Posted by Selhouette333 @ 12:30 CDT, 3 October 2015 - iMsg
What the fuck is wrong with ql lately that it doesn't let me join any server, it never stopps to await connection and it's happening like 5th time just that month. Anyone knows if there's anything I can do about this or it's another well done from id and I just have to wait.
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Looking for good TFC frag movies (22 comments)
Posted by KendrickLamar @ 04:21 CDT, 2 October 2015 - iMsg
The game itself sucked balls but the frag movies from back in the day where pretty gangsta, since those websites are long since dead I am relying on you TFC playaz to post some of yo personal faves, underrated, overrated? whatever please just deliver the finest goods.

Thanks in advance.
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Thought todays' shooting was bad? (28 comments)
Posted by G.I. Bonesy @ 01:05 CDT, 2 October 2015 - iMsg
Shooter is half-black/mixed race.
Once this became public knowledge, cnn, msnbc, huffingtonpost, dailykos, and all liberal news organizations are sweeping under the rug his "race", and saying instead he was a deranged person.
if the shooter was white, don lemon on cnn, and others would be emphasizing the shooter is white. President also said that these once every 3 month "mass shootings" by whites are a national tragedy.
Isn't the real national tragedy, the 648 blacks killed by other blacks via gang violence within the last 6 months the real national tragedy.

Once the shooters race from oregon became main stream/mass awareness a few hours ago, the entire tone of CNN/MSNBC about the story was dropped down a LOT.
What benefit does CNN, MSNBC, liberal news as a whole, and the whitehouse gain by not reporting black on black crime statistics, and under reporting black on black crime, and over reporting crimes comitted by whites?
Is this part of saul alinksy philosophy?

Chicago, D.C. New York, Baltimore all these places have some of the strictest gun control law in the country and yet have the highest rate of shooting and murders.

Gun control laws are not the issue. It the mental health care system that has failed. We need to bring back mental institutions back and make it a hell of a lot easier to lock people like this up.. Possibly for a long time if need be.
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Reflex EU Duel Cup by tehace (51 comments)
Posted by flair @ 00:42 CDT, 2 October 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 3 October 2015 to 18:00 CDT, 3 October 2015
Schedule: Passed

Reflex player and tournament host Poland tehace recently announced that his European Duel Cup #2 event finally has a new date! Due to a scheduling conflict with the recent North American BOXR Reflex duel cup this event had to be postponed temporarily, but the wait is over! Reflex fans and players will want to clear their Saturday schedule. The event will take place 10:00 CDT, 3 October 2015 . Several players have already registered, so make sure you sign-up and support the event!

Links: Official Announcement, Reflex Website, Bracket, mIRC #reflex
Streams: Canada csboxr, Poland zdobywcygier
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Quake 4 cfg help (5 comments)
Posted by BaMoFu @ 16:41 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg
Hi fellow quakers!

I could really do with some Quake 4 config help. Been trying to get different fovs and sensetivities for different weapons in Quake 4 without any succes. This is what I've tried:

Bind x "impulse x; g:fov x; sensitivity x"

It works well half way. Fov and sensitivy is changed but not weapon, in console it says something like: "impulse x is not a command"

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DeathAdder died for 4th time,Advice plz! (20 comments)
Posted by Sporx @ 15:36 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg
I'm really done buying razer mice at this point. I've had the diamondback, the copper head, 4 deathadders and an abyssus. They all broke exactly the same way.

Right now my right click is randomly releasing when i hold it down, and since i've been playing the unreal tournament alpha this has resulted in constant self damage with rockets while trying to charge them.

I am completely out of the loop on mice. I have a replacement Intellimouse steelseries mod but i am looking for something with really durable side buttons . I like to bind the side buttons for push to talk but because i claw grip i tend to brace my hand to avoid losing aim while talking - and that often times snaps the side buttons or breaks them after awhile.

The Abyssus was great for claw grip even if it broke, so while i don't want something the exact same shape as either deathadder or abyssus , if i could get a mouse that has the same size and weight as the abyssus or the deathadder/intellimouse but ALSO has really durable side buttons thatd be awesome.

What mice are currently like this ? Thanks in advance. I registered today because i figured you guys would be the most informed on this. I don't trust the mountain dew infused MLG children that are all over reddit and other sites.
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Streams List (10 comments)
Posted by Dj_Soyuz @ 11:28 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg

Posted on the "streams thread" message about stream ..

So, stream is online, but there is nothing on sidebar ..

Any help?

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butthurt 2k elo (91 comments)
Posted by shoxr @ 09:37 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg
just for you jer1cho, your abort was so sweet <3
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FFA world championships (fu critics) (125 comments)
Posted by atfab @ 05:39 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg
b4 this thread gets sh*t on lemme explain:


- spectator friendly (in a 32 player server, you got one or two who are tearing sh*t up enjoyable to watch the specs doesn't even need to learn the map they're watching)

- accessible to all players ( what's good is that players from diff tiers get to play each other no stress maybe only the ones who wants to win badly, but even noobs will enjoy playing because more action as opposed to slow play in duel)

- potential huge increase of playerbase due to open FFA championships (invite literally everyone)

-definitely MORE SOCIAL than duel

-in cypher terms, FFA is the REAL AND HONOURABLE WAY TO play quake (jump pads, less exploits and non stop action [it's very hard to set up a play using and exploits with 31 players on your ass], QUAD RUNS, since you have no friends and allies on the server there is almost little to opportunity to camp)(YES WHEN CASUALS THINK QUAKE THEY THINK FFA)


-slap in the face for 1v1 and 4v4 players (but let's face it FFA is gazillion times enjoyable than duel or tdm, if we really want to increase to playerbase vs spectator ratio i think THIS IS THE ONLY WAY)(1v1 and TDM players are the most skilled in any afps game bar none)

- more money has to be spent by the organizers (we're all money hungry we just don't want to admit it)

-FFA tournaments might be prioritized more than duel and tdm in the future : (
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FPSPulse Launch Event – Highlights (7 comments)
Posted by AsphyxEvents @ 03:11 CDT, 1 October 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7.4 (7 votes)
This project is now already 7 months on my harddrive.
highlights from the first fpspulse launch event in january 2015.

Summary Highlights
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Dropped counts in mouse movement (33 comments)
Posted by twohands @ 20:29 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg
I've been thinking about dropped counts in mouse movement that can be caused by having a too low of a dpi or a different windows pointer speed and wondered how it can actually be a benefit to aiming. Here is what i found out. For anyone having trouble understanding what counts are they are basically just pixels for your mouse movements. Less counts means bigger pixels but that doesn't mean you have bigger shots, it just means the mouse will be centered around the pixel and skip the empty areas of it.

1. Dropped counts can make aiming easier
Have you ever noticed high sensitivity users often have terrible long range lg (tracking aim)? Is it because they don't have enough counts (pixels) to aim at? No, at least not most of the time. The real issue comes from the fact that they aren't very good at controlling their mouse long range. This is why lower counts (to a reasonable amount) is a good idea because it makes it is easier to control our aim. I made an info graphic to explain this below -

Count 1 (low counts, same sensitivity) -
The distance from the left end of the model to the right is 4cm. Now imagine you slightly over aim to the left of the model. Does this make you miss? No, because you still haven't moved your mouse further enough to move onto the next count.

Count 2 (high counts, same sensitivity) -
The distance from the left end of the model to the right is also 4cm. Now imagine again you slightly over aim to the left of the model. Does this make you miss? Yes, because you have a higher amount of counts this will make you move onto the next count quicker.

Disadvantages and why this is a good idea
Humans aren't perfect. It makes sense to sacrifice a little bit of precision for better mouse control. This doesn't mean we want as little counts as possible otherwise the gaps in the counts will become so big we will literally be skipping over the enemy model causing a choppy like mouse effect. We want to find a fine line between the two so that we can get the best of both worlds.

Dropped counts in competitive gaming
To quote Lorfa - "This kind of thing was actually really common in the early days of q3, where players would have a 400 dpi ball mouse, but use driver settings to throw out every other count or so, rendering it effectively 200 DPI. This doesn't feel quite the same as if you had the DPI itself. Fatal1ty also did this with the razer boomslang 1000 dpi, which is one of the reasons why you see the sens and accel in his old configs how it was."

Another interesting tidbit is that one of the best railgun (sniper) player in Quake "K1llsen" continues to use this method. Because of it's aiming style of nature it is also the weapon the would most benefit from such a method as the railgun relies more on being consistent than it is to be precise compared to the other weapons.

What's next?
The problem with past methods such as using the driver or windows pointer speed is that these methods rely on a higher form of latency for mouse movement over newer technology such as raw input which has a very low latency for mouse movement. This may be the reason why this practice is no longer common in the competitive gaming scene. But it doesn't have to be this way. If game companies started offering this option through their game client we would be able to get the best of both worlds of low input and better mouse control.
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Stunner 3.5 (7 comments)
Posted by Kapiter @ 16:59 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 7 (15 votes)
Freestyle short movie by Lithuania Stupidfresh, sequel of his excellent Stunner 3 movie

Link: Stupidfresh Youtube channel
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Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 05:28 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg
Search DUEL opponents by ELO in Quake Live

Can we built it in QuakeLive ?

Can we built it in Qlranks ?

Whats happen after next QuakeLive update?

Will this service still work?
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twister dem0n koziol meme lan footage (8 comments)
Posted by mouse* @ 04:07 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg
Title is self-explanatory
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All time best movie endings (55 comments)
Posted by butcher_kgp @ 00:16 CDT, 30 September 2015 - iMsg
This is my list so far, please add more in the thread.

The Thing (1982)

Usual Suspects (1995)

Fight Club (1999)

Memories of Murder (2003)

Layer Cake (2004)

Inception (2010)
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Optimum connection settings on win7 (4 comments)
Posted by Oleedee @ 13:54 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg

Im looking to optimise my win7 connection settings and settings on my router, with the aim of getting as smooth connection for quakelive as possible.

Does anyone have any tips of know of any good guides on this?

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test (No comments)
Posted by PerpetualWar @ 10:15 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
test4, Odds: 19% (5:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 10:16 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 11:16 CDT 30 Sep 2015

test3, Odds: 19% (5:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 10:16 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 11:16 CDT 30 Sep 2015

test2, Odds: 29% (3.3:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 10:16 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 11:16 CDT 30 Sep 2015

test1, Odds: 30% (3.2:1)
Bets placed: E$100, betting open: 10:16 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 11:16 CDT 30 Sep 2015

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125 FPS Sunday Cup #14 (38 comments)
Posted by Nico_QD @ 07:07 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 10:00 CDT, 4 October 2015 to 14:00 CDT, 4 October 2015
Schedule: Passed

The 125 FPS QuakeLive Duel Sunday Cup #14 will take place this weekend.

Sign up link will be placed here in 1-2h before cup starts

Streams: United Kingdom zLive, Russia 102, United States of America flairTV, Germany Moppz
Links: Cup page, Event Rules, Web chat, 125FPS Balance 2015; 125FPS Donate link
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[FIXTURE] 125 FPS Pro League #26, GS1 D1 (4 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 06:00 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
lars, Odds: 14% (6.9:1)
Bets placed: E$3979, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

dem0n, Odds: 68% (1.4:1)
Bets placed: E$30372, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

cherepoff , Odds: 10% (9.7:1)
Bets placed: E$3480, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

luke_ie, Odds: 4.7% (21:1)
Bets placed: E$800, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

pikawa, Odds: 1% (97:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

xiphos, Odds: 1% (97:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:58 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 8 Oct 2015

Group D1 particpants

Denmark lars Belgium dem0n Russia cherepoff Ireland luke_ie Poland pikawa Netherlands xiphos

The matches will be played on 13:00 CDT, 8 October 2015

Need another FIX? Here are all the weekly 125 FPS fixtures:

Group Stage 1, A1
Group Stage 1, B1
Group Stage 1, C1
Group Stage 1, D1

esr Main Thread
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[FIXTURE] 125 FPS Pro League #26, GS1 C1 (14 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 05:57 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
garpy, Odds: 69% (1.4:1)
Bets placed: E$42371, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

matr0x , Odds: 20% (4.8:1)
Bets placed: E$10339, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

emmwatson , Odds: 3.3% (29:1)
Bets placed: E$682, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

hzt , Odds: 2.3% (43:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

karwik , Odds: 2.7% (36:1)
Bets placed: E$1300, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

real_grubby, Odds: 1.5% (65:1)
Bets placed: E$500, betting open: 05:54 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 6 Oct 2015

Group C1 particpants

United Kingdom garpy Poland matr0x Russia emmwatson Poland hzt Poland karwik Russia real_grubby

This group seems to be most interesting from a political aspect since it features a lot of poles and a Brit. See how that plays out.

The matches will be played on 13:00 CDT, 6 October 2015

Group Stage 1, A1
Group Stage 1, B1
Group Stage 1, C1
Group Stage 1, D1

esr Main Thread
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[FIXTURE] 125 FPS Pro League #26, GS1 B1 (12 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 05:52 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
Winner:ash, Odds: 65% (1.5:1)
Bets placed: E$35131, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Loser:xron , Odds: 7% (14:1)
Bets placed: E$1100, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Loser:iddqd_ru, Odds: 3.6% (27:1)
Bets placed: E$600, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Loser:funnyb, Odds: 4.9% (20:1)
Bets placed: E$1395, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Loser:pichatan, Odds: 0.8% (113:1)
Bets placed: E$10, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Loser:prox_pl, Odds: 17% (5.6:1)
Bets placed: E$9743, betting open: 05:49 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 1 Oct 2015

Group B1 participants

Russia ash Ukraine xron Russia iddqd_ru Sweden funnyb Sweden pichatan Poland prox_pl

The matches will be played on 13:00 CDT, 1 October 2015

I would also like to add that if you don't bet on Sweden funnyb you should really start questioning the morality of your actions.

Group Stage 1, A1
Group Stage 1, B1
Group Stage 1, C1
Group Stage 1, D1

esr Main Thread
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[FIXTURE] 125 FPS Pro League #26, GS1 A1 (7 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 05:42 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
Winner:prox1mo, Odds: 13% (7.5:1)
Bets placed: E$2600, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Loser:fazz , Odds: 77% (1.2:1)
Bets placed: E$29740, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Loser:mix_, Odds: 3.5% (28:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Loser:nemesisfps, Odds: 3.5% (28:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Loser:waro, Odds: 1.4% (70:1)
Bets placed: E$100, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Loser:stingerdndz, Odds: 1.1% (84:1)
Bets placed: E$0, betting open: 05:31 CDT 29 Sep 2015 to 13:00 CDT 29 Sep 2015

Group A1 participants

Kazakhstan prox1mo Sweden fazz Belarus mix_ Spain nemesisfps Norway waro Germany stingerdndz

The matches will be played on 13:00 CDT, 29 September 2015

Need another FIX? Here are all the weekly 125 FPS fixtures:

Group Stage 1, A1
Group Stage 1, B1
Group Stage 1, C1
Group Stage 1, D1

esr Main Thread
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hide your pro players, they're after nip (16 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 03:11 CDT, 29 September 2015 - iMsg
"The former owners of Ninjas in Pyjamas, including Emil "HeatoN" Christensen, will face trial over accounting violations, Aftonbladet Esport has revealed.

In case of a conviction, the accused face fines and a possible jail term that could reach six years if the crime is deemed severe."

It's going down boys, e-sports is coming to an end

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Dreamhack Winter (23 comments)
Posted by ZhuMusic @ 18:35 CDT, 28 September 2015 - iMsg
I will be at Dreamhack Winter competing in Super Smash Brothers melee.

holla at me if you're there
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What is Rapha doing in this image? (53 comments)
Posted by dizzle @ 15:23 CDT, 28 September 2015 - iMsg

have a shot at explaining what rapha is doing in this image?

pluses for creative replies =]

note - just a fun tread. turn into my journal if you want mods.
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144hz question (50 comments)
Posted by J3ck @ 12:15 CDT, 28 September 2015 - iMsg
Hey guys, just picked up that 24" asus 144hz monitor. I was able to get the 144hz working and played a few games of quack.

The main difference I'm noticing besides hitting rails easier is that all the simple items look like shit.. kinda fuzzy almost lol I don't know if the monitor is so good it makes quake look worse or if I have some kind of off setting. Anyone else experience this?
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Stronger Than All 21st Century 2v2 Arena (No comments)
Posted by Thump4 @ 11:22 CDT, 28 September 2015 - iMsg
Remember the epic QWCA Stronger Then All league? Sign up for the new one today. It's called the Stronger Than All - 21st Century. It features 2on2 Clan Arena matches on qwDM3 on Thursday nights at 21:00 CDT. The league can be found here:

Don't have Reflex? Head over to and download it on steam today.

Don't have the qwdm3 map? qwdm3 can be found here:

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Site summary for week ending 25 Sep (10 comments)
Posted by ESReality @ 18:00 CDT, 27 September 2015 - iMsg
Edited by Teen Queen at 19:14 CDT, 27 September 2015 - 1100 Hits
Customizable gaming cms to recommend ? (1 comment)
Posted by PerpetualWar @ 06:18 CDT, 27 September 2015 - iMsg
Anyone can recommend any gaming cms ? When I say gaming I mean, it needs to have clan functions like players, teams, played matches, calendar, upcoming matches, etc., besides standard options for cms like forums, news section and so on.

Also would be great if it's regularly updated and has a free license.
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uk buses (23 comments)
Posted by p0rt @ 16:37 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg
if your in the south west, just walk, the main bus service does`nt even have its own city bus station on its journey planner
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Some videos i made (Cheating) (14 comments)
Posted by Scorgeous @ 15:02 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg

I made these videos for the first time let me know what you think.
I hope you guys get a clear picture about what i was trying to show in these vids.

1045 Hits
Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 13:11 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg
So cool! so unpredictable!
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Posted by imdaniel @ 08:03 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg
I though i would post this before the last update release :

Game is lacking a very important feature, players with less than 100 games played should always be warned when they join unranked or T4 servers that they are gonna face very skilled opponents. That and a queue system so that if a server is team size 4 and it is actualy 3v3 you are in queue until 8th join and click Join a team. Otherwise the 7th join the game and usualy get kicked.

Game is incredibly unfriendly to new players.

e: I have to say I am a bit worried about the informations people gave here in this thread, especialy the abandon of tiers and master server to collect stats as this will be terrible for Team modes. You name it namely CA but also the other team modes ofc.

I think some people (a lot?) wanted a ladder, the abandon of master server collecting stats and so the abandon of shuffle is going the opposite wait I think.
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My account blocked (85 comments)
Posted by sideql @ 05:48 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg
My account blocked by ip, and blocked all other accounts that I created. I wrote a letter in support of apology and a promise that more will not use cheats. Support answered me as follows:
Name Tag: xyz
Account Action: Permanent Account Closure
Offense: Use of third party software to obtain an unfair advantage within the game

This account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for QUAKE LIVE by the In-Game Support staff. This decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation as a whole.

For further information, please review the QUAKE LIVE policies and Terms of Use Agreement. We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to fully enjoy their time in QUAKE LIVE. Thank you in advance for respecting our position.

The QUAKE LIVE Abuse Support Team

There is no forgiveness for me? If you block it forever? What should I do?
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good movies / cartoons / tv (51 comments)
Posted by dizzle @ 05:38 CDT, 26 September 2015 - iMsg
can someone recomend some good tv shows or cartoons or a movie

i am interested in many tthings and i enjoy media that makes me think

i recently enjoyed lost river and over the garden wall which i plan to watch many times ove rand over haha so fun

type it in the thread and i will give it a try =]

i give plus if it does look very good !
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ReikoCon Southamerican Pro Duel Cup (24 comments)
Posted by gSTRUCTOR @ 22:36 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
The ReikoCon southamerican Pro ( >1800 ELO) with 16 of the best players from this region of the world will be taking place between 5 Oct 2015 to 10 Oct 2015.

UPDATE: Quarters, semis and finals next Saturday.

Scheduled start: 12:00 CDT, 10 October 2015

Current brackets of group stage

Maps: Campgrounds, ­ Elder,­ Sinister,­ Cure, ­ Toxicity

Streams: Spain Re1ko

We are looking for streamers from usa eu and russia contact: diegochame at / ammielpm at

Edited by gSTRUCTOR at 11:54 CDT, 8 October 2015 - 1054 Hits
LG 24GM77 on Massdrop (No comments)
Posted by nvc @ 14:56 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg

It's discontinued, buy it now fast! :)
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History & Video Games - Nuclear Fruit (7 comments)
Posted by CrazyAl @ 14:53 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
Edited by CrazyAl at 15:06 CDT, 28 September 2015 - 527 Hits
Professional Torto1se in legal trouble (8 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 11:28 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
<L-xero> turtle savin is a haaaabie (c)

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Is this build ok? (50 comments)
Posted by Brainie @ 07:21 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
I don't have a huge budget (about 600$ without the monitor included). I'm poor. Such is life. Gimme monnies.

Anyway I found this build:

Could you tell me if it's good enough for video games? I'm not a huge gamer. Basically I would play QuakeLive, UrbanTerror and CounterStrike on it, and Reflex maybe (I don't know if they optimized it since then).

I also do text publishing so I'll be using Office, LaTeX and Scribus. Those don't take much CPU. I do a bit of web development but not much.

So yeah I don't really know what to expect from this computer, I just want something that's not too powerful (because of my budget and because I'm not a l33t 24/7 gamer) but enough to run the games I like. I don't know the specs of these games.

Any advice? Thanks.

EDIT: Some of you might laugh at me because Quake is supposed to run on a potato PC. Well believe me or not I have a potato PC that doesn't even sync videos on youtube with sound in fullscreen and Quake couldn't run on it. I just want to be careful with where my money goes. I don't want to buy a new one in two / three years.
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Skyforge Exclusive Gift Pack Giveaway (No comments)
Posted by yogalin @ 02:47 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
Skyforge Gift Pack is Giving away at

FREE Package Giveaway Period
Sep 9th – Sep 28th 2015 PST

Each Package will grant you
- 14 days of Premium membership to Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment’s new MMO
- Celestial Threads x1000
- 1 hour of mount usage

100 keys will be added at 8:00 PM (PST) every day.
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Poor huk (6 comments)
Posted by *creep @ 02:38 CDT, 25 September 2015 - iMsg
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Quake Lifes has the best netcode (39 comments)
Posted by tyryl @ 17:37 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg

not really much to say, not really interested in saying anything.. pretty tired of that boring, broken warp fest of a game tbh

have so many dozens of other examples of this kind of crap that happens constantly. I mean it's just unplayable. broken game.
Edited by tyryl at 18:01 CDT, 24 September 2015 - 2101 Hits
Professional gamer Av3k in legal trouble (365 comments)
Posted by Memento_Mori @ 15:09 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
During March of this year various Polish news outlets reported of a drug-related search, and subsequent arrest of the famous Quake dueler Poland av3k. In response to this news a number of community members have decided to assist av3k by asking for donations, by posting on ESReality forum. Some of the posts in the thread disclose the available information regarding the case, however, many of the details are not public due to the ongoing trial. Despite the lack of information a prominent community member, Memento_Mori, has created a donation incentive to help av3k.

Links: Police Report on Av3ks arrest, DailyDot story, Donation Page
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John Carmack keynote at Oculus stream (4 comments)
Posted by Venser @ 15:02 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
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Best noise in quake? (124 comments)
Posted by dizzle @ 14:24 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
what is the best noise in quake?

for me it is the chilly ambionce of splashing OR strafing through the water and the splishy splashy noises that it makes. have always loved it.

rail hum is also nice. i could listen for days. i have recorded a 10 min extended ver once ha.

what is you opinion on the best sounds in quake live?

-no the soundtrack does not count- why?
because this is music. turn it off. apreciate the ambience that they put into our game for once =]
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Way to be Stable with High Accel? (63 comments)
Posted by kukkii @ 13:35 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
is there any way to be stable with high accel?

the definition of high accel in this thread = 0.5+ if you use 400dpi. mine is currently around 1.0

i know accel tends to make your aim unstable, but after a few months of using accel, i can aim consistently with low-mid accel ( 0.1-0.2 at 400dpi if sensi is between 3 and 4)

the thing about high accel is, you can do everything with your wrist only. everything can be done instantly, and precisely with the combination of low sensi + high accel.
it allows you to play super aggressively and still hit most of those shots.
weirdest angle flick rail / air rocket,
keep tracking with lg for more than 360 degree,
no problem.

BUT for me, it requires a lot of hours to make me warmed up every day (to be fully warmed up, it takes around 3-4 hours every night lol, I dont think it is worth especially when i have fulltimejob.)

the followings are what I have tried so far, but none of them worked well.

1. played with the same settings for 2+ weeks. (didint work. every day it feels different. so every day it took me 3-4 hours to get warmed up)

2. highered accel value to the point that I can do everything including 720+ degree turn only with wrist. (my purpose here was, by allowing my wrist to do everything, I tried to limit how I move my mouse so It was gonna help me to be more stable. but nah)

3. every day when you start playing, make a small swing with your wrist only, and adjust the accel value to the point where that swing makes you consistently turn 180. (this was the most effective one i found so far

4. use heavier mouse (i thought heavier mouses could make it more stable than light ones. so far it has not worked.)

5. try to keep my wrist relaxed (if you move your mouse in the same way every day, that means your aim can be stable even with super high accel. i think this is the best solution for the topic. but it is hard.)

I know there is not many people that use 0.5+ or 1.0 accel.
but if you are the one,
do you have any solutions to make it stable except turning off/ lowering the accel?
or the way to hugely reduce the warm up time?
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UnrealEngine diverses (7 comments)
Posted by Rothaarig3 @ 11:58 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
DX12 in UnrealEngine UE4

fable legends pc DX12 benchmark

The Fable of the uncontroversial benchmark

Fable Legends Benchmark: This Week in Computer Hardware 334


Epic's New VR Game Bullet Train Revealed

Virtual Reality Shooters and 'Bullet Train' with Epic Games' Tim Sweeney!

Introducing Bullet Train: A New VR Experience


StarTrek USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) rendered in UE4

VR-Headset is supported :)
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MX500 shape user, new mouse advice. (7 comments)
Posted by hypno! @ 06:41 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
Hey there,

So I've been using the MX500 shape since 2003, having passed by MX510, MX518, G400 and currently I own a G400S. Since the G400S had some problems with the wire (the usual problems that disconnects and connects) I'm using atm an WMO 1.1a @ 500hz..

Problem here is, G400S dont get built anymore and the MX500 shape is somewhat dead, the more similiar there is, is the G402 which honestly doesn't look that.. appealing. I could keep using the WMO but I don't think it's a good idea because it's already a pain in the ass to put it @ 500hz in Windows 7, I've heard in the next windows it's even harder. So what I need here is a good replacement for the G400S.. I pretty much like the WMO 1.1a even tho it could be slightly heavier. I did some research and some ZOWIE models look like a good option. I could try the G402 aswell or maybe some Steelseries or Razer mouses? As I said ive been using this mouse for so long so I really havent tried any other options in the mean time.

Looking for some suggestions from you guys =)

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Quake Live Training Center (18 comments)
Posted by wwwAnyBoy @ 02:55 CDT, 24 September 2015 - iMsg
What duel players need really
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"Abe's Oddysee" Free on steam today (2 comments)
Posted by Teen Queen @ 22:31 CDT, 23 September 2015 - iMsg

First of all, play this in the background on loop

Great, now do yourself a favor and grab steam Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee® for free on Steam. It's a daily special and will be gone in 20 hours or so.

I'm not sure if the compatibility issues are fully addressed, last time I gave this a spin on win7 I ran into countless problems and cutscenes not working.

Mind you, you can get the second game for mere 70 cents bundled with the first title steam here

Last but not least, follow me. *farts*

Cut-scenes work on win10, no issues whatsoever.
Windowing in and out works properly without distorting colors.
Looks like this is the version to play.
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Quake is ... (61 comments)
Posted by quake is potat @ 18:34 CDT, 23 September 2015 - iMsg
I feel I should change my nick. What is quake?
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Reflex CTF Show Match (137 comments)
Posted by Benroads @ 17:49 CDT, 23 September 2015 - iMsg
Scheduled: 17:00 CDT, 24 September 2015 to 19:00 CDT, 24 September 2015
Schedule: Passed

With the BOXR Duel Cup around the corner, the BOXR community will be hosting a Reflex CTF show match tomorrow night in what will the be the first public demonstration of the game-mode. This event will feature a wide spectrum of players from those guys started played arena-fps games recently, to old farts that have been playing for ages.

This will be a pickup style tournament. The plan is that the players will be split into teams, and teams will play each other until someone drops dead. Remember this event is scheduled for Thursday September 24, 2015 with things kicking off at 17:00 CDT. Commentary and casting will be provided by United Kingdom Gilanguar of r/ArenaFPS, and United States of America KovaaK from QuakeWorld, through the twitch BOXR platform. Try not to miss this!

Admins: United States of America csboxr, United States of America nthnwllms
Links: Official Announcement, Official Reflex Website, mIRC #reflex
Stream: twitch BOXR
Source: PlusForward
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Need Advice on upgrade. (66 comments)
Posted by fnx-za @ 17:08 CDT, 23 September 2015 - iMsg
Ok fuck... So I'm not really a hardware guy and in light of that other dude asking some questions about CPU and mobo, I need advice. I have saved some money towards a new pc at the end of the year. My max budget is £1500 (app. €2050, $2300).

What I will be using it for:

I am a software / web developer so that mostly... to be honest I don't need an uber PC for dev my current i5 3rd gen is still going ok. I use SQL Server, node processes, and multiple instances of VS so that is about where my processing power is going.

I will want something to play games on, al be it I only really play Kerbal Space Progame and Quake Live at the moment, but I would like to play some other games including upcoming titles like doom4 and shit.

I would also like to stream occasionally and I would like to be fairly future proof as I do not plan on buying another PC for like 3 or 4 years (maybe a small upgrade after like 2 years).

So I have some questions:

1. Is skylake worth it considering I dont want to upgrade again for like 3 or 4 years.

2. If so do I go for an i7 or i5?

3. Should I invest more in a top of the line gfx card.

4. My budget includes a 144hz monitor so keep that in mind!

This is my current build is anyone is interested:

It's currently at just under £1300 so there is a little room on improvement, but if I can save money all the better, £1500 is my absolute max though.
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